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    old Dadant uncapper

    We have an old Dadant brush style uncapper. It still works and does one frame at a time. We are trying to get info on where we can get parts for it if need be. We want to compare the size of the...
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    Re: Hot Dipping Tank design

    Hi John, We came across 4 old stainless steel hamburger vats from a local meat company that closed down in town here. We had a welder put a 2 inch valve in the bottom {which we haven't used yet}...
  3. Re: Average Transport Cost to haul colonies to almonds.

    Hi Jim, We have been sending a load/ year. Our costs from Florida are 6,000.00/ trip x 2 trips. Our handling fees are 20.00/ hive that we are charged for loading and unloading. It costs us approx....
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    Re: Frames from Western Bee Supply

    We purchase 22,000 of them in 2010 of which 7-10% were unusable. We have a silver queen uncapper and they are bowed enough to take a knife out. We burned them after being unable to get any kind of a...
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    Re: Rumor or not????? Maine Blueberries

    We had the latest orange bloom in Florida this year, in the 10 that we have been going there. And this is the first year that we put bees in Blueberries the first week of May. Made for a busy, busy...
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