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  1. How to Send Honey to Mexico for a Wedding

    I have a friend that is getting married in Mexico and wants to give honey as a gift to people that come to their wedding. They will need around 150 4 ounce bottles. Im looking for the best way to...
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    I've worked for small and large charities, small and large corporations and generally the larger the budget, the easier it is to hide mismanaged monies. I also generally give/volunteer to mid to...
  3. Re: The 6 Stages of Beekeeping Addiction

    You might be an beekeeper when: you ask Santa for a bee bee tree for Christmas.
  4. Re: Bayer Spokesperson Talks about Pesticides and Bees on r/science

    What bothered me most is that they took out the goldenrod. Not a fan of them coming onto my property to spray either, but I guess both Bayer and MD Gov think that dandelions and goldenrod are...
  5. Re: Bayer Spokesperson Talks about Pesticides and Bees on r/science

    I stopped reading when I read her response to a question about dandelions in yards. Her reply was "I personally do not have weeds in my yard and maintain my yard professionally. At the same time I...
  6. Re: Are there any safe carpenter bumble bee repellants avaiable?

    I use a product called "Tennis racket". It's an organic product, proven safe for other pollinators, beneficial to muscular development of people applying the product and can greatly improve one's...
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    Re: The Birds and the Bees...

    WRT hummingbird feeders, we've been through multiple feeders and found this one to best. Very fee non-hummers hanging out at the feeder and it's held up over the years.
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    Re: Just Smokin'

    One tip someone told me for pellets was to keep a half dozen in a glass jar (for safety) with a little liquid fuel (gas, kerosene) and leave overnight or longer, with a top secured. The pellets will...
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    Re: Sugar water instead of a smoker?

    I used a sugar spray once and they did seem more mellow, at first. But then, when I went to put the super back on top of the deep that I had just sprayed, I noticed that I had sprayed all over,...
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    Warped Foundation

    Seems like all my Deep sheets of foundation are always warped because the wires in the sheets are a little bigger than the frames. They only bow out in the middle to the edge of where the final comb...
  11. It's too cold to beek or fish, so I found a neat

    tool on google to map the first of my survey results for Hive Losses. I'm still collecting data so I'll be updating it as I get more results thru the spring and summer and I'll add the other...
  12. Re: Beginners Questions: Mulch below hives?

    I found an old tarp covered with cheap crushed stones worked well. I had weeds that would sprout in my mulch and by mid-summer, I was spending more time than I wanted pulling weeds from all around...
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    Re: neighbors humming bird feeders

    I second/third the HumZinger vote. We'd tried several and none compare to this one and we almost never see a Honey Bee on it and only an occasional wasp attempting.
  14. Bee Over Winter Survival Survey

    I was reading several posts on here about hives that made it and didn't make it thru the winter. I did a quick google and didn't see many surveys of winter survival for 2012-2013 and since it was...
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    Re: worst winter ever?

    It's snowing, so I'm stuck inside this morn and was reading this thread. And was curious what kind of over-winter problems others had. Think anyone would fill out this survey?
  16. Re: What can I treat my peach trees with that is bee friendly?

    I think they first need to know the bug that they're looking to control. I've lost most peaches to Oriental Fruit Moths. I asked the person runing the peach orchard down the road from us what they...
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    Re: bees wax as an essential oil ?

    Sounds like you're considering using it in soap making. I always add 1-2% beeswax to my soap, however, I melt it and add it to the oils/fats before adding the lye solution. It melts at a higher heat...
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    Re: Lip balm shrink wrap

    Ohio, did you use the labels from We ordered a bunch and when we got them in, we found they barely stick to the plastic tubes. They come off with the slightest touch.
  19. Advice on Post Swarm Care To Avoid Drone Laying Queen

    So my CB'ing didn't help and they swarmed late spring. I noticed this probably a week after they left. I waited another week, but didn't see any new egss. Was concerned, but read many people...
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    Re: I'm making the wife mad

    We use a hummzinger feeder and no no bees or wasps are feeding from the hummingbird feeder.
  21. Best Control for Oriental Fruit Moth with Bees

    I've been losing too many peaches to OFM and am considering some treatment, but my trees are a couple feet from one hive. I was consider BT (Bacillius thuriengensis) as a spray and from what I've...
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    Re: What would you do?

    If you can't scale the hive up, could you scale it out?
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    Re: Bumble bee questions

    I have many carpenter bees around my deck that are always getting in my face and chasing others away. They look real similar to Bumbles, but slightly bigger. Might want to inspect the underside of...
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    Re: Plan of attack...

    If I read your post correctlly, you plan is to put the package box into the deep and leave it there for a couple days and then remove the box from the deep? If I read this right, you might want to...
  25. Interesting Behavior With Water Source and Oyster Shells

    So my bees started having big parties in my hot tub. Apparently they were more interested in the hot tub then the creek nearer to them. So, I decided to setup some diversion watering sources...
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