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  1. Re: Hi from the Ice and Snow of New Brunswick

    Welcome. I am in Mactaquac. I have 6 now and 8 more on the way. We have a group that meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Agriculture Research Station in Lincoln 7:00 everyone is...
  2. Re: Dead bees around the hive in winter

    Any chance they maybe hungry? I am new this (only in my second year) but I have heard that if you see bees flying out the top hole it could be a indication that they are running out of food; since...
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    Re: Hello From Maine

    Hi and Welcome; I'm a new bee from New Brunswick Canada - 1 hour drive from Houlton, ME. Year 2 with 6 hives but looking forward to expanding in the New Year.
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    Re: Merry Christmas

    -9 Celsius here. Beautiful and sunny; just came back from visiting the girls - some were looking out top hole and some were hanging around the front door. 6 hives and all looking good! :)
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    Re: still swarmng

    I think we got around 15 inches of the white stuff today in Atlantic Canada :cry:
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    Re: Bee Hive Color

    I make a point every year to change color. Kind of like the queens - every year a different color. I Think of it as an easy way to "see" how many years I have been in the bee business.
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    Re: Wrapping and winter feeding

    This is basically what I do in New Brunswick, Canada; only I add a empty super on top of the inner cover and add in a piece of pink insulation in the empty super and outer cover on top and wrap it...
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    Re: Honey House

    From Dieppe to Houlton, Maine it is about 3 hour drive. P.S. I love your Facebook page......... keep up the good work :)
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    Re: Honey House

    You don't need a "Enhanced Drivers Licence" Just a 1/2 ton truck and a Passport. Have your items shipped to Houlton Maine - Houlton Power Sports is set up to collect shipments for Canadians. ...
  10. Re: When is it too cold to open a hive? 5 *F w/Wind Chill today

    Thank you all for your very good info. The link Seymore is great! I really don't need to look in...... just curious I guess. I fed them well with 2:1 sugar water in late fall and put a candy...
  11. When is it too cold to open a hive? 5 *F w/Wind Chill today

    I live in Atlantic Canada and just wondering is ever too cold to take a look inside? Winter lasts forever here! :scratch:
  12. Re: Hello everyone, just a few questions for you all.

    Here is a link to a online course that Penn State offers.

    Hope it helps.......... good luck!
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    Re: newbe bee keeper i hope

    Sounds like fun! I would really like to see pictures also. Welcome to beekeeping:applause:

    Beekeeping - Not about what will happen; but When will it happen!
  14. Re: V. Mites, Chemical treatments, small cell.............what to believe?

    Here was my treatment plan.......... I bought " Mite AwayQuick Strips " you can find them online at I am new to beekeeping so I did my homework and researched and came up with...
  15. Re: New Beekeeper, Why do I have lots and lots of dead bees in the snow???

    Thank you to all your words of encouragement. :applause:
  16. New Beekeeper, Why do I have lots and lots of dead bees in the snow???

    Hi Everyone; New to beekeeping this past summer. This is my first winter and I am noticing more and more dead bees.......... LOTS OF DEAD BEES I should be saying. I can see if they are cleaning out...
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