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    Re: Banterra hive plan question.

    I just installed the 8 frame swing hive in our local nature center and it's beautiful. Is there a model that would allow you to close off the different two frame sections from the rest of the hive so...
  2. Getting ready for swarms and cut-outs in Jackson, Mi

    I'm looking forward to the upcoming swarm, and cut out, season in the Jackson, Mi area. If you know of anyone looking for assistance can freely contact me for more information at We...
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    Re: Could there be two colonies in this wall?

    I would vote on a single colony, I have completed a few cut outs and I have never seen two hives in the same lateral stud areas in the wall. It will be very interesting to see what is behind those...
  4. Re: A quick view of a recent cut out in Southern Michigan...Enjoy

    Check out, you might find some opportunites there!
  5. Re: A quick view of a recent cut out in Southern Michigan...Enjoy

    Thanks Tim,
    Both of my helpers are 75 years old. My dad and my dad's childhood friend are my crew. I also have my nine year son learning as well. Never give up, 68 is the youngest age you have left!!
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    Re: My son gave me this last night.

    That is absolutely priceless, I'd be finding a great frame for that one!! Thank you so much for giving those young folks a family, there aren't many like you and I salute you!! God Bless!!
  7. Re: A quick view of a recent cut out in Southern Michigan...Enjoy

    Sure, please feel free to send folks my way. I've done the same for you, but neglected to tell you...sorry! You folks do excellent work, I enjoy looking at your projects!!
  8. Re: A quick view of a recent cut out in Southern Michigan...Enjoy

    Here's a quick look at quite a cut out in a column on a front porch. This one was an interesting job. Bees are now living in my apiary and doing very well! Sorry the link only takes you to my page,...
  9. A quick view of a recent cut out in Southern Michigan...Enjoy

    I realize many people do things their own way when it comes to beekeeping. I just wanted to share this cut out we did in southern Michigan. The video was made by the homeowner and he did a great job...
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    Re: Winter Losses or Success?

    I haven't made it completely through winter yet, but so far it looks like loss of 6 of 23 hives. Far better than last year when I lost 6 of 8. Looking to make many nucs from survivors.
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    Re: Hello from Michigan

    Welcome from Jackson, Michigan!!
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    Re: Hello From Ravenna, Ohio

    Welcome from Jackson, Michigan!! I salute you for being a hard working farmer and beekeeper. Enjoy the lifetime effects from "bee fever".
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    Re: Post your beekeeping Facebook page

    Thanks for the great idea!!
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    Re: Ultimate In-Hive Feeders

    I used several this year with both 1:1 and 2:1 and the bees worked them relentlessly. I've noted very little problem while there was syrup in them, but after they are empty the bees can get up into...
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    Re: Mel Disselkoen method

    I used Mel's method after attenting his presentation at the Spring Michigan Bee Keepers Conference 2014. I had an opportunity to rescue 17 packages from a local bee supply that had been overheated...
  16. Re: Tough lesson for a couple of first year beeks

    You are welcome, I try to check this thread often. I am going to attempt to move this hive tonight around dusk. I'm hoping they have calmed down, but I will be seriously geared up if things don't go...
  17. Re: Tough lesson for a couple of first year beeks

    The ladies who bought them got them as a hive. They aren't quite sure exactly where they came from. When I want through the hive, I found what appeared to be very old comb and a very worn and beaten...
  18. Re: Tough lesson for a couple of first year beeks

    Thanks for all of your feedback. One thing I have learned thus far about beekeeping is that, as a society, we heavily trained by scientific methodology...i.e. follow the recipe and get the expected...
  19. Re: Tough lesson for a couple of first year beeks

    I couldn't agree more Rob!! I'm glad your first year is going well and while the above example is more the "unusual" than the "usual", it does help remind us that we need to be diligent as...
  20. Tough lesson for a couple of first year beeks

    So, I have the opportunity to experience one of the darker sides of beekeeping. Sadly, I have been working with a couple of new beekeepers who have been doing a very good job in their first year. A...
  21. Re: This year too successful...didn't expect that one!

    Thank you for your advice, so far everything I am reading seems to make perfect sense to try. I have realized that sometimes you can "do everything right" and still lose bees and I understand that, I...
  22. This year too successful...didn't expect that one!

    Hello everyone,
    I am going into my third year of beekeeping and have really learned a ton. Like many others, I suffered heavy losses over last winter and lost 6 of my 8 hives. When I inspected both...
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    Re: Swarm in Lansing Michigan

    Sure looks like it's going to be an interesting year indeed!
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    Swarm in Lansing Michigan

    Got first swarm in Lansing, MI on 5/12/14 and another on 5/14/14. One was from the entrance way to a restaurant and another moved into a cut out area I did. Please feel free to check them out on...
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    Re: You people are outa your minds!

    Welcome to the family Ink,
    The bee fever sets in quickly and you will find yourself thinking about bees more and more all the time.
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