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  1. Re: CAPA Report: 58% overwinter colony mortality in Ontario.

    I think, since it is a public place, opinions must be presented in respectful and civilized way. Trolling and "cyberbullying" is a serious issue on public forums. My personal opinion.
  2. Re: CAPA Report: 58% overwinter colony mortality in Ontario.

    It's called "trolling"
    quite common at beesource.
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    Re: Another typical foundationless disaster

    Look to me - great brood!
  4. Thread: Mead Recipes

    by cerezha

    Re: Mead Recipes

    I am doing it in most natural (to me) way. First, since I am foundationless, I crush and strain my honey. The leftovers are some honey and crushed wax - this is a material for my mead. I just mix...
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    Re: Do bees prefer moving vertical?

    Many countries utilize different beehive designs. For instance, a classical Ukrainian beehive is horizontal with large frames. Similar design used in many parts of Russia, also. I have both - ...
  6. Re: Problems keeping city bees...some thoughts from a *rural* (newbie) beek...

    We were camping at Ten Mile Creek in Sequoia. There were enormous amount of bees drinking from the creek - thousands! The access to the creek was basically through drinking cute blonde bees. We had...
  7. Bees in Santa Monica

    My bees are located in the middle of densely populated LA area. Relationships with neighbors is always a concern. In most cases the jar of honey is sufficient. Some neighbors are complainers does...
  8. May-June state of the business year 2014

    I did not visit this page for quite a while. In May my large beehive swarmed twice even after all my anti-swarm measures. Swarms were hived and have a new home in the neighboring backyards :) After...
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    Re: Newbee questions - So. Cal.

    Hi Stoney
    I am in Santa Monica - you are welcome to visit and see my bees. My bees are treated with love. No other treatment permitted :) I use screened bottoms and telescopic covers, but the...
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    Looking for raw TF propolis

    Really? I am glad that you learn now that TF is not top frame. I am curious, how you imagine the "top frame"? Anyway, this thread make sense to me. In my country (Russia) people used propolis for...
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    Re: My foundationless experiment

    I needed to hive my swarm and I was not prepared. So I grabbed what I can find - medium box. In 10-frame box I had 8 empty frames (foundationless) + 1 with plastic foundation + empty space (I run...
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    Walk away even did not go well

    I think, there is inconsistency in naming. Rusty from Beesuite described "walk away split" as "even split" - split all resources equally and "walk away" :)...
  13. Thread: Top Bar

    by cerezha

    Re: Top Bar

    I am using long beehives and modified Langs both with top bars. The bars have standard length for compatibility. Why top bars? Mainly for "natural" beekeeping: bees build what they need, no...
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    Re: Love These Mutts!!

    I have all my bees like this. Interestingly, over past two years, my two original beehives decided to differentiate - one becomes entirely black-gray strips and another - more yellowish. Originally,...
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    Re: NY State Winterlosses

    It is definitely off topic... sorry Mark. I was curious what kind of loses beekeepers experienced outside of US. I asked my Russian beekeeper-friends. They were amused by US average winter loses -...
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    Re: Ultimate hot weather bee suite

    I have vented full suit from PM and I am not really happy with this - after two seasons fabric start deteriorating creating the holes. Not mechanical damage - the holes just appeared in random places...
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    Re: My (alternative) theory of the Bush Miracle

    Absolutely agree! I purposely did not mention pesticides in my original post because it's like a red fabric to the bull. Pesticides (any) as any chemicals weaken the immune system. It is irony - my...
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    Re: My (alternative) theory of the Bush Miracle

    Bernhard - there are many different ways to mitigate mites. Did you try all of them? Russians use "thermo-camera" for treatment against varroa - they "cook" bees at 45(?)oC for 5-10 min until 99%...
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    Re: My (alternative) theory of the Bush Miracle

    I am not in position to give anybody advise, but my bees are doing well for the past 3 years against prediction by "experienced beekeepers." I do not like/use the definition of treatment-free by...
  20. Re: Inspection Jan 28 2014

    Hi everyone!
    I would like just to tell you that myself and bees are doing great this season. We are in the process of massive building. As in all previous years, today - we are treatment-free,...
  21. Re: Inspection Jan 28 2014

    I think, starting bee package foundationless may be a challenge. I would use wax foundation at least at the beginning and than add foundationless one-by-one between already drawn frames. This...
  22. Re: Inspection Jan 28 2014

    Hi Jackson
    Since my hives are near my house - I observe them many times per day - so I have general idea what is normal. Each my beehive has a piece of cardboard under the landing deck - I regularly...
  23. Re: Inspection Jan 28 2014

    Hi Jackson
    It is tough question - bees teach me (hard way) that they prefer less inspection. I "diagnose" the hive by observing its outside activity, how many bees, do they bring pollen (brood),...
  24. Re: Inspection Jan 28 2014

    You are very welcome, Allan. Do you have bees? How they are?
  25. Re: Inspection Jan 28 2014

    Imagine you are tasting your own honey! This is the best part of beekeeping - untouched, fresh, totally organic (hopefully) honey from your bees! Everybody, who tried our honey - do not buy...
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