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    jupiter ascending

    yes.. bee related..

    if ur into sci-fi... check out jupiter ascending.. scene where a guy lives in a house full of bees.... like bare comb in random places all over his house..
  2. Re: CO2 and putting bees to sleep (ahb)

    odfrank.. only cause i know u would i believe this....

    and i have bags and bags of ammonium sulfate... ammonium nitrate is what they make bombs out of...

    so sulfate vs nitrate?
  3. CO2 and putting bees to sleep (ahb)

    i've got a mean hive (ahb) that bout to re queen... but i need to get the supers off.. and the hive is massively violent. Last night, someone in beech suggested using c02 to put them to sleep. I've...
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    Re: new java or something

    i had to remove java and reinstall an old version...

    this new chat hates the new java...

    its incompatible with mobile chat...
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    Re: new java or something

    Hm.. You don't have a Mac...
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    new java or something

    is something wrong with chat again? i cant get either firefox or safari to load chat...
  7. Box joint jig plans? Need to make a jig..

    Trying to make a jig on my table saw for box joints... Don't want anything with gears, levers, pullys, or whatever... Just something simple for beehives...

    Anyone have plans or pics? Want...
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    cedar vs pine box

    was at the hardware store yesterday… gotta build about 20 supers this month… usually try to hand pick the pine boards..

    but they were all knotty… so i wandered over to their milled cedar 1x8's...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas from Texas...
  10. Re: what to spray on a cutout to make bees go away after removal?

    no..doesnt have a queen.. i spread em out and looked..

    and i need something the pest control guy can go get at walmart…
  11. what to spray on a cutout to make bees go away after removal?

    did two cutouts in the past two days for a land developer guy who is demolishing two houses that are side by side… both had huge hives…

    but the one i did yesterday still has a cluster of bees the...
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    speaking of liability...

    and rememeber to always ask for proof of ownership of home…

    had someone call for removal…. didnt speak english at all.. she had to have her daughter call me…

    but when i went to get the bees…...
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    rat peed on comb… sigh

    found a dead hive… rat had just started living in it… wasn't much of a nest in there… but it did pee on the brood comb… no sealed comb, no stores.. hive left and all cells empty..

    queen excluder...
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    wired foundation for drones?

    does anyone sell wired drone foundation for deeps?

    my bees refuse to use plastic.. and i've tried every method there is for 5 years to try… so i am now looking for just plain wired foundation for...
  15. Re: Attention night owls.. Chat tonight…. mini nuc discussion… 11pm central

    yeah… well… i tried..

    I'm even on now at 9pm central and no one is on but me and jed..
  16. Attention night owls.. Chat tonight…. mini nuc discussion… 11pm central

    Attention night owls.. Chat tonight…. mini nuc discussion… 11pm central

    apparently chat is dead…. and im trying to liven it up a bit..

    i have a few pics of mini nuc frames i want discussed…....
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    raising queens next to abh..

    so when queens are out mating, what are the % of drones in the air that might come from a neighboring hive? I have queecells from calm hives and i want to keep them calm..

    but i have a very angry...
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    cheapest hex 1.5 oz jar?

    i've checked, mannlake, dadant, and a few others.. but just wondering if anyone knew of a good place?
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    white eyed drone

    betcha you won't see this often..
  20. Re: any reason NOT to use black comb?

    That brought up something we were talking about in beechat the other day... The apivar strips.. I leave them on for 45 days... But do you think the strips could be reusable a time or two? The rep I...
  21. Re: any reason NOT to use black comb?

    so does anyone know which mite treatments are residual?
  22. Re: any reason NOT to use black comb?

    and exactly why i hate the internet..

    i can never find anything… thanks.
  23. any reason NOT to use black comb?

    i've read people say chemicals and pesticides build up over time inside comb, but i have seen no written papers or documentation to prove it, so that's hearsay..

    but as the pupae shed their...
  24. honey chemistry and refractometers….

    anyone know much about refractometers in general?

    was wondering if i could somehow translate the scale on my saltwater fish tank refractometer and figure out how to translate it into honey...
  25. Re: would redecorating your back yard make your bees mad?

    hand held impact drill..

    and the bees didn't bother anyone till it was almost all over…

    and we mow and my neighbors mow weekly… and the hives are 5-7 feet from the fence to my neighbor..
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