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    Re: transporting packages

    Thanks guys! This more or less confirms my fears about a closed trailer. We will go with either a van-type set up, or a stock trailer.

    Thanks Michael! never thought of a stock trailer. we...
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    Re: transporting packages

    We will be picking up about 150 packages and transporting from Georgia to Oklahoma. 800 miles and at least a day's travel. Probably in mid to late April. So we could run into any kind of weather...
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    transporting packages

    Hello all,

    I hope this is the right place for this thread - it is more of a sideliner question but I don't see a better place for it.

    Question: Is it better to transport packages of bees in an...
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    Re: General Beekeeper Wisdom Needed

    I abosolutely agree with Mark.

    Plastics are not acceptable even if wood could be beat
  5. Re: Yearly expenses estimate NEW - 175 hives - please input!

    Thanks for the thread. I am also growing so this is very interesting to me. I don't run almonds. Just nucs, honey and local pollination.

    My question: If they start running to almonds, won't...
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    Re: "Why Do They DO That?"

    Yes, I read it. I was surprised they would run such an article. There were several erroneous factoids. She obviously is not a well educated beekeeper. From her brief description, it sounds like...
  7. Re: Would you consider adding stratiolaelaps scimitus a treatment?

    Whew! Glad they are native.

    While honeybees aren't native, they haven't caused the IMMENSE and expensive problems we've had with most non-native species. Those may have been brought in with good...
  8. Re: Would you consider adding stratiolaelaps scimitus a treatment?

    Where do these predatory mites come from? Are they yet another non-native organism that will further unbalance our ecosystem and cause multiple indirect problems and cause more declining bee...
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    Re: Deep to Super Deep Supers

    I do a lot of removals or cut-outs. Combs that are 38 to 50 inches long are quite normal between wall studs where the comb is supported on the sides by the studs.

    20 inch deep frames were common...
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    Re: Softball Cluster

    I like your goals. I moved from Indiana a few years ago so I'm surprised you tried a nuc in late fall. How many frames was the nuc? Was it wintered on top of another hive to help it? Nucs would...
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    Re: Softball Cluster

    Was it a nuc or a strong hive going into the winter? It can't be both.

    If it was a nuc, was it wintered over another hive?
  12. Re: question on honey production vs langstroth

    Top bars and frames are both components of a beehive. Both take resources to acquire or build. I can either spend time/energy or, a money. Sometimes I spend my time and energy - sometimes it is...
  13. Re: Treatment-Free, Winter 2012-2013, How's it going?

    I have worked in Ecology for almost 30 years and have seen the damage we do when we transport living creatures across great distances (think varroa mites, SHB, starlings). So, I am very hesitant to...
  14. Re: Treatment-Free, Winter 2012-2013, How's it going?

    So far, 30 untreated hives (No treatments in 10 years) are alive and well. My winter has been like Solomon's - mild but not as mild as last year. So far, it looks like we're going to have another...
  15. Thread: drawn comb

    by Maddox65804

    Re: drawn comb

    As the others have said, it is alright to use the old comb - as long as you're sure the other hive did not die of a disease like American Foul Brood.

    I know several BKs who do not prefer to use...
  16. Re: Has anyone ever had a confontation with another beekeeper, especially sideline/co

    When I first moved to Springfield, Missouri from Indiana, I worked for a supposedly commercial beekeeper here (he claims to run 700 hives, but has to buy 400 nucs every year to maintain that number)....
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    Re: Need to give away all my bee supplies

    I second what Dixiebooks says. ONly about 10% of my hives are on my property. I have never had a farmer turn me down when I asked to set up a bee yard at the edge of his field. There are...
  18. Re: Has anyone had a hive join another hive in mid-winter???

    I can't recall ever hearing of one hive joining with another. Are they very close together?
  19. Re: Ever encountered hostility from other beekeepers over your TBH?

    Unfortunately, I have seen some negativity toward TBHs. However, I have seen A LOT more negativity from the TBH owners who believe that their hive design is the best and that Langs are somehow the...
  20. Re: question on honey production vs langstroth

    I think it is important to remember that African bees (Apis Scutellata) behave differently than European bees (Apis Mellifera). Mostly in the fact that Scutellata is a migratory species. Mellifera...
  21. Re: question on honey production vs langstroth

    I respectfully disagree Adam. I build and use both types of hives. It is just as easy to build a Lang or a TBH with reclaimed material in my experience. As I said before, they are both boxes - one...
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    Re: Collecting pollen in January?

    Witch Hazel, willows, and some of the other catkin bearing shrubs and trees produce pollen at cooler temperatures than most other trees. Some of these produce pollen when there is snow on the...
  23. Thread: Dead Outs

    by Maddox65804

    Re: Dead Outs


    the empty frames can be stored in the box sitting on the porch or unheated garage in Ohio. I stated beekeeping in Indiana and stored all my equipment outside, under a roof, for years with...
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    Re: Nucs versus Packages?

    The vast differences in the quality of Nucs from different suppliers is the reason I started a thread last year:
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    Re: Ask Questions Here!

    Not a question - Sorry Sol.

    Just a hearty Thank You! for hosting just such a thread as this. It is a great community service.

    I also feel it is a gutsy move deserving appreciation because this...
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