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    Is this normal?

    Unfortunately I forgot to take pics. The bees in one hive have taken to creating a hole in the foundation maybe 1.5 inches wide in 5 out of 10 frames, almost all in the same basic location bottom...
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    Saw one wax moth larva. Time to panic?

    Howdy all.
    We were doing an inspection of our hives and in the bottom box of one of them we saw a single wax moth worm crawling along on a frame. Removed and and really dug into the hives but...
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    Why does one hive smell like chocolate?

    I went into the hives yesterday evening and one had the very distinct smell of warm, dark chocolate. I went into the other hive and it smelled normal. Went back to the first one and bam, chocolate....
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    Sticky: Re: honey tap

    I'm not sure if it's been addressed here yet but I have a question on these. If the frames split down the middle allowing the honey to flow out, wouldn't the cells still be capped and if so,...
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    Re: Woodenware HOT-dipped in WAX and ROSIN?

    Are there any issues with the coating getting soft or weeping if in direct sunlight all day in the summer?
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    Re: Bumper crop Goldenrod

    Wow are you lucky. It has been so dry here in CT the last 2 months that I haven't seen barely any goldenrod at all.
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    Screened bottom boards ok for winter?

    Howdy all.

    This year we are trying some screened bottom boards on our two hives but I'm curious if they will they be ok for a Connecticut winter? Do I need to take any extra winterizing...
  8. Re: Storing supers and frames between seasons

    I stand and stack them in a large storage type tub and put the lid on then drag it to the basement (or any dry cool place) and let them sit until next season.
  9. Re: Caspian bees - I'd like to learn more about this line of bees

    We just installed two Caspian nucs and I must say they are extremely mellow. I think I had one actually bonk me in the face during the install and that's about it. I just did a quick inspection...
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    What the heck is the problem?

    Howdy all.

    We have two hives and have had them for two years now. The right hive has been fine for the last two years yielding almost 100lbs of absolutely delicious honey last year. The left...
  11. Re: Questions from new beekeeper- Comments welcome! (Pics included)

    I didn't even think about supers until the second year. It takes them a year to build the hive and stores for winter. Feed, feed, feed for the first year.
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    Re: Plastic or wax?

    Right now I have both. Wax in one hive and plastic in another so I will let you know if one seems better over the other. I should be going in there in the next day or two to check on them.
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    Hive Venting

    As summer heats up I have been thinking about giving the girls some relief in the form of venting. Anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking of just popsicle sticks on the corners but was worried...
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    Re: Where Do You Extract Honey?

    Why all of the focus of clean, clean, clean? If you're spinning it and then filtering it though a bucket, does it really matter if your garage is hospital room clean? Am I missing something here?
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    Re: What can I do about a cranky hive?

    Even though we didn't see her, there were lots of brood so I would assume there is a queen. I will give it this season and if they don't calm down I will re-queen for next year. Thanks for the...
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    Re: What can I do about a cranky hive?

    Is that what needs to be done? Re-queening?
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    What can I do about a cranky hive?

    Howdy all.

    I have two hives that wintered over fantastic. This weekend I went in them to rotate the boxes and do some housekeeping. Hive #1 was all "Hey man, come on in. Poke around, hang...
  18. Re: Spring has finally reached CT. Well, sort of.

    Yeah I was afraid I should have been giving them pollen already. I will pick some up this week. I just feed them a 1:1 sugar solution with some Honey B Healthy and a shot of apple vinegar to...
  19. Spring has finally reached CT. Well, sort of.

    Howdy all.

    It hit 70 over the weekend so I poked into the hives and saw they were both doing most excellent! Lots of bees and plenty of fondant left. So I fed them their first sugar water of...
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    Re: Sugar syrup in the winter?

    I think they would be too hard. maybe if you crush them up a bit it might work. Plus, I don't know how much they like peppermint oil.
  21. Re: Paint/Stain What do you use/How long is it lasting?

    I used some good old Minwax clear stain. Two coats (a day between coats) then three coats of Minwax polyurethane with a day between each coat. All on the outside of the hive only and was very...
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    Re: Sugar syrup in the winter?

    Buy a 5lb package of cake fondant, roll it out a little, wait for a 50+ degree day, lay on top of the frames on a piece of wax paper. We just did this a few weeks ago. I know, I know, you can just...
  23. Re: Fine go! Leave you ungrateful little boogers!

    No kidding. I mean, this frame was empty just two weeks ago!
  24. Re: Fine go! Leave you ungrateful little boogers!

    I don't believe it! We went into the empty hive today to see if we could just clean it out and store it up but when I opened it, it was full! The top deep must have weighted 60lbs. It was full of...
  25. Re: Fine go! Leave you ungrateful little boogers!

    Sorry, that's what I meant. 9 frames full of capped honey and brood.
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