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    Re: Native American Honey Bees

    The beetle looks suspiciously like a small hive beetle.
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    Re: Where have all the hive tools gone?

    While on this topic a fyi -

    the local walmart has hive tools in their tool section - they just call them pry bars. About $5 cheaper than the b suppliers.
  3. Re: BeeThinking on Shark Tank tonight at 9 PM ET

    Who doesn't like honey ?
  4. Re: OA still has to be approved in every state !

    I would think they would work on getting it approved in the states where they can sell the most first. Follow the money.
  5. Re: Hypothetical question - 2 packages and 3 queens possible

    The first time I opened the hive was 7 days after the install - she was beat up at that time.
  6. Hypothetical question - 2 packages and 3 queens possible

    I hived 2 three pound packages on the 24th of March- I checked them 1 week later ( this past Tuesday )and both queens were released - one of them was laying - Only the hive with the laying queen has...
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    Re: Unbelievable! Acebird got lucky again

    I split a strong hive two years ago, bought a queen for the split and wound up with about 3 mediums of honey for myself -
  8. Re: Titi or swamp cyrilla as nectar source

    I had never heard of purple brood prior to this. And have never observed it in my hives. I found this online.

  9. Titi or swamp cyrilla as nectar source

    I was re-reading my old copy of Dadants FIRST LESSONS IN BEEKEEPING and noted that under minor sources of nectar for the Florida region titi is listed. Also known as cyrilla or swamp cyrilla. I...
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    Re: UPS Not Delivering BWeaver Packages

    My only experience with shipping was close to 20 years ago and I also received packages from B Weaver in TX - at that time as far as i know Waver was only shipping via USPS - I got packages from them...
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    Re: Devastated...

    I run the one protecting my vegetable garden with a 12 volt lawn tractor battery

    contact these folks and tell them your problem and they will tell you what to get

  12. Re: Ok to install packages anytime during day ?

    R -

    That was where I picked mine up so we must have brushed elbows. Glad to hear yours got in their boxes safely ! It took me over an hour and half to get back home with Myrtle Beach traffic and...
  13. Re: New bee keeper tragedy but may have silver lining.

    I think it would be unusual for a swarm to move into your hive this time of year, but I guess it is possible. It sounds like robbing to me.

    If it were me I would save several frames of honey in...
  14. Ok to install packages anytime during day ?

    I picked up a couple of 3 lb packages from these folks yesterday.

    I haven't installed package bees in about 15 years and as I remember I always did it close to...
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    Re: Crimson clover

    I am in a 7b or 8a growing zone. It is best planted here about mid September - it will grow slowly over the winter but really puts on a spurt of growth this time of year. My soils are naturally...
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    Re: Crimson clover

    I have had Crimson Clover growing as a nectar source for my bees for years. Starts blooming here most years about the end of the first week in April and peaks for 2-3 weeks in mid to late April. My...
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    Re: Swarm lures


    do you sell your product on e bay ?
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    Swarm lures

    In over 20 years of bee keeping I have never used one, but having missed collecting a fair number of swarms over the year due to not being able to reach them, it may be time for me to learn a few new...
  19. Is there a consensus on Screened bottom boards ?

    I have used both the screened and solid bottom boards over the years - over the last few years I have been using the screened having read it helps with hive ventilation and mite reduction. I am...
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    Re: Pricing of NUCs

    You are right - I just checked my checkbook ( deposit) and it is $135 per nuc. For some reason I was thinking $100
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    Re: Pricing of NUCs

    I ordered 2 nucs this year from

    priced at $100 each plus $10 for a cardboard nuc box - pick up should be by mid April

    I also ordered 2 three pound packages from...
  22. Re: More Beekeepers Sour on Profession as Winter Die-Offs Continue- WSJ Article

    I guess I enjoy " besmirching " . It is either that or I place more value on my time than to get in a pissing contest about bee keeping on the WSJ web site over a comment like this one. Help...
  23. Re: More Beekeepers Sour on Profession as Winter Die-Offs Continue- WSJ Article

    If you read some of the comments after the article you find out how truly ignorant some people really are.
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    Re: For Southern Climates-Turnips

    Honey from cruciferous vegetables crystallizes fairly rapidly from what I have read- Turned under turnips are also fairly slow to break down - I doubt many farmers want to follow a big turnip crop...
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    Re: 2 of 3 Dead

    I have had similar problems this past summer and fall Debuquer. I lost one hive in a rapid fashion and well on my way to losing another. By all appearances I thought I had European foulbrood. I...
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