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  1. Re: Long Lang Hive frame question - Michael Bush

    Sorry about that Marysia2. That's 1 of my 10 grandchildren, Noilynn. Eight year olds everywhere love having their picture taken. The box is 5 feet long. I had to make sure no one was in it when I...
  2. Re: Long Lang Hive frame question - Michael Bush

    I have recently built my first long Lang and gone to 40 frames of deeps (actually 20 lang deeps + 18 wider top-bars). With two sliding partitions, can put a hive in both ends and let them expand...
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    Re: Top Bar Hives???

    I agree with Colleen. I started with Langs, then built a Kenyan Top Bar to Chandler's specs and added some extras, an observation window, a hinged top and fancy legs. The window does save a lot of...
  4. Re: getting bees into a tbh from a langstroth nuc?

    Interesting discussion. I stated with Langstroth hives and last year built a fancy TopBar Hive.

    Michael is right about the chop and crop process - very messy and does not always take.

    I was...
  5. Re: Solar Gain - How much difference can it make?

    Living 8 degrees south of the equator we are hot and mostly sun year round with temperature fluctuations between 27C to 32C (81 to 90 F).

    I prefer full sun over shady areas to help keep the...
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    Re: Florida "Winterization"??

    Thank you Rusty,
    Yes, its dearth and flow, keeping bees in the tropics. I'm in the Solomon Islands, 8 degrees south of the equator. We don't have as many diseases as you North Americans, Europeans,...
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