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    Re: Do you use your JZBZ cups more than once?

    I have not had any less acceptance reusing JZBZ cell cups. Have done a few tests, one bar with new cells, one with used and acceptance was exactly the same.

    That said, I only reuse cells where...
  2. Package Bees - Pickup in Ohio (Lima, Cincinnati, Tipp City or Fremont)

    #3 Georgia packages with Italian queen. Pickup dates April 22nd and May 6ths are still available.
    Cash/Check price $94 each ($100 by credit card)

    Order forms to send in a check are at...
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    Re: Asian hornet trap?

    I can't comment on the asian hornet bottom boards, but I'd expect they work based on the fact the asian hornet is so much bigger than the honey bee.

    Typically you just reduce the entrance of your...
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    Re: What sliding compound miter saw should I buy?

    I've had the Dewalt 12" compound sliding miter saw for years. Lots of heavy use and it's holding up well. Only complaint is that the power cord casing is cracking where it enters the saw (Had...
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    Re: Grafting vs. Punching

    In that case I'd just do punching, or you can do the OTS method which doesn't require any special tools and punching holes in your comb (so it works with any foundation, plastic, wired, etc)
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    Re: Mini mating nucs or standard equipment?

    I use all 5 frame medium nucs. Completely interchangeable and the queen can lay for a period of time before shipping and you can even keep her for a few weeks if you don't need her right away. I...
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    Re: Grafting vs. Punching

    Punching is fine for a small number of queens, but I can't imagine doing it if you raise 100s or more a year. With practice most people can do grafting (I haven't had anyone yet in my classes who...
  8. Thread: Asian Hornet

    by tarheit

    Asian Hornet

    I hadn't really heard that they were imported into the US, but I noticed Dadant is now selling an Asian Hornet trap. I don't see much on the internet besides an isolated story here or there. Is...
  9. Thread: workers egg

    by tarheit

    Re: workers egg

    I'm assuming you are asking what will the egg laid by a worker produce?

    They will produce a drone since they can only lay unfertilized eggs.
  10. Re: "A Frame for Expansion" Is a 4 frame nuc the new norm?

    You just need to understand what you are getting. How many frame of brood, how much honey, how much open space. They do need all 3 if they are in the nuc box for any length of time.

    I've seen...
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    Re: Who's got drones

    None in NW Ohio. Of course we even haven't had our first maple bloom yet and I didn't see any pollen coming in yet this past weekend when it was in the 60's. Getting reports of pollen in central...
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    Re: Betterbee Data Breach

    Even huge companies with dedicated security personel are getting hacked. Working for a company and being involved with PCI compliance on a daily basis, I can tell you it isn't easy and takes real...
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    Re: Black fondation

    Pierco also offers deep foundation in black.
  14. Re: Standardization from the start - all mediums

    Their website is:
    They don't have their nuc boxes for sale online, but their contact info is there and they do have a video of how to assemble the box: ...
  15. Re: Standardization from the start - all mediums

    I started with deeps because 'that's what everyone uses'. Took 5 years to transition to all mediums (didn't exactly want to throw out hives with bees in it), and I'll never go back.

    In addition...
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    Re: Cost of shipping queens

    Koehnen and Sons (and others) make similar boxes and are cheaper. While they are intended as battery boxes they can be used to ship queens with attendants as well.
  17. Re: Why feed syrup in the spring, when they have plenty of stores?

    As Michael Bush said, some will feed to try and stimulate brood rearing. When they have plenty of stores, I find pollen patties work better for this, particularly with our spring weather where the...
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    Re: Cost of shipping queens

    I've had good luck with both Express and Priority mail. (and UPS Next day air, but it's pretty expensive). I let the customer decide as it's not an insignificant price difference.

    I use the VCR...
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    Re: Heavy Duty Hive Stands

    They are heavy enough to stand and jump on in any case (and I could stand to loose a few pounds). An optional set of 2 bars lets you connect to stands together to make a triple stand:
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    Heavy Duty Hive Stands

    These sturdy hive stands are built with solid steel making them heavy duty and light weight. We use 5/8 inch solid steel stock for all but the cross members and they are inch solid steel stock....
  21. Re: OSBA Fall Convention November 1st. - Michael Palmer and Sue Cobey

    Last call for preregistrations! We will still welcome you at the door, but lunch and the per-registration discount for members wont' be available.
    The vendor list has been extended again to...
  22. Re: OSBA Fall Convention November 1st. - Michael Palmer and Sue Cobey

    Mote last Minute Vendors for the OSBA Fall Conference, November 1st!

    Bee Culture, Pierco, and Northern Bee
  23. Re: OSBA Fall Convention November 1st. - Michael Palmer and Sue Cobey

    We have an update on vendors. If you have a big order, be sure to contact them so you can pick it up at the conference and save on shipping.

    Brushy Mountain
    Mann Lake
  24. OSBA Fall Convention November 1st. - Michael Palmer and Sue Cobey

    The Ohio State Beekeepers Association is holding its annual Fall Conference at Tolles Career & Technical Center in Plain City, Ohio. Based on past attendance, and the central Ohio location, we...
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    Re: Louisiana Queen Producers

    That's only helpful queen breeder and want some pure VSH stock at a reasonable price (for inseminated queens anyways). But $250 can be a bit steep for most that are just looking for open mated...
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