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    Re: Learn something new every day.

    Moving them at night should not be a problem, as long as you don't need to break it down to do so. Just cover the opening with #8 hardware cloth and go. I let the hive sit in the new location for a...
  2. Re: Question about removing supers in extreme heat??

    Cooling it down with the AC will make it much harder to extract.
  3. Re: How do some guys go without any kind of protective gear what so ever?

    So, the other 1% of the time you're using pants too?

    Made me think of an old line my friend's father used to say:
    "I got up this morning and it looked so good out, I decided to leave it out."
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    Re: Queen excluder

    Propolis around the rim where the boxes touch it, wax in the middle.
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    Re: Unsure about hive's status

    Looks like a fair percentage of the brood is drone. I've never installed a package, but it seems strange that a new colony would already be producing drones. Could that indicate a potential issue?
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    Re: Program for girl scout troup

    The 4-H organization has quite a bit of info geared toward a younger audience. I have found many useful sites and documents Googling things like "4-H lesson plan beekeeping", "4-H beekeeping", etc....
  7. Re: can I give wax moth damaged pollen back to bees?

    Yes, give them the frames. They'll take care of minimal damage in no time, and get rid of the pollen if they can't use it.
  8. Re: Small hive beetles in San Francisco Bay Area?

    Thank you all for the input. I'll be ready with my hive tool next time, and hope it doesn't turn into a problem.
  9. Small hive beetles in San Francisco Bay Area?

    I've never heard a single beekeeper I know in this area mention dealing with SHB. The other day though, I was shaking bees off of frames for extraction, and on one, just as I gave a hard jolt, I...
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    Re: Crush and strain not good

    You can do that.

    At a hardware store, buy two buckets, one lid and a package of five gallon paint strainers. In the bottom of one bucket, drill a whole bunch of 1" holes with enough space between...
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    Re: Another rookie mistake - am I ok?

    If by "swap", you mean remove, you are fine. If by "swap" you mean swap, probably a mistake.
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    Re: Another rookie mistake - am I ok?

    Not much of a problem at all. Just remove the lower deep and place the upper on your bottom board. Remove the medium with feeder temporarily and shake any bees that may be on the now removed frames...
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    Re: honey bees underground ?

    If "underground" means in a meter box, valve box or something similar, it's possible. I've seen that several times. If they are actually in the ground they will likely be yellow jackets, or whatever...
  14. Thread: Extractors

    by Pink Cow

    Re: Extractors

    Don't think wearing through the thin steel is the issue, but I agree that thicker is better. We have Maxant, and I've used Dadant in the past. Have checked out several Mann Lake models in their...
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    Re: Top Ten Rookie Bee Mistakes

    Throwing on a queen excluder without knowing why, or how it should be used.

    Caused a REAL big swarm, REAL fast when I did this on our first hive during peak flow. "What? You mean the bees might...
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    Re: What's Taking Them So Long?? No Comb.


    Kudos to those that warned of swarming. Did that yesterday.

    As (bad) luck would have it, I got very ill for a few days and did not have the energy or strength to do anything with the...
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    Re: What's Taking Them So Long?? No Comb.

    Lots of good thoughts here. Much appreciated.

    I have no foundation for these shallow frames so I may just pull it for now, add a medium with foundation, and rethink.
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    What's Taking Them So Long?? No Comb.

    I adopted a hive about five weeks ago from someone who could not keep it. I know this person well and know the history of the hive - always strong, and a very good producer of both cut-comb and...
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    Re: Need Info from California Beekeepers

    Give Mountain Feed and Farm in Ben Lomond (10 miles from Santa Cruz) a call and ask for Karla. She is their resident beekeeper and is involved with the SC club, and I'm sure could answer your...
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    Re: SHB in CA? You bet your hiney!

    Same thing I was thinking Dan, and I'm a lot closer to Livermore than you are! Haven't seen the beetles yet, but found Black Widows in each lid when checking our three the other day. That was a...
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    Re: Combining Hives - who's on top?

    I would place them so the bees can continue to use the entrances they are used to. Put the hive with queen on the bottom and leave both entrances open, at least at first. I've done this 3-4 times,...
  22. Re: Wondering if anyone here has considered horizontal Lang hives?

    You can take a look at Michael Bush's site where he discusses these. No frames used there, but no reason you couldn't build it to fit standard frames.

    Horizontal Hives
  23. Re: need quick help I might have messed up a good hive

    Sounds like you may have your top deep full of honey if it is really heavy. If so, the bees are more likely to use the middle super for brood now. Move it out and see if you need to extract the deep...
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    Re: What do these old combs tell you?

    That's a Country Rubes bottom board.
  25. Re: Is there a minimum distance a swarm will move?

    Just as a bit of information for you, last year I got a call at work from my daughter telling me she believed one of the hives in our yard was about to swarm. I had her put some drawn frames in a nuc...
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