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    Re: Steps to Legalize Oxalic Acid in US

    Where do you buy it if it is not legal to sell in US?
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    Re: Can't find my (marked) queen!

    Just curious...have you been successful with this method? Wouldn't bees be flying all over the place and agitated?
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    Re: Can't find my (marked) queen!

    Lot of times the workers will clean off the mark on the queen. This has been my experience.
  4. Re: "...honey vs. sucrose or high fructose corn syrup"

    [QUOTE=schmism;1139697]You must be new here.

    To summarize the strategy, 100% natural honey may wholesale for ~$3 /lb (i retail only mine for 7 so im guessing at wholesale price) so a ton fetches...
  5. Does the frame need to be completely capped before extracting

    Hi All:
    When selecting frames to extract does the frame need to be completely capped from end to end? I noticed some of my frames are almost all capped but not the corners.
  6. Re: storing full frames of honey before extracting

    So if I extract right away and there is eggs in the capped honey...I will have SHB eggs in the honey? That does not sound good. What if I put each frame in the freezer for an hour or so? Would...
  7. Re: storing full frames of honey before extracting

    Hive beetles will be in the capped honey?
  8. storing full frames of honey before extracting

    Hi All: If I pull frames of honey from my super and do not extract them for a few days will that be OK? I would of course put them in a storage container with lid.
    Let me know your thoughts. Thank...
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    Re: DIY Crush and Strain equipment

    Thanks all.....does anyone know if Home Depot or Lowes sells the gate valves that you can use?
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    DIY Crush and Strain equipment

    Hi All:
    I was wondering if anyone has DIY instructions for crush and strain - and where I can buy the parts from. I know the main part is the 5 gallon buckets I can get from home depot but what...
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    Re: All mediums, no QE, when to stop feeding?

    Even with a split or a new hive?
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    Re: Foundationless Frames

    With the crush and strain method doesn't it take longer for the bees the following year to draw out all that wax again and then fill it. I was under the impression if you used plastic or wax...
  13. Re: Expanding while mixing foundation and foundation-less

    If you are using foundationless and letting them draw it out on their own you cannot use an extractor on that can you? Won't it just all break apart if you do?
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    Queen laying in supers

    Hi ...I have a new hive that seems like it is doing well. This hive has an 8 frame brood box that has only two frames of brood and the rest of the brood is in the the two supers that are on top of...
  15. Re: How do you keep your honey pure if you keep feeding your bees?

    What about a new hive (nuc). I always thought you should feed new hive to get them to draw out comb (1:1). Should you not feed a new hive?
  16. Is there some chart on line that tells if the"flow" is on for an area (Atlanta)?

    Hi all:
    Title pretty much says it all. I am in Atlanta and just wondering how long will the flow be on for the bees? Thanks!
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    Re: Honey tastes "smokey"

    I am not sure what smokey honey would taste like but I have heard that if you use your smoker too much that your honey could taste like smoke.
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    Re: How fast can frames be drawn?

    Just curious you have any drawn out foundation on these empty frames? Or are they just empty plastic foundation?
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    Re: time of year for best sales

    Brushy Mountain usually has free shipping on Black Friday. I think it was 5% off as well. I saved $100 on free shipping....and delivers right to your door. Can't beat that!
  20. Re: Your thoughts on my idea of splitting a hive.

    Thank you Michael. If I split according to my plan and put the new hive right next to the original what about feeding? It is my understanding that you should feed a new hive to build up. Would...
  21. Your thoughts on my idea of splitting a hive.

    I am planning on doing a hive inspection this weekend at one of my hives that are at a remote location. Since I am not adept at finding the queen I was going to make a new hive using a queen cell...
  22. Re: feeding new package- how long will the sugar water keep?

    Thanks all! Both hives have hive top feeders to prevent robbing.
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    Re: Building comb in top feeder

    I just started a new hive with a hive top feeder. I put the inner cover on and then the hive top feeder on top of that to prevent them building comb there. They will need to go to the inner cover...
  24. feeding new package- how long will the sugar water keep?

    Hi all:
    I just installed a new package and of course am feeding them. I know they may not take the sugar water since the flow is on. How long will that sugar water last before it should begin to...
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    Re: Dealing with an agressive hive

    Wait...if you dump them in won't they be flying all around. They won't just fall through the holes of the excluder right? Maybe I am missing something? I also have a difficult time finding the...
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