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  1. Thread: Wax Moth

    by larrythebeek

    Re: Wax Moth

    In google, type in "wax moth", click on images and you'll see lots of pics... I think there are two types. I've never seen a moth in my hives, but I've seen the larvae (and the destruction when I...
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    Re: borax for ants?

    Home Depot and Lowes sell "Terro" ant killer, which is just sugar water/borax premixed in some small containers. You cut a very small hole in the container with scissors, ants can get in but bees...
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    Re: Honey extractor bearing

    Now that's a good idea... I was interested in an 'exact' replacement from a beekeeping store, but Graingers, Central Tractor etc would prob have what I need.

    But the block of hardwood, I know I...
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    Honey extractor bearing

    I just broke a bearing in my honey extractor... It's one of those inexpensive plastic extractors, I think it came from Betterbee (it looks exactly like the one on their website).

    Does anyone know...
  5. Re: Need help to get bees to go to different water source!!! ASAP

    I like the 5 gallon bucket/towel idea... I use 1 gallon quail feeders with a few drops of lemongrass oil, once they find it they forget about the pool. In the middle of the Summer the quail feeders...
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    Re: Replacing two laying worker hives

    Good point on the drones, I didn't think of that. Not a lot of room in the freezer but I could probably put in 3 or 4 at a time for an hour or so.

    I'll be coming home with the nucs after dark, do...
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    Replacing two laying worker hives

    What would you folks do in a situation like this?

    Three hives close together, one has a package doing well, installed more than a month ago. Two others have laying workers from a split that...
  8. Re: 3 Newbee questions! Feeding, Water sources, & Flow!

    I use chicken waterers with a few drops of lemon grass oil... As long as I keep them full the bees stay out of my pool (and the neighbor's pool). I put a few more drops on top of the waterer to...
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    Re: Queen rearing books

    Practical Queen Rearing is available on a Nook (Barnes and Noble e-reader) for no cost.

  10. Re: How to melt/apply wax to plastic foundation?

    I used an old crock pot filled with water, and an old glass (3 cup) measuring cup in the middle. Filled it with wax and came back in a few hours, it was melted. I carefully touched up the first 10...
  11. Re: Value of tomato and pepper plants to honey bee

    Cucumbers are a real favorite for my bees, especially the lemon cucumbers. I occasionally see honeybees on peppers, but seldom on the tomato blossoms.

    I planted cukes and Borage in several places...
  12. Re: Purchased beeswax 'pliable' at room temperature

    It was listed as 'pure beeswax', and this particular seller sells quite a bit with 100% positive feedback. I believe it was an honest mistake, and he certainly didn't make any money on this sale, as...
  13. Re: Purchased beeswax 'pliable' at room temperature

    Mystery solved! I asked the Ebay seller a question about the wax, told him it was pliable and had an oily odor to it. He said the only thing that could have happened was that someone that works for...
  14. Re: Purchased beeswax 'pliable' at room temperature

    My wax is on the right... The one on the left liquified almost immediately, then the flame went down. Has a bit of an oily smell when burning too. To me, beeswax smells like a church :) I may be...
  15. Re: Purchased beeswax 'pliable' at room temperature

    I have two glass containers of the wax in the crockpot (sort of a double boiler arrangement), and there appears to be no separation. I do notice that this does not 'shrink' in the molds as it...
  16. Purchased beeswax 'pliable' at room temperature

    My wife was on a candle making spree, I ran out of beeswax and had to buy some more on Ebay. The latest batch I bought has an odd characteristic... It's almost 'bendable' at room temperature (65...
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    Re: Dealing with repeated robbings

    Micheal Bush's web site has some really good info about robbing (and everything else about beekeeping!)

    I made a few robber screens, helped me a lot... ...
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    Re: Walter Kelley free shipping

    Wish I had known that last week... I needed a few things but had to 'make do' without them. I'll be watching for the Black Friday sale, hopefully shipping will be free then too.

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    Re: Hive placement

    This year I just let the grass/weeds grow in front of the hives. Now I can cut fairly close to the hives, spray all the grass I want with the lawnmower and they don't get exited. The bees tend to fly...
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    Google Bees and Google Beer

    Google installed 4 hives on their campus... And used some of it to make beer.
  21. Capped honey frames... Will they keep for a while? Or should I freeze?

    Is it OK to keep a few capped frames for a few weeks before extracting? The bees are working some Goldenrod really hard lately, and I anticipate a nice Fall harvest. I pulled 6 frames a week ago and...
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    Fondant questions

    I'm unable to find fondant locally... Making it is not a good option for me (I'll have to clean up the kitchen!), so I'm looking at ebay and mail order sites.

    Some questions:

    Would 2 lbs per...
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    Re: Not quite sure what to do...

    I'm just North of you, and hoping the recent rain will bring the clover out... My bees seem to be working the soybeans at the moment, still too early for goldenrod. I don't know what else they could...
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    Re: borage info

    The first year I planted Borage they fell down in the rain/wind... Tried to pick them up and the stalks broke very easily. This year I planted them closer together, and with all the 'volunteers'...
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    Re: borage info

    Here's some links

    I started a few in the greenhouse to get a head...
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