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    Re: Banking queens that haven't laid yet?

    If you only have 30 bees to be with the queen I would consider her dead unless you can start a nuc with her.
  2. Re: Any reason NOT to just dump sugar on the inner cover?

    It makes no difference if you pour it on the inner cover or the ground. If they need feed and can't break cluster because its too cold its just too late. they may get to it down south or in the...
  3. Re: Hive doesn't have much food stored away..........

    you better start feeding as they will not winter in a single med 8 frame box. 3 are min.
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    Re: Marking Frame Production Year?

    I consider changing frames before they are broke a waste of time and money. they are too valuable of a resource. however with a magic marker I write the year on each frame for reference. they can be...
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    Re: Refilling existing baggies?

    I used to know a commercial beekeeper that was single and lived in his honey house during the summer. for breakfast he used to line his cereal bowl with wax paper so he didn't have to wash it. worked...
  6. Re: Tired of plastic honey gates but I won't spend $999 on Maxant bottling either. Id

    rather than spend 50 dollars on a plastic one I would spend more for a proven non drip by Kelly, dadant. or maxant. It will pay for itself. there are not that many companies that make them. they...
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    Re: Refilling existing baggies?

    big waste of time. don't even think about it.
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    Re: Bees Hate men?

    some people just have that face that says hit me. lol
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    Re: Chocolate brown pollen... goldenrod?

    all I can tell ya its not goldenrod. that is bright yellow.
  10. Re: Resource for knowing nectar flows by region?

    look at nc beekeepers/go to honey/then/honey flows. gives dates, plants etc. yours will just be a little ahead date wise. your local club is your best source.
  11. Re: Wow...I made them mad!....what could I have done differently

    the lack of smoke was your biggest problem.
  12. Re: Would a larger landing board help eliminate clustering under SBB?

    If the bees are hanging out why do you have robber screens? bees that strong cant be robbed at least in our area. take it off as it may be the problem. we been commercial and never used one. all our...
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    Re: Fence Law Question

    also most places have a set back where it has to be so many feet back from the property line unless there was a variance filed. most areas would not allow that close to your property. check with your...
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    Re: Marketing container preference?

    there is no real answer to your question. we have sold tons thru farmers markets. some people prefer glass as being pure. others pick up plastic as its less prone to breakage. every week is different...
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    Re: #8 Hardware cloth...where to buy it?

    I have bought from ace but any old hardware should be to order. places like true value may not stock but can order w/o shipping charge. ya need a good experenced sales person.
  16. Thread: Goldenrod?

    by beeware10

    Re: Goldenrod?

    seems like there are 40-50 types goldenrod. one of the better ones for honey is called flat top. used to know 2-3 others but cant remember their names.
  17. Re: How many guard bees are in a normal hive?

    depends upon the strength of the hive. no set number
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    Re: 5 frame versus 8 frame hive.

    the 5 frame is just made for nucs. the 8 frame is a hive. two different concepts. but as I say some bees will survive regardless of what the beekeeper does. I think you will like the 8 frames. good...
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    Re: 5 frame versus 8 frame hive.

    8 frames are much less popular with commercial but are used by some. they do require more attention for enough food etc. If I were to start again it would be a toss up. you can get more on a truck...
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    Re: 100% of my splits requeened themselves!

    your really taking a chance to winter in any less than 2 med. If you could get them filled with 3 med it would be best. if you get much of a fall flow it would help. 2 filled supers full is absolute...
  21. Re: The First Paenibacillus larvae Bacteriophage Endolysin (PlyPl23) with High Potent

    why didn't ya just say there may be a cure for afb? lol
  22. Re: Laying Worker Bees and All Drone Brood - lots of it. What do I do??

    for the thought that someone said to start a nuc with drones and a queen cell let us know how it works for ya. I give up. lol
  23. Re: Laying Worker Bees and All Drone Brood - lots of it. What do I do??

    we just smoke them good and put them on top of a good strong hive. they will sort things out.the start of your problem was removing the cells after swarming. the bees know what they are doing. one...
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    Re: 5 frame versus 8 frame hive.

    a 5 frame nuc box is too narrow and tippy to be useful for a hive. it is used just to start a hive. the 8 frame can be used for a permanent hive. one reason the 10 frame became most popular was that...
  25. Re: Should I try a fourth Week of New Brood for the Laying Worker Hive

    I think to keep giving a frame of eggs is poor advice. four weeks ago if you had made a 3 frame walk away nuc you probably would have had a laying queen now rather than nothing. If we have a laying...
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