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  1. Re: Queen flew off, came back and entered neighboring hive

    I guess I was more surprised by the fact that the bees on the frame removed from the double deep so readily accepted this foreign queen, and that the workers from the double deep allowed her to crawl...
  2. Queen flew off, came back and entered neighboring hive

    Had an interesting situation today and thought I'd share to get some opinions:

    While the weather was warm today I did some hive inspections in an out yard I don't get to often this time of year. ...
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    Re: Building a brood box

    I wouldn't cheat on the size. I've always used 1x12x12. You have to think about bee space, primarily the space between the bottom of one set of frames and the top of the frames in the box below it....
  4. Re: Harvesting Honey in the Spring?! Sepp Holzer idea

    Ok so why does some honey crystallize and other honey not?
  5. Re: Another beek needing extractor advice (Millers 18 Frame?)

    Rader you and I are on the same page with the driving distance compared to freight charges. Obviously money is a huge factor, as all beekeepers are poor.....right? :D But I do want a good product...
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    Re: Incoming Pollen

    Sounds like a maple species to me.
  7. Another beek needing extractor advice (Millers 18 Frame?)

    I know this question has been answered 1000 times on here, but I've read alot of forums that were 6-9 years old, and just want to get up to date opinions. I expanded to 15 hives last year, and while...
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    Re: Biggest mistake ?

    Shook swarming two hives onto new foundation... and then watching them abscond the next morning.

    We should write a book! M. Bush call your publisher!
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    Re: Equipment Help

    As a beek with only 3 years experience, and no mentor, only books and personal experience, I would urge you from personal experience to reconsider making such a jump. I jumped from 3 to 17 and I did...
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    Re: Baby it's cold outside!!

    -2 here currently with a -22 wind chill.
  11. Re: Paint/Stain What do you use/How long is it lasting?

    Thanks for the info. I have emailed the company inquiring about this issue with Pine. Been using ECO for 3 years on Pine products and this is the first I've heard about it not being recommended. ...
  12. Re: Paint/Stain What do you use/How long is it lasting?

    You can purchase ECO Wood Treatment at Home Depot. Where did you find information that ECO Wood is not recommended for Pine products? To my knowledge painting wood products after treating with ECO...
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    Re: Treatment Free Queens

    I can't confirm this for sure, but I heard from a local supplier that John and Ruth were getting out. Apparently John is in really poor health. Again, can't confirm this, but just what I heard from...
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    Re: How are the flows in NC during May

    This link should help you out some.... These dates are not concrete, especially for the mountain region. The last couple of years things in the mountains...
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    Re: Bottom-bar-less foundationless frames?

    Here's my question. Why would you want to do that? What advantage would there possibly be?
  16. Re: Paint/Stain What do you use/How long is it lasting?

    It is a powder that you mix, but you do not have to dip boxes. Before assembling new equipment I get a foam brush and apply to the outside and let dry. I don't like to dip because I want to leave...
  17. Re: Paint/Stain What do you use/How long is it lasting?

    I think Kelley is actually cheaper if you buy it by the gal. Home Depot is if you want 5 gal. I'd recommend getting 1 gal to start with. It makes plenty. I wouldn't be shocked if you could treat...
  18. Re: Going foundationless in two hives in April with package bees

    Before April 6th, I would put a couple of Medium Frames in your deep bodies on the hives you have now and let the bees draw them out. Then you'll have at least 2 drawn frames when your packages...
  19. Re: Paint/Stain What do you use/How long is it lasting?

    Eco Wood Treatment, available from Walter T. Kelley or from Home Depot. Creates a beautiful weathered look on wood, and you don't have to worry about re-applying.
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    Re: startup cost???

    It's probably going to cost you between $300 and $400, to start with 1 hive. The price will go down slightly with the number of hives you want to start with. If you are a woodworker that will drop...
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    Insurance question.

    I've noticed over the last couple of weeks that there have been at least a couple of folks reporting that their bees were stolen. It got me to thinking, for you folks who have multiple yards, and...
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    Re: EEEK!! Swarming??

    I would agree. Looks like orientation flights to me. I remember the first time I saw that, I freaked out, thought they were absconding.
  23. Re: First Hives - Foundation-less from Scratch

    In my limited experience, if you are going to start with a nuc and go foundationless, make sure the frames in the nuc you start with are nice and straight and more importantly of the same thickness. ...
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    Re: Nuc question for ya.

    I started with medium nucs last year, but I will be trying deep nucs this year. I feel like you get more for your money when you purchase a deep nuc compared to a medium. Does that make sense to...
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    Re: Ok, what got you into beekeeping?

    Tending bees with my grandfather during my youth. After his passing, I found an old box with all his old bee stuff in it... and here I am. :)
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