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    Re: desicated larva

    chalkbrood maybe?
  2. Re: Is it too late in the season?

    I know I will loose one queen if I combine.........the queen that the hive reared before it swarmed. The queen I have in the nuc was raised by a friend and is hygenic
  3. Re: Is it too late in the season?

    I need to clarify because I am a chemical free keeper....

    I treated for mites with Apiguard in August which made it vulnerable to wax moths which I have diligently been scraping out of the frames...
  4. Is it too late in the season?

    I have a hive that has been ravaged by wax moths, hive beetles & mites. It also swarmed a while ago. I have worked hard to eraticate all pests and what I'm left with is a VERY week hive. I'm...
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    How to requeen hive w/ nuc

    I have an aggressive hive that I would like to requeen with the queen from a nuc in my yard. After I off the old queen, I was thinking of adding the frames from the nuc (with the new queen) into...
  6. Re: What's the longest you've gone without getting stung?

    I got stung just yesterday through my goat skin gloves. I almost always get stung on my fingertips when I get into a hive. The gloves are just so bulky when lifting and setting down frames. I wish...
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    How to melt down wax

    I just processed a honey supers worth of honey using the scrape and strain method. I would like to melt down the wax and save for a future use. Do I have to do anything special to it?

    Any advice...
  8. Deformed Wing Virus & Queenless

    2nd year beekeeper here looking for help/advice to a problem Im having:

    Background: Hive #1 has two 10 frame deeps and one honey super with queen excluder. 3 weeks ago I made a nuc by taking...
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    Screened bottom boards

    Just wondering.........Under the advice of a mentor, I'm leaving the screened bottom boards on and wide open for the winter (aka no board underneath, just screen). Seems to me like its too cold. ...
  10. I have the styrofoam but where do I put it?

    I got some 4" syrofoam from a guy at my bee club meeting last month but where exactly am I supposed to put it? Under the cover on top of the inner cover? How will moisture escape? I'm...
  11. Re: Interesting reaction to a sting

    One day in late September, I went out to replace the mason jars on the boardman feeders (which I do every day and never get popped) and bam.....took a sting to the right cheek. The first day was...
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    Re: My hive requeened itself!

    Thanks all! I really love my hobby and enjoy designing my own pieces like this one. I don't think you would want to pay me as much as I would have to charge though..... Glass, solder and copper...
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    My hive requeened itself!

    About a month ago I had no queen & no eggs or larva. My hive swarmed into a tree in my yard and I couldn't catch the swarm. Fortunately, most of the bees went back to the hive but not the queen. I...
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    Winter Feeding

    I'm planning on making candy boards for my 2 hives to feed over the winter. My question is do they slow down eating during the cold months? Will 1 candy board be enough if the weather is cold? I...
  15. Re: After full inspection today.........

    Well, looks like nobody has a queen but from all the advice I'm getting, I may not want to requeen right now anyway.

    Hive is not aggressive at all. In fact, it is quite docile. Lots of bees,...
  16. Re: After full inspection today.........

    Very interesting, thank you indypartridge!
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    Re: SHB is here

    I had a half of a pollen pattie in each of my 2 hives - inside the inner cover and found SHB maggots and a few beetles feeding on them. Of course, I removed them and now I'm hoping there is not a...
  18. After full inspection today.........

    I have determined that one of my hives is definately queenless. This hive swarmed on 8/31/11 and I was hoping that they would rear their own queen but after a full inspection today, there are no...
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    Re: One of my hives swarmed today

    I just went out to feed my hives and the one that swarmed is still pretty full of bees. Has anyone ever had a hive swarm and then come back????

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    Re: One of my hives swarmed today

    Here is the picture of the swarm

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    One of my hives swarmed today

    My daughter came in this afternoon around 2:00 and said "Mom, your girls are out on the tree!" I ran outside and sure enough, they were swarmed on a tree branch. The swarm was huge.....bigger than...
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    Today, Wednesday, August 31, 2011 in Manassas, Virginia
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    Re: Japanese Hornet

    I know what a cicada killer looks like and this was definately not one. Apparently they are most definately in fact, are almost common in Virginia Beach.

    Interesting fact: Each...
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    Japanese Hornet

    I found this bad mofo flying around my hives! Freaked me out!:eek:
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    Re: Earthquake

    Pretty scary here in Manassas. I have never experienced that before and it scared the crap out of me. I had jello knees for about an hour after. Just enjoyed an aftershock to top it all off
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