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    Re: Mann Lake weathertek

    Got the weathertek yesterday. Interesting material very light weight but it's like a rubber coating on the outside. It reminds me of a high dollar rain jacket. I will see how well it breaths and...
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    Re: Mann Lake weathertek

    Yep, my thoughts exactly, thehackleguy. Didn't know they had stuff on there till the other day, most is overpriced, but other stuff they are clueless.
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    Mann Lake weathertek

    Anybody ever tried the mann lake weathertek suit? I just ordered one from amazon for $90 they want about $190 at mann lake. I have always been curios about them weather proof and breathable. I...
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    Re: Any body tried Dr Carsons complete?

    Thanks wildbranch 2007 I have ran across that before. I was talking in general, not just nosema and the complete it has nosevit and the two other products mixed together. I know the essential oils...
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    Re: Any body tried Dr Carsons complete?

    Yeah honey for all, I just blow past all the talk and marketing schemes and look at the ingredients. I've seen about all the smoke and mirrors over the years. I look at the ingredients at least the...
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    Any body tried Dr Carsons complete?

    It looks kind of like snake oil to me but it has essential oils and is less than HBH? Anybody tried it, I thought about trying a small bottle on a couple of hives just for curiousity. I think you are...
  7. Re: What do you use for your tools at the bee yard?

    I have a stanley tool box that's weather proof, you can leave it in the rain it's OK, drop it in the lake your in trouble. I usualy just use my hive tool a stiff scraper/3 in 1 tool, and my frame...
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    Re: Where Do You Extract Honey?

    In the kitchen for me!
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    Re: Why are people moving away from SBB

    I did because of small hive beetles started getting crazy, and where I had them last year it rained a lot. I had moisture problems inside the hive. They were at the bottom of the mountain when it...
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    Re: Killing queen after Marking?

    I bought a paint pen at Micheal's craft store for $2.00 this year. It's non toxic and does not have acid. It is not the greatest marker ever but for marking queens, it's been doing me good. Beats 7...
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    First swarm Yah!!!!

    I had a bad year last year all around. I started trying to catch a swarm last year just for the heck of it. I have done everything else, just never needed more bees untill this year. This year is off...
  12. Re: I think I have a medical disorder or maybe I'm just stupid.

    Well I don't like to get stung but it doesn't do anything but itch me as you say. I remember getting stung for the first time, I had been doing it a few years at that point. It hurt like the dickens...
  13. Re: Can you split a new package with an extra queen?

    Mark Williams, I had capped brood because the packages came with queens. I put them in a single deep with built comb. After they had started laying good and had about three or four frames covered...
  14. Re: Can you split a new package with an extra queen?

    You can do it. Most are afraid, I would not recomend it if you are just starting out. I have done it did it again this year in fact. I picked up two packages March 19th. Ordered two queens they came...
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    Re: Hello From Darlington SC!!

    Hi Aztec, I grew up in Hartsville used to live in apartments behind the race track there in Darlington. Just leave them alone, those are more than likely scouts checking things out. The will do this...
  16. Re: "17 billion honey bees injured, killed...", Article featuring Kim Flottum.

    Newbee I probably could have, I wouldn't know where to start. I have been doing it eight years off and on never lost a hive untill the cornfield.
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    Re: Who can tell me which one to chose !

    There are two grades of LGO Therapudic and pharmacuetical I am not great at spelling. One is just to be used for smelling that is Ok for swarm traps, is not be used in HBH and sutch where it is...
  18. Re: "17 billion honey bees injured, killed...", Article featuring Kim Flottum.

    Yeah, I lost six hives in a corn field last year. How do I know it was pesticides? I had a super of honey sitting out in the back yard for a couple of days because I forgot it. There was a pile of...
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    Re: bee space,boy did i goof.

    No, it takes them a month to make a queen. It sounds like they are up there to enter into the hole to get to the feeder. Is it a hive top feeder like the ones Mann lake sells? Just trying to figure...
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    Re: Pleasant trip to Kelley Bees

    Never been there, never ordered from them until this year I have two queens coming Monday. We will see how they do?
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    Re: Did I just kill my Bees?

    Nope, just keep an eye on the queen cells and make sure they hatch ok they will have to mate after they hatch. As for the queen that was already there when the cell hatches one will make it one will...
  22. Re: Reuse of hive parts when exposed European foulbrood

    I have been through EFB it's not that big a deal. AFB is the bad one .EFB has a ring of bad brood around the outside of the brood pattern and no strings. I gave them some terramcin patties. I like...
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    Re: How long does 1:1 sugar water last

    It depends on a lot of factors, but about four or five days around here. There are a lot of things that can be added to prevent fermentation, lemon juice, vinigar, HBH, Etc.
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    Re: Should I feed

    I would keep food on them, what kind of feeder? It won't hurt it to sit a day or two, and its there if they want it. I usually put some HBH or something in there keeps it frome fermenting but there...
  25. Re: What is everyone paying for a package this year?

    I got two from Brushy for 96.00 picked them up last week.
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