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  1. White-ish sand like material on sticky board?

    Is this the bees uncapping honey? It is located in lines between the frames. Just wondering. When I pick it up, and rub between fingers, it doesn't seem like wax to me. Could it just be pollen...
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    Re: Interesting techniques from Austria

    Thanks! That was really interesting!
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    Re: Getting a drink

    Nice!! :-)
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    Re: Burr Comb in Nuc

    Hi Learner,
    I hived my nuc today around 11:00 am (picked them up last night in Boulder). I noticed a lot of burr comb also. I got some of it off to be able to fit in the other 5 frames, but I know...
  5. Re: Help Deciding between Warre and Langstroth

    Welcome to Beesource!
    I enjoyed reading your post and chuckled at the last comment! :D I can't give you any concrete advice being just a year into this myself, but I will tell you that I went with...
  6. Re: New beekeeper! Questions about installing my nucs

    For feeding, you can also get a large jar (like a big pickle jar), poke small holes in the screw on lid around where it will sit over the inner cover hole inverted and feed like that with an empty...
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    Re: brood box's

    I assume you've been feeding 1:1 syrup to drawn out the comb on the deep? If so, I would add the second box with foundation (assuming you have no drawn foundation) and continue feeding syrup until...
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    Re: honey instead of eggs....

    Bees place honey in the outer part of the frame, then pollen beneath that in a sort of arc (think rainbow). The eggs/larva/capped brood is usually under that! There probably are eggs beneath where...
  9. Re: When to add a super...mid April or a better gauge?

    Thanks for all the thoughtful responses! I'll do a good inspection after this coming weekend (and after the cold snap coming) to see what's up with the space!
  10. When to add a super...mid April or a better gauge?

    Overwintered our first hive okay, added some pollen patties through March. The hive has been bringing in pollen for almost 6 weeks now and the dandelions have been out for at least 3 weeks. Our...
  11. Thread: Weed ID

    by iluvicecream

    Re: Weed ID

    hahahaha! Love this!
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    Re: Feeder question for newbee.

    I would imagine that bees might drown. Why not get a pickle jar, poke 10-15 small holes in the lid (a bit bigger than pin hole but smaller than a nail) and invert it over the oval opening on your...
  13. Re: Denver, CO - light yellow pollen, mid-March

    My bees have been bringing it in for days NON STOP!
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    Re: Spring feeding - for how long?

    Hi Colobee,
    I see my hive bringing in tons of pollen (at least it LOOKS like pollen). Would placing a pollen patty on the top be redundant now? They had a candy board picked clean by 2/22 and I...
  15. Re: How many of you started with just one hive?

    My daughter and I started with one because she did all the research (not enough!) and I probably wouldn't have signed off on two any way! I plan to get another package or nuc next spring. ...
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    Re: Yet another OAV Question!

    Thanks for all the comments! I think I'll slide it in the front door and block all the entrances including the slot where the sticky board goes in. Good idea about putting some tin foil on top of...
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    Yet another OAV Question!

    Can you slide the vaporizer under the screened bottom board (with out the sticky board in), seal that up and the front entrance and start vaporizing? I was thinking that there would be less heat...
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    Re: How did you get into beekeeping?

    Our daughter came home from a semester in the Czech Republic where she did some volunteer work with a community center that kept bees. She also saw "The Silence of the Bees" and that was it! She...
  19. Thread: Help

    by iluvicecream

    Re: Help

    I'm horrible at seeing eggs, but 23 days after re-queening, I saw capped brood where there was none before. I checked 13 days after and saw nothing!
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    Re: Colorado native bee identification

    I've seen these in Denver too!
  21. Re: Do some people feed for 10 days to get their foundation drawn on the honey super?

    Thanks for all the great posts!
  22. Do some people feed for 10 days to get their foundation drawn on the honey super?

    I am not able to put a super on this year, but was wondering about the next. With a strong enough flow, do the bees naturally draw out the comb in the supers (with some 1:1 sprayed on the frames) or...
  23. Re: 23 days after requeening found capped brood HAPPY DANCE!

    Hope all is well with your hive!
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    Re: My back garden beekeeping

    Thanks for the nice videos! I enjoyed seeing the development of your hive!
  25. 23 days after requeening found capped brood HAPPY DANCE!

    We were sweating this one big time! We saw no evidence on day 13...waited 10 more days and Hallelujah! It looks like we have a great laying queen. I'm so happy that they'll have a good chance of...
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