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  1. Re: My 9-year-old retrieving rather large swarm - takes hit to forehead

    Thanks for the video Pat. Sorry your son got nailed.

  2. Re: Eight frame mediums and foundation less frames for bait hives?

    Yes, it will work, but you need to check it quite often; A swarm can quickly draw a lot of comb, and with med. frames in the upper box the bees might like to draw on the bottoms of the frames.
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    Re: Putting sugar water feeder in hive

    Does anyone "bake" sugar bricks in a low temp oven to drive out the excess water?
  4. Re: Central Maryland Beekeepers Association (CMBA) taken over by extreme alarmists

    It is from the (CMBA) association. I have been reading a lot about pesticides (including neonics) and GMO's, and see conflicting information; all I conclude at this point is that these are...
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    Re: It's never enough


    Whenever someone uses the phrase "studies show.." you can be pretty confident that there are either NO STUDIES or that the conclusions of the studies were formed before the...
  6. Central Maryland Beekeepers Association (CMBA) taken over by extreme alarmists

    I have been a member of CMBA for the last 2 years. This year I may back out.

    The title of an email that came to me on March 22 (and I presume to all CMBA members): "Deliver the message to...
  7. Re: How do you apply the lemon grass oil or swarm commander on a swarm trap?

    I use a long (8 or 11 inch) tie-wrap cinched on a piece of cotton cloth (an old piece of sock or rag), drop 2 or 3 drops of LGO and push into the opening of the trap, leaving the tie wrap dangling...
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    bee taking a pollen bath

    Today in Maryland the bees are flying. I have some frames from a deadout propped up against a tree to allow the bees to get the honey. I put a small amount of pollen on a plastic carton top to see...
  9. Re: loads of dead bee's, but still buzzing?

    It is unnerving this time of year; too cold to use syrup, so I leave the solid sugar on. Also too cool to pull frames to see what you really have.
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    Re: What bee suits you?

    I like Italians. I had a short experience with Russians, but have had several seasons with Italians. I hope to raise queens this year, and let them mate with locals (whatever they are). My feeling...
  11. repainting hives; is re-priming desirable?

    I have about 10 boxes and top covers that I want to re-paint. They were originally primed. Is it best to re-prime before painting?
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    Re: Beekeeping in Shenzhen (China)

    Thanks for the photos. Do the bees draw comb on the dow rods?
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    Re: Marking the Queen

    I would not mark her from the get-go. Let her have 3-5 weeks in the hive.

    I would get a queen clip, a queen muff, and a marking plunger. I made my own plunger from an old prescription plastic...
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    Re: Hive Entrance Direction

    SE. Morning sun hits the entrance.
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    Re: dry sugar vs syrup

    Depends on temperatures. If the average temperature is below 50 degrees F the bees will not take syrup. Below 50 they can take straight sugar. I have 2 colonies that I would love to provide sugar...
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    Re: Bees bringing in polen in MD

    Is that the evergreen juniper you are talking about?
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    Re: Bees bringing in polen in MD

    Hi Crabby. I was about to post the same as you; I saw pale yellow and orange here in Carney. Any ideas what the source of the pollen is?
  18. Re: Hive body goof. What size shims to rework to?

    I would go with 1/2 X 3/4 inch. I got it for $.29 / ft at 84 lumber.
  19. Re: Why so wide? Building some beehives...

    +1 :thumbsup: If you go with only 3/8 inch surplus space, you will wish you had more.
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    Re: Messing with bees at night

    The 2 that I moved last season, I moved just at dusk. I waited until most of the foragers were in the hive, then screened them closed, and put the box into my car. I rode back to where I keep the...
  21. Re: what to do with dead hive while waiting for package bees

    Similar to my deadout. I think mine starved; they were under newspaper that held sugar. A real bummer.
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    Re: First Spring Action - Fighting

    I disassembled a deadout, and placed several partially filled out frames about 30 feet from the hive, leaning them against a tree. The bees came out as the temperature reached 60. Sure enough 3...
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    Re: Oxalic Acid registration approved

    Not necessarily good news
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    Re: How much longer till Maples bud?

    Here in central Maryland there is no pollen coming in. I still have mountain camp sugar on. Too cold to put syrup on.
  25. Re: Top and Bottom Material for a Swarm Trap

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