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    Re: Update - Pics - Re: Old 45 frame honey extractor

    I have one identical to this extractor. Have been using it for close to fifty years. Had a smaller one before. Yes, the frames are set into the slots on the bottom, then the top bars are fitted...
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    Re: Moving a Hive Suggestions...PLEASE :}

    I've always blocked both ends of my hive screens (entrance) with toilet paper, always carried on the bee truck for emergencies of all kinds. This allowed me to "unzip" the entrances very quickly...
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    Re: spring unite?

    Give them each a frame of day old eggs from your other hives. Check back three or four days later. Hope you have drones flying. OMTCW
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    Re: Another annoying usurpation swarm

    Having some but very little experience with AHB, it is very encouraging to read what you wrote about your handling and use of them. Have had only two usurpations in over 50 years of beekeeping,...
  5. Re: Very weak hive, no brood, introduce a queen?

    Try them with the virgin queen, if you have drones. There's really nothing to lose if you do so. OMTCW
  6. Re: How can I eradicate honey bees from the recesses of a banyan tree trunk?

    Problem can be easily taken cared of by purchasing a "Hot Shot No Pest strip". Cut the large strip into 1/4" to 3/8" wide long strips. Smoke the entrance, slide the strips in. Bees AND queen...
  7. Re: Offered an neglected hive - owner wants it gone ASAP. Safe to move ?

    At least you got the equipment. OMTCW
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    Re: A strange question?

    It really depends largely on the type of winter you have in your area. Have tried both configurations and determined that two deeps work the best for my area (Bristol County, MA near the ocean). ...
  9. Re: Mobile Apiary - Does Moving Hives disrupt them much?

    Have found that moving hives for pollination actually retarded the progress of the hive for the most part. Bees have a memory that will last approx. two weeks, reason why we can't return the same...
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    Re: Winter help advice needed

    I would cancel the order for the package, and order a nuc instead, you'll stand a much better chance of succeeding in your overwintering of the hive. OMTCW
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    Re: Tanging the Bees

    After many years of hauling my hives during pollination work, I noticed at the end of t he trips, that the gentle vibrations caused by the truck's motor running would keep the bees in their screened...
  12. Re: Is it okay to find dripped honey on the bottom board?

    Small hive beetle? OMTCW
  13. Thread: Stolen

    by Cedar Hill

    Re: Stolen

    I have used 4 NiteGuard Solar lights on my property for the last two years. They seem to work quite well for all kinds of critters.
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    Re: What is your preferred race of bees?

    My mutts with an occasional injection of New World Carniolan blood. OMTCW
  15. Re: If you were to start all over again, knowing what you know now.....

    Started in 1963. If I were to start all over again, I would have purchased all of my equipment in cypress wood (much cheaper then than now.) After fifty years, I still have the cypress supers...
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    Re: Cheap and Easy Mouse Guards

    1/4" is too small. Incoming pollen gatherers will lose the pollen that filled their sacs. 1/2" lets in small voles and mice. Stick with the proper beespace of 3/8". OMTCW
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    Re: To combine or not?

    There's a saying among beekeepers, "Take your losses in the fall, make your splits in the spring." Unite them and feed. OMTCW
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    Re: empty bottom deep on a strong hive

    The actual situation that you will wind up with in the spring, will be one deep and one medium. The medium will have brood. ( Have kept bees in Andover, MA for several years). If the winter is...
  19. Re: Hive removal call. Are these bees or yellow jackets ?

    Large yellow jackets. OMTCW
  20. Re: entrance reducer and mouse guards...when?

    When the drones are all disposed of, then put the mouse guards on, not before. Otherwise, the hive will have all their bodies as detritus that the bees cannot get rid of. OMTCW
  21. Re: Recommendation on swapping top and bottom deeps?

    As has already probably been stated, just leave them be, but keep feeding them the 2:1 syrup. They will eventually go down. I presently have a hive in the very same situation but with a top...
  22. Re: Different Types of Bees Next to One Another?

    You might start with different races (good idea) (hybrid vigor) but because of the makeup of the local drone congregation areas they will all eventually become "mutts" which will be probably the best...
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    Re: Weird colony behavior

    Was it a late swarm? Are the hives all of the same race of bees? OMTCW
  24. Re: What would make a hive ball their own queen?

    She could be a queen returning to the wrong hive. It happens. OMTCW
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    Re: Late swarm- What's best?

    Use a hacksaw?? Do not cut through the queen excluder. Only a portion of the wooden edge should be cut. About 3/8" inch deep. OMTCW
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