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    Re: What do these old combs tell you?

    Those are called Ross Rounds. Google it and you will see how they work! I have some that my Dad left me but I have not tried them yet, I think I'll clean them up and try them out next year. Cool...
  2. Re: Killer Bee Clown trying to Create a stirr about AFB in Washington State

    I knew the man in CT who passed. His bees were Italians and they were not normally "hot" Just an unfortunate set of circumstances. He died from a heart attack. So many people twist things around...
  3. Re: Small hive with no guards at the entrance all day

    I have a package that I got later in the season and it's the same way. 8 frames full of bees. But from the outside it looks vacant. I found the Queen when I opened it a week ago and all seems great...
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