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    Re: Extraction fail any tips

    I still get blowouts from time to time. Sometimes it's me mis-handling the frames as I extract. Other times, it's temperatures or excessive speed (haste I guess). If it's a real cool day, I pull the...
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    Re: Time to reQueen?

    My thoughts are that it's tight to let them make their own queen. Doubtless, it's possible but I really don't like the odds. I sometimes re-queen in the late summer or early fall and when I do, I use...
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    Re: Showing honey at Fairs

    Good post right here!
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    Re: Flow Hive

    I'd like to think that contributors to this forum (and particularly this thread) would refrain from making fun of an accent. After all, this is the web and it's international. The WWW doesn't live in...
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    Re: How many 8-frame mediums for winter?

    I'd say three good boxes for sure. Four is better. Five is better. Well, you get the drift.

    Minimum three with good stores.
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    Re: When to start feeding?

    I wouldn't worry too much about pollen. How heavy is the colony? I love to have one full super of honey and as much honey as they can fit into the brood boxes. Here, 80-100 pounds is a good start....
  7. Re: Is there a way to reduce moisture of extracted honey?

    There's been a lot of posts here about "drying" honey. Most involve a closed room with a dehumidifier, fans, etc. Some have claimed success; others not so much. For me, it depends on how "wet" the...
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    Re: dried egg yolk

    There are sources online to buy powdered yolk. International shipping is available. If I had to try it, I'd really hard boil an egg, pop the yolk out, crumble it and then bake it in a low oven...
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    Re: Open Feeding Pollen Substitute

    For me, they've only taken pollen sub when they have a hard time finding anything else. I used to open feed and it's kind of like they're either on it or off.
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    Re: bottling honey

    When I bottle, I usually get wait a day or so before starting. The last of the batch usually has a thin layer of bubbles and wax particles on top. I scoop / pour that out into a large mason jar that...
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    Re: For Sale Forum it the subscription? See here:
  12. Re: Does a homosote board work as well as styrofoam insulation for under cover insula

    I typically put a homosote board on the inner cover. As mentioned here and elsewhere, I put a groove in for ventilation. I do not insulate the exterior of my hives. If I can get out before the cold...
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    Re: Brushy Mountain Oxalic Acid Kit

    Note that it is only available for sale and delivery in 22 states at this time.
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    Re: First extraction

    As mentioned, I wouldn't worry about it. Not at that amount. If I'm real uncertain, I'll shake a frame and if the nectar splashes out then it was not ripe enough to harvest. Once it's out I uncap and...
  15. Re: Is there still nectar for bees after first killing frost in the fall?

    I've seen more than a few colonies gain quite a bit of weight after what I thought was a hard frost. But a frost in my yard may not mean a frost everywhere and while I usually pay quite a bit of...
  16. Re: "Vanishing of the Bees" documentary: Couple of Questions get back on topic.

    I re-queen if I'm not happy with my old queen or if I want to switch from one type of bee to another. I've never had good luck with a lot of the hybrid queens out there....
  17. Re: Does a homosote board work as well as styrofoam insulation for under cover insula

    There's no perfect solution. I like the homosote better as I feel it gives me better moisture control. Nothing beats natural ventilation though.
  18. Re: Stop feeding or add another medium in the Northeast?

    Although I've done it, I'm not crazy about heading into the winter with two mediums. It's still early and we'll likely get a decent fall flow here but I'd keep an eye on them. In my experience,...
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    Re: pollen substitute

    I suppose you could make a case at any time for providing food that may not be available anywhere else. But I feel that you need to be careful. If you start them earlier in the spring than they could...
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    Re: When to stop supering?

    Beekeeping is local. I typically get a decent fall flow unless we get an early cold snap and it's not uncommon for the bees to put away a super of honey or more. If I do add a super and they only...
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    Re: What a day I am Having.

    See what happens when bees swarm!!!

    Glad you're ok though. That one will probably be on your top ten list forever.
  22. Re: Best time to start feeding for the winter in Massachusetts?

    Not sure about you but we don't have much of a flow here right now. I do expect (depending on weather) a fall flow as the temps start to drop again. This past week has been rough except for the bad...
  23. Re: Pick your poison: (1) frostbite; or (2) heatstroke.

    I'll take cold over hot all the time. I can usually always warm up but on a hot and humid day, I'm done outside. I lived in Presque Isle Maine for a while and loved every minute of it.
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    Re: Do landing boards really help?

    I don't think they really help and I have hives with and without. I do like them to observe though as the bees walk around.
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    Re: Cleaning extraction "tools."

    Very warm water works for me. A brush won't hurt either.
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