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    Re: 1st small harvest

    So I assume this is from a hive that you have not been feeding sugar water to?
  2. Thread: ABJ Update

    by brettj777

    Re: ABJ Update

    Banning a favored scheme of the Left when Science doesn't support them well enough. Her qualifications to write that article are a slight bit higher than the ones who seem to so easily write it off....
  3. Re: Is RM-43 (grass killer) Safe to Use Around Hives?

    It's a herbicide. Yes once dry it should be safe. You will have plenty of folks who claim nothing is safe. Follow the manufacturers guidelines. Use common sense.
  4. Re: Inspection and swarm prevention questions

    I think its wrong to assume drone cells are only present for swarming. Drones are bees natural and necesary means of passing on genetic material. A strong hive will support a strong drone...
  5. Re: What's the best way to set-up 4 new hives??

    I have a similar situation. I had 3 double deeps that didn't make it. My plan is to start out with single deeps 8 frames plus a feeder on the drawn comb. Once they are booming add the second...
  6. Re: Bees won't pull new comb or use pulled comb

    What sort of equipment are you using? Additionally if the plastic foundation doesn't have enough of a wax coating they will sometimes ignore it.
  7. Re: How about some procedural input for collecting honey

    Most people dont take honey from the Deeps because it is more often mixed with pollen and/or brood. Also you want a working buffer food for them should you get a dearth or a period where they cannot...
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    Re: First year plan ADVICE wanted

    Honestly, if you can keep them alive until next can go whatever size you like. But you have zero beekeeping experience. You should start there....then worry about advanced topics next...
  9. Re: First Spring Inspection of Hive: disaster and hive was pretty hot...

    You could place the new empty deep under the existing deep. Maybe take 2 frames from the outside and put them in the center of the lower deep. then do the same with the super except put the new...
  10. Re: Package install success. KTBH with old comb and stores.

    I have a buddy who is gonna use one of my old TBH's to start a package. 9 bars of drawn comb is good head start. they draw comb as needed. So if they don't need it right away they will just move...
  11. Re: 2 hives under 1 nuc to draw out foundation-less frames

    Bees of different colonies don't "work together". You just need to put the Nucs into 10 frame equipment and go from there. The bees know what to do.

    I started 3 foundationless hives last year...
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    Re: Hive Tracks... Who is using this

    They arent goign out of business. Yes I use it. And a 1$ per hive is reasonable to small operation. I imagine that would make sense to about 15 hives and then they need a different model of I am...
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    Re: Hive Stand Height

    I made mine 16 inches. I'm 6'4" and 2 deeps plus 3 supers is prolly eye level for me. I also hive my hives in a grassy field, makes it easier when the grass gets real tall.
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    Re: Looking for advice for starting beeK

    i really think looking for frames of brood is un-necesary. Our local beekeeping club buys 500+ packages a year with our members. I haven't heard of any of them absconding even on new equipment. ...
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    Re: Just starting

    Not sure you really have time to request a catalog. Most packages of bees come in April to May (in the Northern states).

    You will want to have a location, your hive, and your tools ready before...
  16. Re: Keeping Nuc's and full sized hives in the same spot

    Ok, I was just wondering. I had plans to use a Nuc this year to start one of my packages. And wasn't sure if I was violating some unwritten rule that everyone knew but me!!!
  17. Keeping Nuc's and full sized hives in the same spot

    Does anyone have any experience or info on keeping Nuc's and regular Hive's in close proximity? Are there robbing issues?
  18. Re: How do you start a new package of bees with no foundation?

    I used F frames from Kelley Beekeeping. They have a wedge on the frame. I had 3 hives of foundationless. There are some challenges, but bees know how to draw comb, leveling side to side is...
  19. Re: WANTED: Creative ideas for modifying 14" top bars to fit into a 20" hive

    I agree, get flat bottomed bar of the right size. and hang these below them. using zip ties or screws is better. Rubber bands the bees will eat thru and you are looking to hold the bar securely so...
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    Re: When to split (Wisconsin)

    Our local beeks here in SE WI seem to split full deeps into nucs. Splitting Nucs into smaller Nucs seems like you are taxing them pretty hard. I would think your Nuc would be ready to graduate to a...
  21. Re: Process for Separating honey from wax in Crush-n-Strain method

    The trick is to get the wax/honey mix up to 80 or 90 degrees and strain it. I got good results that way. i second the paint strainer bag in addition to the kitchen strainer.
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    Re: Should I move my bees

    I think some communication is in order, but I dont think a simple move would destroy your potential for honey. They would need to be moved a sufficient distance but they will reorient in a couple...
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    Re: anybody use hd bucket vac for bee vac?

    You can't use it 'as is' - it will kill the bees. You can use it as the suction source when you have a catch box in between. There's lots of postings on it. and some have mounted the bucket head...
  24. Thread: Chicago, IL

    by brettj777

    Re: Chicago, IL

    Ive done 3 packages into TBH's. It went well each time. Starting building comb right away. Def neat to watch it grow.
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    Re: Wintering statistics

    # of TBH's = 2
    Years = 1
    Zone = 5b
    #'s of honey= unsure
    Preparations = none (hive is made from 2 inch thick lumber)
    Loses = 100%
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