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  1. Re: Dadant full plastic deep frames, close up pics anyone, or 5/8 if you have them

    Unfortunately the Dadant website pic has no detail, while similar, I'm trying to see real differences as noted previously
  2. Re: Dadant full plastic deep frames, close up pics anyone, or 5/8 if you have them

    Thanks grozzie2,
    I'm trying to find and see the differences in different frames, similar but slightly different, see how the lug angular brace continues through into the side of the frame. This...
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    Re: plastic vs wax foundation

    I've recently changed (trialing) to one piece plastic frames/foundation, roll a coat of wax on with a paint roller and your done, and the bees build on it just like wax, as it is wax! (fully wax...
  4. Re: Dadant full plastic deep frames, close up pics anyone, or 5/8 if you have them

    400+ views and no one uses them?
  5. Dadant full plastic deep frames, close up pics anyone, or 5/8 if you have them

    Hi, anyone using Dadant full plastics
    If so, can you send me a couple of good quality pics of the frame, full size, plus...
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    How much honey on orange blossom?

    What sort of quantity of honey do you get when on orange blossom pollination?
    I have been asked to take my hives, but the distance is probably too far for me and too much mucking around. Just trying...
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    Re: Record Keeping for Beeks in case it hasn't been noted already?
    It's still free I think, or donate.
  8. Re: Quick answer needed, will emergency queen cells put in cages hatch?

    I am hoping for one, however, she must have been already in the making (supercedure or swarm{I doubt swarm}) before I killed the marked queen as she couldn't have hatched yet. I accidentally killed...
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    Re: Queen Bank Question

    No experience, but have seen pics of same on this forum I think, probably 50 or more in one frame so no probs if you keep the food and bees up to them....
  10. Re: Swarm Collections -new web site suggestions please!!!

    There are many swarm call lists around the country already, different things work in different places, I doubt a national register will work, but if you want to do it go for it. It has to be broken...
  11. Re: Quick answer needed, will emergency queen cells put in cages hatch?

    It was 11 am downunder! Bad luck,they tore down all 5 cells, not even any sign of where they were, they were due to hatch in 24 to 48 hours, checked my calendar. Didn't see a virgin queen, no egss,...
  12. Quick answer needed, will emergency queen cells put in cages hatch?

    Am about to go to my hive and cut up emergency queen cells and place in queen cages to emerge, will this work?
    There are about 5 emergency cells and I want to replace the queens in a couple of other...
  13. Combining swarms/hives with smoke, who does it, success/thoughts?

    I've caught a few swarms recently (Downunder) and haven't had enough boxes, as well as some were very small, so I smoked both boxes and tipped them all into one and it appears to have worked, don't...
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    Re: Do you have any honeybee facts for pamphlet?

    I'd be happy for a copy as well, I hope to take an observation hive into my duughters class soon.
  15. Re: is there an acceptable threshold for small hive beetle in hive, or zero tolerance

    I regularly killed 70 SHB in my hive, it was in shade, I relocated it 4 miles in direct sun and now see 10, as well as have a trap under the hive now. I think the sun has helped a lot, so has the...
  16. Thread: China beehives

    by 100 td

    Re: China beehives

    China probably uses so many pesticides the bees can't survive.
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    Re: drone semen AI help

    ABout 8 mirco litresl if I read correctly
  18. Thread: priming cells

    by 100 td

    Re: priming cells

    I'm a newbee, 3rd time grafting today, first time priming cells with royal jelly from swarm cells (kept in freezer).
    For me at least, it made the transfer of larva very easy in comparison to doing...
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    Re: Grafting verses queen rearing systems "kits"

    I'm a newbee, 1 have 1 hive, and I purchased 10 grafting tools from China for $8 and made my own queen cups by dipping a piece of dowel in some wax. I have 3 cells about to hatch tomorrow. Cheap as...
  20. Re: Looking for stand alone hive tracking software recommendations

    I'd bee happy to use your software if it's free, (only one hiv, now splitting) and I would like a standalone program, not a web based one.
  21. What happen whens grafting if 2 larva go into one cell

    Anybody know what the bees will do if 2 larva are in one cell.
    Will they throw out the youngest or the oldest, or both etc.
    Reason I ask, (don't knock it, just trying to learn), if you grafted 2...
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    Number of hives in signiture line

    Is it possible to modify the sig line so that "number of hives" has a place at the top of the post so that the question doesn't have to be asked all the time?
    This would also allow the reader to get...
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    Re: Why are my bees starting to chase us?

    Fortunately my current bees are docile and happy, every second day approx, I stand next to the hive, out of the flight path, but have my face down with glasses on, (no protection, normal clothes)...
  24. Thread: Sugar prices

    by 100 td

    Re: Sugar prices

    Mmmmmm, I suppose I don't eat enough honey!
    I have only 1 hive which I extracted 40+ lbs from last summer,(a very wet autumn and no capped honey) plenty for me and friends. Winter now downunder, I...
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    Re: Two queen hives for overwintering

    So if that's the case, what you are doing is making to nuc hives 3 deep. Seems like a lot of trouble compared to running 2 separate hives 1 or 2 deep? The taller the stack the greater temperature...
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