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  1. Re: hive vent/entrance reducer/top feeding/mite check

    This is my fourth winter and find bottom entrance of total 1 inch by 3/8 is more than enough. I split it to two 1/2 by 3/8 at sides by using a two plys of 3/8 plywood. Have had no problems with...
  2. Re: What Equipment/ wooden ware is needed for the winter season

    Agree with all
    1. need a strong hive so there is a large cluster
    2. mites under control
    3. adequate winter stores
    4. adequate ventilation to vent moisture

    However, my experience is with...
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    Re: Shelter & insulation

    Being a hobbyhist, I have one hive in a shed. It is built on a pallet, screwed on fence boards for sides and added a metal roof. Where I have skunks I added a 2 ft stucco wire hinged gate.
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    Re: Oxalic Acid Vaporising Bulk Hives

    How about Oxalic Acid and brass?

    Am in the process of building a small reservoir with brass fittings and a short piece of copper tubing to inject vapro into the hive. Plan to heat with a small...
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    Re: My Maxant extractor

    If it's a 3100, need to unfasten the two bolts (one on each side) that holds the top cross bar to the tank. Motor is mounted on top of this bar.

    Lift the motor and basket out of the tank. Need...
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    Re: Wintering question for northern beekeepers

    I agree that insulating helps moderate the rate of temp change inside the hive when ambient air temp drops and rises.

    Find the interior temp of the hive just above the inner cover is 20 - 30F...
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    Re: Putting Wax on Frames

    If the disease is propagated by spores, one needs to radiate the wooden ware or burn. American Foul Brood is one of these. If it is viruses, it is okay to clean and dinfect with a bleach solution....
  8. Thread: 4 frame nucs

    by mgolden

    Re: 4 frame nucs

    Do you have specific reasons for a 4 frame? If you are using drawn comb, they fill 5 frames up fast!

    I wouldn't suspect you want to put two side by side, on top of a super of bees below in your...
  9. Re: This year too successful...didn't expect that one!

    You are also going to need to reduce to reduce moisture build up. Put a 3/4 hole in the feed rim and keep it open.

    Suggest also should add inner covers. I suggest notch up - this vents space...
  10. Re: Uncapped Honey (Green Honey) along with Capped Honey on a frame extract or not?

    What is green honey?????????????
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    Re: Okay to shake bees off frame with eggs?

    Gently blow on the area you want to check for eggs and bees will scatter.
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    Treat?? Comb After DWV

    Should comb from a hive that died out from DWV be treated before re-using?

    Had a hive die out last winter from what I suspect may have been DWV. Hive had excess varroa over the summer and there...
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    Re: How do you get bees to finish capping honey?

    Freeze it and keep it frozen and it will keep for years. IMHO, there is no affect on quality.
  14. Re: I can't put it off...I need to purchase jars

    We remind customers to bring the twist ring back as well. But are not always successful. Think it is some $4 for rings and new caps. Annoying, but Customer Is Always RIGHT! If one can get the...
  15. Re: I can't put it off...I need to purchase jars

    500 ml sells the best for us. The repeat customers mostly buy this size. Think 375 mls works for novelty and gifts. Sold a few 1 liter but not many. So almost exclusively package in 500ml...
  16. Re: I can't put it off...I need to purchase jars

    We package in 500ml glass jars and they hold about 1.5 lbs.

    1lb is approximately 333 mls.

    454 g in 333ml is 1.36 gram per ml. This is approximate.
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    Re: Angry landowners

    Ian, how much rain did you get with the downpour?
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    Re: Honey based BBQ?

    Here's one that we use and like

    Tenderloin Mandarin Pork Slices

    1 cup soya sauce
    1/2 cup canola oil
    1 1/2 tsp ginger
    3 Tbsp of honey
    1 Tbsp dry mustard
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    Re: How do you get bees to finish capping honey?

    Not advisable to only have crystalized honey for winter. Without a supply of moisture, bees can starve to death. Research threads on leaving canola honey as winter stores. It crystalizes quite...
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    Re: How do you get bees to finish capping honey?

    Not feeding sugar syrup. Crystalized honey is still honey. If they are consuming it, fine. If they are liquifying it and moving it down, fine. They are cleaning out the comb!
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    Re: How do you get bees to finish capping honey?

    There's a good chance that capped and some/many of the uncapped frames can be harvested. Only way to be sure is to borrow/buy a refactometer and test. I suspect my air humidity is lower than yours,...
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    Re: Entrance reducer?

    For what it's worth, I have 1 3/4 openings on six frame NUCs. It gives them more than adequate space to come and go, easy enough to defend from robbers, and provides adequate ventilation.
  23. Re: Overflowing with uncapped honey but only 17% water

    Yes, go ahead and harvest the honey. It will keep for a long time(years) at 17%.

    Bees can be slow to cap when they believe cells are not full yet.

    I do this frequently to ensure I have...
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    Re: Do I need a jig?

    IMHO, the best way to make the super square is to measure diagonals and make them equal. Obviously, square them immediately after glueing and nailing.
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    Re: Two way pallets

    See photo for possibly another option to maybe convert what you have to pallets. Just use half of the pallet. This operation used telescopic covers.

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