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    Re: Looking for a late Bee Shipper...

    I would like to think so, but they are 2 nucs just placed in the main brood body.
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    Looking for a late Bee Shipper...

    Does anyone know of a shipper / organization that ships bees in June?
    Recently won a Hive at an event and have an additional opportunity.

    Running out of time, can't split the hives I have they...
  3. Nails are shipped with assembly of the hive required but would screws be better?

    Like I have admitted in earlier post my wife and I are completely new at the art of Bee Keeping.
    The Hives we purchased are like most any others have purchased not assembled.
    Reviewing the...
  4. Re: Hive Assembly Question? What Type of glue works and or what can be substituted ?

    Thanks for everyone's input. While the debate was interesting the winner was Tightbond III. The latest comment provided some information concerning Gorilla glue and becoming brittle after a while...
  5. Hive Assembly Question? What Type of glue works and or what can be substituted ?

    Reviewing the directions for the new hive it suggest Resin Glue. Could you use a general wood glue found at the local Lowe's or Home Depot instead of Resin Glue from the manufacturer?

    How about...
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    Re: Looking for NUCS in KENTUCKY

    Thanks for the information. I will send Mark an Email. If I am still looking which I fear may be the case in April please let me know how yours weathered.
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    Looking for NUCS in KENTUCKY

    If possible looking for NUCS in Kentucky. I am late in the game I know but if there is anyone in the Louisville, Frankfort, Lexington area with a few NUCs still for sale I would like to have your...
  8. New to Bee Keeping - Hello and thanks in advance for any help or advice you may have

    Hello and thank for the ability to use this vast source of information. My wife and I have been discussing bee keeping for years. Of Course I'm the one who has to do all of the work. With that said...
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