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    Re: Self Service Honey Stand

    I recommend the book "Honor Stand"... goes over the practicalities of a self-service stand and how to avoid theft.

    I am a pricing nut... please know your cost of production before pricing your...
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    Re: Dead bees/pupae at entrance

    I am a Minnesota beekeeper. Packages that are a month old on new frames without drawn out comb being fed sugar syrup and no pollen substitute this time of year in Minnesota should be have drawn out...
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    Re: Reliquifying buckets

    I don't have a good way. Learn from my mistakes.

    -SCOOPING. I have mannual scooped it out of 5-gallon buckets and letthe water-jacketed bottler melt it at 100 degrees. Bent a lot of metal spoons...
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    Re: Ditch spraying

    I've tried... my issue is mainly ditch mowing... here, as soon as anything flowers (clover, birds foot) it triggers the mowing command structure to activate their mowers. Flowers are often mowed...
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    Re: Guided Beekeeping Course: Twin Cities

    We still have a few openings. Seems like beekeeping season is far off with the coldest spring on record!
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    Guided Beekeeping Course: Twin Cities

    Getting started in beekeeping with the minimum recommended two hives is expensive ($600-$800 new equipment and bees). I have encountered too many new beekeepers that despite their enthuiasm and the...
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    Wholesale Restaurant Containers

    A local food distributor is interested purchasing my honey for local restaurants. I am interested because I don't have to bottle retail sizes of honey nor sit on them til someone buys them, and I...
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    Need a good beekeeper joke

    I am the sole beekeeper working for a very large organization. Next week, I have will be going to the director's meeting and tradition has is that you have to tell a joke if you have never been to...
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    Bee Escape: Robbing

    This is my second year using bee escapes. I have twenty hives / apiary. You have to take off all the suppers to install the bee escape on the inner cover. When I got to the twentieth hive on...
  10. Re: How do you wind down your colonies as the season draws to an end?

    I do a mid-summer harvest to tide me over (everyone wants honey) before my end of the season harvest mid-August. At mid-summer harvest I take ONLY capped honey. At big harvest, I separate green...
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    Re: What to do with hives that I won't winter.

    I've been babying weak hives for my last seven years as a beekeeper. I've been looking over seven years worth of my records and my gut and data confirm that my weak hives are just that: W E A K. ...
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    What to do with hives that I won't winter.

    After seven years of trying to winter every hive, I done doing that. This year I will only winter strong hives. But what do I do with the hives that don't meet my criteria for a strong hive?

  13. Re: The Joys of Urban Beekeeping - Vandalism in San Francisco

    Find them and TEACH them beekeeping... then they could learn self-reliance and potentially a skill for their own business.
  14. Re: European Foulbrood: not recovering on own during honeyflow

    I am listening to all three of you.

    I originally posted this in the treatment-bee forum, but it probably got moved because I mentioned Terramycin. I generally prefer NOT to use antibiotics. I...
  15. European Foulbrood: not recovering on own during honeyflow

    I have an apiary with 20 Minnesota hygenic hives. They all built up really well in the spring. A four weeks ago, several had their first supers in place, I had one hive that showed "yucky brood"...
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    Re: hives per acre?

    So here is what I did, not knowing what carrying capacity for my area. I have 120 hives. Six apiaries with 20 hives each. They are all within 6 miles of each other, about a mile apart each.
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    Re: Raw honey: marketing standards

    Having bits of wax in the honey does not make it grade D! In fact, I was very surprised when reviewing the grading standards how little clarity / suspended solids factored into the grading process. ...
  18. Re: Renting honey house: what and houw to charge?

    Thanks for all the great ideas! Locally there are two beekeepers who I would feel comfortable just renting out the equipment and not being there (former employees) and the rest, you are right, I...
  19. Renting extracting equipment: what would you pay?

    I am a beekeeper with 120 hives. We have invested in processing equipment. Of course we only use it a few days a year. I would like to rent out my equipment to otehr small time beekeepers in my...
  20. Renting honey house: what and houw to charge?

    I am a beekeeper (120 hives) for an organization that has mutiple food production interests (honey, maple sugar, organic vegetables and fruit) with a limited labor pool. We recently invested in some...
  21. Pollen traps: how many needed for 120 hives?

    When I started bee keeping I was taught to feed pollen substitute patties in the spring. I abandoned the practice after three years. I don't care to feed my bees fake stuff. I just lost most of my...
  22. Purchasing 60 2lb packages: Ship to zone 4 or pick-up?

    I am looking to purchase 2lb packages something other than Minnesota Hygenic bees. I have only used them for the last seven year and I like them just fine (I am a permanent beekeeper in east-central...
  23. Re: Hindsight: insight from a bad beekeeper on drought / wintering bees

    I wintered half the hives on w/ screened board only and half with screen+board. I did not notice unusual mite levels hives on the trays.

    How long does frozen pollen remain viable? Certainly bees...
  24. Hindsight: insight from a bad beekeeper on drought / wintering bees

    God / Nature does not give us humans the ability to know the future outcome of our actions / inactions today.

    Today, I feel like a horrible beekeeper. I just checked my hives, and there was 70%...
  25. Crystallized honey frames: can bees decrystallize them?

    When a hives dies during the winter with frame of honey that has crystallized in the cold, if I give the frame to another hive, will they decrystallize it? I've noticed that they don't touch the...
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