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  1. Re: Flawed thinking - if warre was alive today?

    I not sure I understand your thread. I have read his book a few times and I do not remember him discussing foundation in his hive design. The idea behind his hive was a design that a non carpenter...
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    Poll: Re: To smoke, or not to smoke...

    This is the most important part of using a smoker for an inspection. Patience in the key. Smoke a little and wait 5 minutes, let the bees eat a little honey and get their bellies full. After...
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    Re: brood in super

    Take the excluder off and use it as a barbecue grill. :lpf:
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    Re: They Giveth and Taketh Away

    This is a real possibility. It will also impede your inspection the top box if you choose to inspect. You will have to cut the comb off of the top bars of the lower box and the comb will not be...
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    Re: Reversing Honey Supers?

    If you remove the honey band (full supers) and place on top, the queen may lay eggs in the empty honey supers that you switch. This is only if you are running an unlimited brood nest though.
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    Re: Quotes about beekeeping

    "Bee Keeping can be simple!! Humans make it complex!!" -Kirk Anderson
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    Re: Laying Worker - What next?

    All that time and effort and you destroyed the queen cells? I think letting nature take its course would have been safer. I hope the new mated queen works out for you. Good luck!
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    Re: HITS method of mite control

    I believe IPM does apply. When removing green drone frames you are selecting mites that prefer worker cell size.
  9. Re: 3 week hive check with pics.. opinions, please :)

    How can I know, for sure, that they are no longer needing my sugar syrup?

    I have always removed the sugar syrup when I see the first signs of capped funny honey! :)
  10. Re: strong opinions Beethinking vs the Warre Store?

    I think that you should build this simple hive design yourself. You get the full appreciation and knowledge of the Warre hive. It was created to be simple so almost everyone could build and house...
  11. Re: New hive inspection, funky/broken comb question!

    It looks like your bees do not like the plastic foundation. I am looking at the first picture and the frames seem to be pressed together so that is not the problem. The bees seem to like to draw...
  12. Re: screened vs solid, long cold winters in mind

    Hello AK_Dan!

    I use solid bottom boards for my Warre' hives here in Anchorage, AK. If you have the extra time to build I would try both. Let me know how it goes and good luck this season! ...
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    Re: Hello from Alaska

    Hello Scott,

    There is some good info on the Southcentral Alaska Beekeepers Association web site. Make sure you look at the "Some Writings from SABA Presidents, Past and Present" Section. ...
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    Re: Book Review: ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture

    What is the current / latest edition?
  15. Re: Awesome Inspection, a few questions with pictures, small cell patt, upside down c

    You hive looks great! Your bees seem to be doing so well with the foundationless frames. I would slowly remove one or two of the small cell foundation at a time and just replace with foundationless...
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    Supersedure Cell Found

    I found a capped supersedure cell in the middle of a frame in one of my hives. The hive was installed about 1 month ago. This hive is a little weaker than the others but not by much. It has eggs,...
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    Re: Hive Tracks turns two

    Go to my yard tab, click on the name of your yard, then click on the tab Yard Information. You should be able to adjust the Lat/Long info. Hope this helps!
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    Re: pollen coming in....

    Pollen is coming back to my hive here in Anchorage, Alaska in multiple colors. (bright orange and tan) If you see pollen on your bees then I would remove the patty. Dandelion are just starting to...
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