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    Re: Old Galvanized Extractor question

    I've got a Standard Churn extractor built in the 30's or 40's. I used camcote on everything the honey would touch. Tub and basket. Yes being picky but it's easy to do.
    A word of warning, when you...
  2. Re: Ok to fill pro-feeder in the rain or wait?

    You will have a lot of angry ladies if you open it in the rain, if it's cold you could kill them. Even if it's overcast they could be "lively". If you must, wait for the rain to stop and do it...
  3. Re: Old Frames and Boxes with Moth use or not to use?

    Last month I was given 60 medium and 40 deep frames with foundation. They were from hives someone got tired of looking after. Most of the comb was trash but a few looked "good". I've put one frame in...
  4. Re: Is the direction of the entrance really that important?

    Julie, Welcome!!
    Bees will adapt to what ever direction you point the entrance.
    With that being said you could help them out. If the entrance is pointing in the direction of your winter winds...
  5. Re: how to shrink a newspaper combine down to 2 again?

    A laying worker can/will lay several eggs in a cell.
    A drone laying queen will only lay one egg per cell.
    So I've been told, never seen either.
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    Re: bottom board for top entrance?

    Thanks E and MB,
    They are standard bottom boards, plywood and t&g.
    I'll make some more migratory covers but these bottom boards are just collecting dust and thought this would be a good use for...
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    Re: bottom board for top entrance?

    Thanks E and MB,
    They are standard bottom boards, plywood and t&g.
    I'll make some more migratory covers but these bottom boards are just collecting dust and thought this would be a good use for...
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    bottom board for top entrance?

    Looking for some input, pros and cons.
    I going to switch some of my hives to top entrances and was thinking about turning unused solid bottom boards upside down and putting them on top of the...
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    Re: Crushing honey comb

    An alternative tool? how about an extractor? Don't jump on me, I crushed and strained my first year then I gave a neighbor some honey and he gave me a 1930's extractor (I've made it food safe and it...
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    Re: swarming questions

    Great job!!
    Maybe someone with more experience will chime in but I would spray them real good with 1x1 syrup and then gently poor them in. That should keep them occupied while you get them in their...
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    Re: swarming questions

    Is it a bad thing? Yes and no. Yes because half your bees are in the tree. No because, unless you catch them, you now have feral bees flying away.
    Your remaining bees are not doomed. They should...
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    Re: My Beesource inspired extractor

    Love it!!!
    What's the diameter of your top pulley?
    Going to convert my old 1940's hand crank extractor this winter and need a starting point for pulley size.
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    Re: Feeding Question-Need Help

    If you can feed a lot until you leave they should be able to make it thru a week or so no problem. Put on as much as you can but make sure they don't become honey/syrup bound.
    If you think they...
  14. Re: opening hive and harvesting honey from hive with virgin queen?

    X2 what zhiv9 says.
    Last year I got lucky, I opened a hive with an about 7 day old queen, she flew off a frame I pulled to look at and landed on top of another hive. I was able to pick her up and...
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    piping virgin then a swarm?

    Yesterday morning I was returning some wet frames to a few hives. All hives are a single deep with medium supers, no queen excluders. Walking by the first I heard piping, so I thought they had...
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    Re: When can I add supers?

    Like cdevier said, do it now. If you do not have drawn out frames to give them take 2 or 3 frames from your 1st super and put them in the second. Put undrawn frames in between drawn frames, that...
  17. Re: Freeman beetle trap How to keep water out

    Tilt your hive forward a bit, maybe a quarter to half inch out of level that will help water flow away. But make sure side to side is level especially if you are using foundationless frames.
  18. Re: will laying worker hive make queen cell if given worker eggs?

    The guy running our bee club (3rd generation beek) told us back in March that if you have a laying worker 99% of the time you will not be able to save the hive. They will not accept a new queen,...
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    Re: bees are not building into the new box

    In my limited experience, I would move up just the two outer frames that they just completed. Put them in the middle of the super with an undrawn frame in between. The drawn comb will make the aware...
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    Re: Best time of day to replace bottom board?

    Check the oil every couple of weeks. It can go from being OK to completely nasty in a short amount of time.
    Generally I'd filter/change it 2 to 3 times a year.
    This spring I stopped using oil and...
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    Re: Location Question

    In time you can "read" your bees. You'll know when they are in a good mood and when they are not.
    During a flow you can do almost anything and they will ignore you, no careful.
    If using...
  22. Re: Extractor Made from 201 Stainless vs 304 Stainless

    I'm using Crisco on my 1940's hand crank extractor with no issues. Learned about it after doing a search on BS. Put a few coats of Camcote on it also it you are worried about pitting.
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    Re: Mouse in hive, now what?

    I don't think I would be happy just scaring them out or trapping one or two outside the hive and then putting a guard on. IF they are rearing brood of their own they will soon die.........then stink...
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    Re: SHB in Oregon?

    The best DIY way is to keep your hives strong and full of bees. Check the Build it Yourself section here on BS for screened bottom boards. Also do a search for plans for Freemans Beetle Trap. I...
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    Re: New to the Atlanta area

    Hold on tight if we get an inch or two of snow, maybe some ice!!! You probably saw on the news the last few winter storms we've had. I'm a VA transplant, my wife is from CT and we still shake our...
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