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    Re: Top bar in a Lang.

    Thanks. I like the handle idea. Do you guys have this issue in Warre hives too?
  2. Re: How to Fix my Beekeeping Mistake?

    Same thing happened to me last season, but I was only 2 frames short. I smoked the comb to chase the bees and scraped right from the bars. I got the whole cross-combed mess in one piece. I know...
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    Top bar in a Lang.

    I haven't built my Warre boxes and decided to play around this spring with my Langs. I alternated Lang frames with my own top bars to try and guide the bees toward straight comb. It kinda worked. One...
  4. Re: I need advice on how to kill Ants around my bee hive

    Be careful. Dead ants turn into handy bridges... You may have to scoop em out sometimes.
  5. Re: I need advice on how to kill Ants around my bee hive

    I laid the sticks down on top of my hive stand and under the hive base. They are actually holding up the hive... Wouldn't really work when the honey flow is on... Too heavy.

    Bad news... It wasn't...
  6. Re: I need advice on how to kill Ants around my bee hive

    I just tried cinnamon sticks and it seems to be doing the trick. After two days, ant traffic is non-existent in the hive and bee traffic is slightly up! Go brood go! We need more girls out there!
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    Re: feral colony

    Thanks for all the advice. Trapping is new to me but I'm 2 for 3 in swarm catching. I happened to run into the property owner today and she's ok with the idea. She recalls talking to her neighbour...
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    feral colony

    We're in the middle of winter here in Ontario, but I'm thinking of bees and my spring projects...

    A friend told me she has a colony of bees in a tree by her house. She likes them there. They...
  9. How fast is a queen cell is created?

    It looks like we have a queenless hive. We were given two frames of bees w/ brood, honey and a queen from a reputable beekeeper to try and strengthen with bees from a strong hive we have. Today we...
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