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  1. Re: 1st year questions/robbing on purpose/re-using brood frame

    thank you both! ratchet straps sound good-didn't think of it. :)
  2. 1st year questions/robbing on purpose/re-using brood frame

    basic info-started with 2 hives this spring, both doing great, big storm few weeks back knocked one over, didn't know till too late, freezing temps, bees dead. i cried and kicked myself and then...
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    Re: Need more advise

    this is my first year, but i'll share what i've been told/read. in my area, at the start of the cumberland plateau in middle tennessee (similar to your climate, but not quite as cold in the winter),...
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    Re: Peaches and Bees!

    great pics! thanks for sharing!
  5. Re: Attracting bees to a new water source

    to go with what David said, I should add--I ALSO took the floats and noodles and beach ball out of the pool, but not because I consciously thought that would help long-term. So, thanks, David-I'll...
  6. Re: Attracting bees to a new water source

    mine had been going to my neighbor's pond for the month after i got them (which was ok with neighbor, and the reason they were put where they are), but sunday they found our pool. there were more...
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    Re: Method to find a queen

    this is my first year, but if my experience is 'normal', this may help. i found one of my (unmarked) queens last week, for the first time, while inspecting. i was not looking for her, but when i...
  8. Re: Anyone go up against their county/city over keeping bees?

    we, like some other people here, moved to the country to we could do what we wanted. i know not everybody can do that, so keep the faith, and find like minded people to stand with you, and keep...
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    burr comb with larva?

    when i inspected friday, i pulled few frames with some burr comb on the bottom, there was a little on one side attaching the frame to the side. i scraped it all off everywhere but the one frame-it...
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    Re: Lighting smoker

    i am so bad at lightling the woodstove or the firepit that it's a family joke. but i can light pine straw with a long bic-type grill lighter, let it catch, die back a bit, then add more pine straw,...
  11. similar ? to aerindel, re: feeding/rate of comb building/activity level

    i installed 2 pkgs 4/26. (langstroth, 8 frame mediums, wax foundation, hive top feeders) queens were out 4/30. peeked in 5/5, lots of comb built, 4-5 of 8 frames filled in each. had suggestion...
  12. Re: New Wolf Creek Apiary packages adjusting well

    yes, very cool pictures! think i'm gonna hang out in front my hives this weekend and try to get some like that. i got my pkgs from them, also, and my bees are doing great! john and ruth are very...
  13. Re: 4th day post install-need some reassurance :)

    thanks for your response, m. i think it really was nerves 1st visit. my husband was out there with me, and his observation was that things didn't look any different than when i installed them, as...
  14. Re: 4th day post install-need some reassurance :)

    ps--also saw lots of coming and going this am, lots of loaded pollen sacs.
  15. Re: 4th day post install-need some reassurance :)

    wish to thank you all so much for taking the time to reply. your encouragement and knowledge is sooo helpful, and got my confidence back up! i just went back in, and it was really great this time. ...
  16. 4th day post install-need some reassurance :)

    checked yesterday evening on queens. niether one was out, so i popped the corks out on the other end and put the boxes back where they were. it was 3rd day. it did look like the candy was close to...
  17. Re: There Seems To Be Some Interest In My Swarm Traps!!


    that is SO cool! hmm...looks like i have plans this weekend. :)

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    Re: Can you identify this plant?

    quince, for sure.
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    Re: Hello fro SW Florida

    welcome, joe! i'm in tennessee now, but i grew up in south ft. myers, briarcliff. looking forward to getting my first bees late april! good luck with your next bees. :)

  20. Re: first year for bees in smithville, tn, & pkg AND nuc??

    thanks everyone!
  21. first year for bees in smithville, tn, & pkg AND nuc??

    hi! after wishing for a long time, i finally got to go to bee school this past weekend through nashville area beekeepers, and have ordered 2 nucs. so excited! i see that there are 2 bee groups...
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