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    Re: Buckfast Nucs

    My understanding is that queens can be imported (for a price) but not bees on comb. Mark commented in an earlier thread that the stock in Canada came from the US. I need to get busy on my research...
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    Re: Buckfast Nucs

    If you find traditional Buckfast Stock in the US that has not been diluted over time please let me know. I am thinking about ordering Buckfast Queens from Canada next year.
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    Re: Fall nuc demand

    There is NO demand that I know of.
  4. Re: girls laying spotty brood and confusing inspection

    It sounds like your bees need space and as a Beekeeper it is up to you to provide for them - so add another box (with frames of course!)
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    Re: Winter reserves

    Dr. DeLaplane is a very smart man who knows an awful lot about bees - but in writing what he did he has fallen into one of the oldest bee traps around - "all beekeeping is local."

    Find and talk...
  6. Re: I see pollen, does that mean nectar is flowing too?

    Some people report adding food coloring to their syrup so they can easily tell what is being stored and where in the hive the bees are storing it.
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    Re: USPS FAILS at delivering queens

    I never know how to read the subject in threads like this one. I think what it comes down to is there is risk sending live insects by all means - and that no one shipper delivers live bees on time...
  8. Re: Anyone know what the average weight of 2:1 syrup ripened in the hive weighs?

    I have always used the rough 1 gallon of 2:1 syrup translates to roughly 10 pounds of stores. I was pleased to see the website Adrian gave comes up pretty much with that ratio - close enough for my...
  9. Re: Why are there still so many drones in one hive?

    Remember that queens are not likely to mate with their brother drones. So my take is that the bees want to make sure that DCAs everywhere are well populated. Drones in a colony can be leftovers...
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    Re: Plastic or wax?

    Wax is not shipped during the coldest time of the year (it cracks and breaks) which is when I want to order it. I've gone to using wooden frames with plastic foundation for everything. I paint my...
  11. Re: Why are there still so many drones in one hive?

    Don't put too much weight on this.
  12. Re: Why are there still so many drones in one hive?

    I don't think it is late in your area for drones to have been evicted. Hasn't started here in Maine yet.
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    Re: Feeding bad queens

    Only do this if you anticipate adequate drones for good mating in your area at the time the queens will emerge. The OP is in Nebraska an area I am not familiar with; here drones will start being...
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    Re: Strange Feeding Question

    Things may be different in Texas then in Maine - that said, my observation is that in the later part of the year you can feed a nuc unlimited quantities of syrup and if the bees don't feel a pressing...
  15. Re: Place hives at random or make a bee yard?

    The number of hives you'll have depends entirely on the availability of year round forage available for the bees - and/or your willingness to feed. You've said your property is 15 acres. What...
  16. Re: Hives bought at auction. How should I store them until spring?

    SQKCRK knows this subject intimately - pay attention to what he has to say. Be especially wary of any older comb. Some states will inspect used equipment for you. If yours does, I encourage you...
  17. Re: Place hives at random or make a bee yard?

    Some beekeepers have awful problems with robbing - many don't. I think attention to some basics like how you feed and keeping the colonies strong will go a long way toward keeping robbing from being...
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    Re: Split gone wrong?

    It is way too late in my area to be making splits now - don't know about your area for sure but I suspect it is too late there as well.

    The split does NOT sound like it wants to swarm.
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    Re: Best method for checking stores?

    If you are concerned with the bees getting antsy over the course of your inspection, start inspecting with the bottom box. Set your outer cover on the ground upside down and stack your mediums on...
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    Re: WHOOO HOOOO No more mowing!!!

    Another thing to think about is that as you let your lawn go you're starting down the succession road. To keep things under some control I'd plan to mow after the first heavy frost.
  21. Re: To feed or not to feed [that is the question and a couple more]

    When and if to feed has been discussed a lot of late. In addition to the information below, search for the prior threads. The information may not speak to your situation exactly, but the reading...
  22. Thread: bug spray

    by Andrew Dewey

    Re: bug spray

    If you don't mind a bit of noise Guinea Fowl are supposed to be great at finding and eating ticks. I would be careful with any sprays that you put on yourself before you work bees.
  23. Re: Aha, it's not just me, NH seems to be having a problem with honey supply

  24. Re: Aha, it's not just me, NH seems to be having a problem with honey supply

    The are over 100 varieties of Goldenrod and many do not give off nectar useful to honey bees. My observations here (Maine) are that most varieties that bloom early in August do not provide nectar to...
  25. Re: Bees are so agreesive and stinging through suit why?

    But you can. Electric netting. I am primarily surrounding yards to deal with black bear but it also keeps skunks at bay. Keeping Moose out - not so good - but at least they are not seeking out the...
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