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  1. Re: Plastic Queen Hanging Strip and Candy Cap

    Thanks, Michael; I thought it appeared as though it was designed to detach and snap into the cage. I searched a bit on the interWeb but could find no real demonstration of the device.

    Just in...
  2. Plastic Queen Hanging Strip and Candy Cap

    My packages this year contained plastic queen cages with the 'candy cap' with a 'hanging strip'.
    I've not used this type of cage before and am a bit confused with this cap & strip. Does the...
  3. Re: Bee Yards, post a picture of your bee yards.

    Casa Verde Apiary:


    Here is a recent shot of our apiary, some recent demo work in the background on the garage which houses the 'Bee Room' where all bee related things take place.

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    Re: Cleaning and grooming

    I have one colony that has a large contingent of bees out front much like that[many more bees though], that are engaging in that grooming activity as a group; everybody out front is doing it. The 2...
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    Re: tankless water heater

    We've replaced an old Bosch[first generation type...] with a newer one. We love it, except when it goes on the fritz; takes a very well trained tech to fix it. Our brand, Noritz, doesn't like a...
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    Re: Hows everyones hives doing?

    Restarted with 3 packages on April 5 after last year's colonies died off during winter. Each colony was given drawn comb from last year's dead outs[8 frame mediums]. The 3rd brood chamber was added...
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    Re: 8 Frame Medium hive

    I quickly found out; with bees, you never have enough

    I now keep at least one complete hive's boxes ready[5 boxes], no matter how many colonies in my small apiary. I also keep a few...
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    Re: Gloves....What U Using?

    Here is what I've learned after only a few years as a beekeeper:

    Hooded jackets are nice to just throw on; what I've found is the 'hoodie' aspect of the veil seems to concentrate heat. I live...
  9. Re: Wher are you getting your shipped packages from for 2014

    Called in my Koehnen order last week....seems an increase in package prices; no 'mail' deliveries. I was told to expect about a 10% increase in prices, but haven't received a confirmation yet. This...
  10. Re: Netflix Bee Documentary - "More Than Honey"

    Interesting viewing,good editing, amazing flight footage[looks composited]...however; I do not believe the quote about Humankind's life expectancy when bees disappear is correct when attributed to...
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    Re: Buying an Extractor

    Even with just a small apiary, after extracting by hand in a tangential extractor, I decided a powered, radial unit was the way to go. Indeed, a fairly steep expense, but I feel worth it. I chose...
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    Re: Expenses of beekeeping?

    In my opinion, it's deceptive as there are a lot of 'up front' costs involved. The woodenware, tools, safety gear are the 'up front' costs, once purchased the cost is covered. The bees themselves...
  13. How was your Norther CA surplus this year?

    I'm trying to gauge how others did, seems like my colonies did not produce any surplus beyond what they stored in the brood chamber. Was it the weather this year(early and very little rain) or what?...
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    Re: Mann Lake Testimonial

    I've been using Mann Lake since I started a few years ago and I am quite happy with their prices and terms. Their Northern California facility has moved across the freeway from where it was located...
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    Re: Might not get honey !!

    Both of my hives haven't produced any appreciable surplus this year, I'm wondering if I'll need to feed this winter?? Our winters are mild here in California and they usually forage all winter, but...
  16. Re: Do you need nurse bees when swapping frames if they are capped brood?

    ...actual personal observation: Priceless!

  17. Re: "Abandonment" For Honey Super Doesn't Appear To Be Working.....

    With just a few hives in the backyard and using an excluder, an escape board works great! Built one myself from plans on Dave Cushman's site and I love it. I also use it to clear out the 'gleaners'...
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    Re: Maxant electric extractor... issues??

    I seem to get better/faster results when I run my frames tangentially rather that radially? You do have the extra work of flipping them, but the frames just seem to get 'cleaner'...
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    Re: 18/9 hand crank extractor worth it?

    I hand cranked my first harvest in a 2 frame tangential extractor; after locating the beekeeper and paying for the service....and then promptly purchased a motorized 6/9 Maxant for the future!
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    Poll: Re: Adding the 4th medium to early?

    3rd year beekeeper here, East Bay; just added the 4th super yesterday....had built comb though so they quickly filled the 3 brood boxes. Surplus boxes also have comb. Give them something to do...
  21. Re: Smallest size mesh size to keep wax moth at bay?

    Thanks all; I'm going with the mechanical method....freezing. The mad infestation was from the first hive crash last summer. Those frames stored well until I began storing all the frames from...
  22. Smallest size mesh size to keep wax moth at bay?

    What is the smallest space a wax moth can wriggle past for egg laying? I'd like to try and build some screens to keep them out of my stored supers of old comb. My best bet would be to freeze them...
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    Re: Just got my first bee package

    @Slow Modem: I use a very small pair[4-5" set] of 'ViseGrip' brand pliers to grab the rolled lip of the feeder cans for lifting out of the package great. The firm grip on the can...
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    2013 Bees finally!

    After a dismal overwintering, losing the last of my 3 colonies in early January; I drove to Koehnen's on Saturday for their first pickups of the year. It seemed like there were a lot more than last...
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    Re: Need Info from California Beekeepers

    Check with the county Government you intend to move into the jurisdiction of....

    Try here: a start. If...
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