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  1. Re: Treatment free intervention for a varroa infested hive

    maybe you don't have anything to lose, but have you considered the other beekeepers in your neighborhood? Increasingly there is discussion backed by research that those bees will rob out those hives...
  2. Re: Exhibiting cut comb honey at the county fair

    Ruthie- many fairs have a category for it- calling it CHUNK if placed in extracted or cut comb... The STATE fair of VA has a category for it I am pretty sure you might consider that instead. I...
  3. Re: close up screen bottom board when using Apiguard?

    The short answer is yes, close it up.
    RTFM will serve you well.
    FAQ's are here:...
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    Re: Showing honey at Fairs

    The best honey judges DO give away their secrets as Virginia is so graciously doing in her videos. They want you to have success and show the products of the hive in all of their glory.
  5. Re: Old Beeks: Have you built up any immunity to stings?

    Exactly who the heck cares what Personal Protective gear a beekeeper wears and why. It should not make the least bit of difference if it makes them comfortable and able to work. If it gets in the...
  6. Re: maryland bee keeper, ? about feeding now vs later

    Feed as much as you can at a time- I try to feed 2 gallons at a time in a top bucket when I have the equipment available to accommodate that technique. Feeding needs to be connected to the amount of...
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    Re: Which Michael Palmer video?

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    Re: Wintering Nucs

    Same as in parent colonies. If timing works out and you can treat parent colonies before breaking up into nucs, potentially you can avoid treating the nucs but I would still monitor for mites. If...
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    Re: Very Bad First Experience

    OMG- I just had several nucs do just that- could not wait for that new mama! It was amazing. Ate the entire cork
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    Re: Definition of a nuc?

    Many of us in NOVA are selling 4 frame nucs and have been for quite some time- for many, the empty 5th frame of foundation is put in when the nuc is made up, so most of the time it is drawn out by...
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    Re: well now what?

    I'm a big fan of nuc guidelines for our club producers and telling customers exactly what they are getting. We are big fans of nucs with laying queens and some brood in the nuc from that queen....
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    Re: Wintering Nucs

    Northern VA area. Honey flow usually over by late June. Sometimes a small one in Aug/Sept. I've been making these for several years. Historically I make overwintered nucs around July 4th weekend. ...
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    Re: ammo box smoker toter

    LOVE that method. My friend uses it. I have found it hard to locate those though.
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    Re: Establishing Nucs in the Same Yard

    That is going to cause problems with making nucs in the same yard as parent colony. Chose brood frames with UNCAPPED brood- that will ensure the nurse bees stay with the nuc in the same yard. You...
  15. Thread: Liability

    by winevines

    Re: Liability

    Virginia has no law about liability. IN fact, I think possibly WV is one of the only States that has that.
    We also don't have a hive registry law.
    Depending on where you are moving to- we do...
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    Re: Emergency Feeding Divide Nucs

    Indeed. I have used shims- one for each side and then fondant, but depending on your actual configuration, I guess you could just have one shim. I had divided deeps the divider raised just a bit-...
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    Re: Polar Vortex states

    Any idea if fruit trees are being damaged or other effects?
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    Re: Best Comb Honey Book?

    This one hour talk which has many pictures from The National Honey Show 2013
  19. Re: Marin Bee Survey: Hobby keepers - a net population sink

    Sure you won't reconsider that invitation to Georgia now you love that expression so :-)?

    Since 2006- I have had from 2-50 colonies. Over 30 the fast 4 years with half double story nucs. 50...
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    Re: How long will fondant last in fridge?

    I have stored it for over a year- on an outside porch all summer, in an outside fridge turned off and in the basement. It lasts forever- even if it sort of melts down. Experience has taught me- cut...
  21. Re: Marin Bee Survey: Hobby keepers - a net population sink

    Never noticed this detail before. Why? Because they have a constant brood break in the queen rearing process?
  22. Re: Marin Bee Survey: Hobby keepers - a net population sink

    You are entitled to your points of view. Did you know some of Spivak's work early on was SARE funded?
    As for the project I ran and the others similar to it- it was a little more than a "few"...
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    Re: Home Kitchen Bill for Virginia

    Thanks for thinking of us. Does not apply to honey. The State already came up with their new rules a few years ago- mostly good in that if you are dealing with under 250 gallons you don't need any...
  24. Re: Marin Bee Survey: Hobby keepers - a net population sink

    From what he presented here on BeeSource you are correct. But he also talked about the association and seems to knows them, as do I to some minor degree. If you were on their list serv, and saw...
  25. Re: Marin Bee Survey: Hobby keepers - a net population sink

    Deknow... I wonder why? The last time I shared data on this site you attacked me and the studies of another so viciously, people I did not even know reached out to me expressing concern!
    It seems...
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