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  1. Interesting but the horse has left the barn a long time ago... Gmos patents expiring.
  2. Re: Too late for bees to draw out foundation (August) ?

    Ditto for last year. Now I use dead outs that crop up, about one a month just have to be quick to pull the frames before the hive beetle/moths go crazy. I keep my good frames in the deep freeze for...
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    Re: Extraction during flow

    If the flow is winding down you are going to have to feed 1:1 and give them frames with foundation, no way to trick them if the nectar is going south. And you are going to have to check on swarm...
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    Post Harvest Let down symdrome...

    I'm almost finished with pulling supers off, some filled to the gills, some with only a frame or two of honey. I would say it's a below average year in East Tn from honey production. The TP was late...
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    Re: My Little Bee Bee tree--II

    I had a oops moment and mowed down one of my seedlings from last year. It took it till May to pop back up and two sprouts came up.
    I cut one off and placed it in moss/top soil mix in a plastic...
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    Re: Long distance apiary

    Plus do splits with queen cells and have some swarm traps in the area. Having somebody to do a drive-by inspections is also a plus.
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    Re: It's going to get hot

    If you are still feeding your bees, weaken your 1:1 mixture of sugar water (a pint of water per gallon) and that will give them more water to evaporate and keep the hive cooler. I would expand your...
  8. Very noisely Kelley two frame extractor

    1980 style Kelley extractor, lets just say it's LOUD!

    Well after further review the problem was lack of oil in the top bearing of the extractor above the hand brake so I got it running now...
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    Re: Sourwood Flow in North Georgia

    My Tennessee bees are still bring in lots of nectar since my new hives from splits/swarms are not touching the 1:1 sugar mix I placed on the them last week. Right now it all depends on rainfall and...
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    Re: Boosting a weak swarm

    Your honey flow is about over so why not pull frames of brood from other hives? Your honey crop is in the barn and any growth in the other hives won't matter for this summer since your bee population...
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    Re: Sourwood Flow in North Georgia

    I don't think bone dry 90+ plus temps are going to make for a great nectar flow, around Jasper the blooms have about a weeks worth of flowers to open up. My bees below Carters Lake are bring some...
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    Re: Late season splits?

    How many complete frames of wax do you have? Splits late in the season depend on frames ready to go since a vast majority of nucs and hives will not blow out comb after the major honey flow. If you...
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    Re: WTB: REAL Sourwood Honey (sample)

    The only true test would be to check the pollen, sourwood has a very specific bell shaped pollen. What percentage of the pollen is sourwood should give you the source of the honey or in the cast of a...
  14. Re: Do bees switch jobs when its bad weather?

    If clogging up the entrance is a job that's it.:applause:
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    Sticky: Re: Post Your Bloom Dates - 2015

    Chatsworth-Jasper ga.
    Low mountain/valley areas, heavy flow with white pollen.
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    Re: Advice on moving a hive by hand

    I can only lift a deep and one super without some help, they get heavy this time of year. That's with using my chin to catch the top box, grunt and pick up. Practice your squats if you have a low...
  17. Re: Merging nuc with queenless hive - do it directly?

    If you shake out the brood frames if you have a lot of drones being raised, your have better success.
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    Re: Privett Bloom, Good Early Harvest

    Don't underestimate sumac which will start blooming next. Hot and humid weather will turn it on too.
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    Re: Hive color question.

    What about duck tape? Comes in strange colors now but some of it won't last more that two weeks in wet weather so buy the super strong types.
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    Re: Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On

    But if that activity is all over the hive when you check the frames I would requeen, during the last two years I've had that activity with lots of runny bees in several hives and every time the queen...
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    Re: Carniolan Honey Production

    The one thing that I learned this spring, is never stop feeding 1:1 sugar water until they stop taking it. The buildup is so critical for carnis because the queen will just stop laying if they can't...
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    Re: New Queen getting balled

    I don't know what you call balling? But if they show indifference to the queen box and you release her manually it's a 100% dead sentence. But a normal handfull glob of worker bees around the box is...
  23. Re: Since 1980 this is the worst April Non-flow I have every seen...

    Good guys work there. Also make sure you have a queen before you pull the queen cell, I'm having problems right now with dud queens or no queen in the hive, over the last three weeks I've lost three...
  24. Re: Since 1980 this is the worst April Non-flow I have every seen...

    Valley Farmers Coop in Midtown has all the Kelley Bee supplies that you would need for that.
  25. Re: Since 1980 this is the worst April Non-flow I have every seen...

    I am but a lot of the trees are in bad shape, the bugs have really eaten up the leaves this year. My hives next to the river are in catch up mode right now. I pulled some burr comb today and it's...
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