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    Re: Caught the girls eating Dog Food

    Some of the people on the backyard chicken site where saying the samething about the bees getting into their chicken feed. Probably for the same, reasons, needing a protien source.
  2. Re: Does this ordinance make bees illegal in my village?

    Sounds like it, but, like the other said, don't ask and beg for forgiveness later. Where I live, (ie very rural), the ordinance is being read as no animals (none) are allowed on a lot less then 10...
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    Re: Do bees know when to quit

    I would be a bit concerned about that hive at this point in PA. Your hive should have stopped raise brood for the winter at this point. If they are eating that much syrup now, they have no reserves...
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    Re: Attention Pennsylvania Beekeepers

    Sorry, I have to disagree, stay away from the orchards, most of them spray religiously. Apples are particularly bad, but most of our fruit has to be sprayed. As for those areas, I know them, but...
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    Re: Big Bees & Little Bees

    What kind of foundation was used in the nuc? Plastic, enforced wax?
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    Yellow jacket queen picture

    Hi All,

    Well, we had a little yellow jacket problem under a bush in the frontyard landscaping, making it difficult to trim the bushes (there is 10 acres here, you would have thought they could...
  7. Thread: Stung on hand

    by Onehorse

    Re: Stung on hand

    I agree with the others, depending on the sting, depending on the time of where, depending on the location on the body, you will get a different reaction. It's my second year with the bees, if I get...
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    Re: Homemade HBH feeding stimulant

    I haven't used the formula that you posted, but a formula similiar to it, 4 drops to 4 cups of H20, blended, then 1 cup of that mixture to 1 gallon of syrup and it does work and stinks too.
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    Re: How do you prevent a fall swarm?

    At this point in the season, your best bet is to pull the queen and start a small nuc, in an attempt to save the queen, or start looking for a queen from a supplier. They have decided that they are...
  10. Re: What would be considered an allergic reaction to a bee sting?

    Just curious, how do they determine that you are allergic? Fiance' just got a new job, so we are in the 90 day wait. But, was curious, if they used a skin test, how do they determine an allergy...
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    Re: Electric Fence

    I like Premier personally. And electric fence is pretty easy to set up, biggest issues usually are a good ground and keeping stuff off the wire that will ground out the charge.
  12. Re: Uh oh -- SHB found in some of my hives in Central PA

    While I haven't seen any in my hives, so far, I have seen them in other beeks hives and most of the guys that I deal with have seen them also, usually on inner/outer covers or pollen patties. I was...
  13. Re: How Many Times Could A Little Swarm Swarm If A Little Swarm Could Just Swarm?

    Could this have anything to do with foundation? I have 2 hives that are acting like this, though not quite up to 13 yet! But, they are on all new equipment this year. I don't have my book with me,...
  14. Thread: Horses

    by Onehorse

    Re: Horses

    I have my hives (up to 11 hives) sitting right outside of my horse pasture fence line with bee flight paths going right out over the pasture and roughly 10 feet from the horses' water trough and have...
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    Re: First year hive swarmed?

    The package we installed on April 12 swarmed on us around mid-June. We did a split when it started to throw afterswarms and then we queened the split. And, I thought it was too dry here, but...
  16. Re: What would be considered an allergic reaction to a bee sting?

    What you are experiencing is similiar to my fiance' experience, but he also got the hives and the shortness of breathe, was yawning a lot for 8 in the morning. Starting to recommend epi-pens for all...
  17. Re: What would be considered an allergic reaction to a bee sting?

    I asked that question, did she mean honeybees or honeybees, wasps, yellow jackets, etc. She seemed to think it was 5 different types of honeybees; wasps and yellow jackets were additional, but I...
  18. Re: What would be considered an allergic reaction to a bee sting?

    We don't know if he is allergic to bee venom or not, that's for the allergist, but I would think that bee venom is similiar to antibiotics or vaccines, in that IM injections are good, IV cause shock....
  19. Re: What would be considered an allergic reaction to a bee sting?

    Based on my quick discussion with a nurse in the allergist's office (fiance' went the anaphlactic shock direction, so we get to go visit the allergist for testing), there are 5 different types of...
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    Talk to me about anaphylactic shock?

    Well, the cutout for Sunday didn't go exactly as planned (no, the ambulance and chest pains were not factored in originally). Fiance' got nailed about 12 - 15 time (his estimate) in the wrists, as a...
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    Re: Two Colonies of Bee Free to Good Home

    Sounds like the owner is going to open the hives up too. For that, I would do the cutouts for free if I wasn't over 6 hrs away. The most time consuming part is getting it opened up carefully. He...
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    Re: Early nectar flow over in SE. Pa.?

    I'm thinking and a lot of local beekeepers are confirming that it is probably going to be a looonngggg summer for the bees. I already have a hive that is eating foundation. Yes, the flow is pretty...
  23. Re: Occupants in Hive #25 Marked for Total Annilihation

    We had thunderstorms in the area all day yesterday. From experience, bees hate storms! And, some of them seem to be much more in tune with them then others. Check the hive again when the weather...
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    Re: Ivermectin in the news. 3/14/10

    Sure, they think Ivermectin kills everything under the sun and it does do a pretty good job, until we abuse it like everything else and we get resistance. Worms in horses are already starting to...
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    Re: Bees and Horses??

    I wouldn't put hives in the pasture, but then again, I don't have the smartest of horses, but the horses don't bother the bees and the bees don't bother the horses, but I do keep the watering holes...
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