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    Re: Maintaining Genetic Diversity

    According to Larry Connor's book Bee Sex Essentials, if the queen lays an egg that has two identical sex alleles, then a sterile male bee will be produced and the bees will remove it. So inbreeding...
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    Solar Wax Melter Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a good solar wax melter that you can buy today?
    I'm tired of dealing with scrapings that build up before I use my electric melter.
    Mike Johnston
  3. Re: Feral hives with mostly A.m.m. genes in NC, TN or VA?

    I would be surprised if you were to find any bees with very much A.M.M. genes in your area. There is an existing population of fairly pure A.M.M. bees in the redwood country of California around...
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    Re: Who's looking for proof?

    Wild pollinators are great but the greatest majority of people making a living off them are the researchers. In addition, wild pollinators won't survive very well in orchard country where a lot of...
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    Re: Amazing

    I had a single frame of brood in hives that I opened about three weeks ago.
    By raw pollen, do you mean pollen supplement?
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    Re: Why do bees like my wood lot?

    They might actually be eating the sawdust though I don't know for sure. Torula yeast is commonly used as a pollen supplement and torula yeast is a wood by-product.
  7. Re: how are u punching holes in the feeder caps fit quart jars

    I use a 3/32 or 7/64 drill bit.
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    Re: Why winter ventilation is important

    That's a great photo.
    I just heard Tom Selley talk this past Saturday. He studies wild hives extensively and say that wild bees close up their top entrances and only have a bottom entrance. ...
  9. Re: How long until you have resistant bees?

    I don't disagree with most of what Solomon Parker says. All of our bees are more resistant now than when Varroa first appeared. When Varroa first appeared, if you did not treat, probably all of...
  10. Re: How long until you have resistant bees?

    I don't think that the three year standard works very well. After three years you have a different queen and half of the genetics in the hive came from all of the drones with which she has mated. ...
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    Re: D.E. hives- your thoughts?

    I know some people that run D.E. equipment and believe in them. One of these people gave me enough equipment to put one together myself and I will start playing around with it this season. I've...
  12. Re: Any idea what is in bloom in Massachusetts at this time of year?

    Red Maple and Silver Maple get my vote. Silver maples are common along roadsides and you can see them blooming if you look for it.
  13. Re: Average amount of syrup fed annually before winter?

    I live in upstate New York and we have around a 5 month growing season April 15 to September 15. I overwinter in two deep hive bodies. I don't feed a drop of syrup to my bees before winter and...
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    Re: Container Candle Problems

    I think the reason that the candles crack is they are cooling too fast. I've given up on larger candles in metal molds because they always crack. The same size candles in rubber molds don't ever...
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    Re: First time Grafting

    You should go to your local chain drug store and buy some strong reading glasses. I'm over 50 and I use 2.25 for reading but 3.25 for grafting. I'm impressed that you got as good a take as you did...
  16. Re: Cost share available in Northeast for northern bred queens

    1. I don't care if people use fumidil or any other drug treatment. More variation between different beekeepers would lead to more insights as to what will work to keep our bees alive.
  17. Re: Cost share available in Northeast for northern bred queens

    The bees that get tested are only the ones that have made it through a winter (actually two winters is much preferred) and look to be good potential breeder queens. Samples of 25 bees are collected...
  18. Cost share available in Northeast for northern bred queens

    As part of a Specialty Crop Grant, a rebate of $10 per queen on the $20 purchase price will be repaid to beekeepers willing to keep track of overwintering survival , production, and medication usage....
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    Re: apistan strips/ apiguard

    Apistan was the first miticide that we used in 1993 when the mites first came through. After a number of years, it doesn't work since the surviving mites become immune to it. Apiguard is based on...
  20. Re: Mid-York Beekeeping Association sponsors Ross Conrad talk in February

    I think that the Ross Conrad talk takes the place of the regular February meeting. If I'm wrong, I'll get back to you.
  21. Re: Mid-York Beekeeping Association sponsors Ross Conrad talk in February

    The regular meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM but only every other month. The meetings are held at the Oneida County Cooperative Extension building. The last meeting...
  22. Mid-York Beekeeping Association sponsors Ross Conrad talk in February

    The Mid-York Beekeeping Association is pleased to sponsor a talk by Ross Conrad on Natural /
    Organic Varroa Mite Control in Bee Hives with questions and answers to follow. It will take place...
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    Re: tea light wick problem

    I've bought my wicks for tea lites from Betterbee and have had no problem with them burning correctly. One tea lite will burn for around 4 hours. Betterbee is terribly slow in filling their orders....
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    Re: Nuc problems from this year

    You did the right thing by starting each nuc with two frames of brood. Open brood works best. The bees would not stay with just frames of honey. There probably was nothing wrong with the queens...
  25. Re: Treatment Threshold for Nosema A. or C.

    I've taken two sets of samples from individual hives from the same yard two months apart. Each time all of the samples were taken within ten minutes of each other. I've consecutively had low...
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