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    Re: Queen Rearing Woes...

    I think you waited to long. 14 days if from egg lay, you need to be moving them 10 days after graft, the graft is already a 3+ day old. If you grafted two weeks ago, that would be the 10th, so...
  2. Re: A couple pics of this year's first extraction

    I got it thru Bees and Glass in Duncan. They carry most of what's in the Mann Lake catalog, and what they dont have inventory of, they can get in on a reasonable schedule normally. When I ordered...
  3. Re: A couple pics of this year's first extraction

    That's ok, we aren't breaking that rule. You only see 3 in the photo, but there's half a dozen more hiding behind stuff under that workbench. We've just moved, so we had to completely re-organize,...
  4. Re: A couple pics of this year's first extraction

    When we first started with bees, we joined the local club, which had a 2 frame motorized extractor. Ofc, as we quickly discovered, if you aren't careful about what you say, you will become the...
  5. Re: A couple pics of this year's first extraction

    Is that a Mann Lake 9/18 ? It looks conspicuously similar to our shiny new extractor, even has the same plywood base ours came on.

    Here's ours, just before we turned on the power for the first...
  6. Re: great new Opportunity need advice on capitalization?

    Clover, blooming in Manitoba, in January. Neat trick :)

    On a more serious note, for those of us that dont know much about this topic, a dumb question. On the new place, we did fix up a pasture...
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    Re: Single frame "harvest"

    Not really. The first couple frames will turn into your 'slippage' from using the extractor. We used to extract using the club 2 frame very very old maxant. The honey doesn't really start to flow...
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    Re: need help choosing an extractor

    I was going thru the same type of thoughts last winter, and had essentially the same list of extractors, except the motorized variants in mind. Then my wife asked one simple question. In 3 years,...
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    Re: Canola picture

    It markets better, because it is better.

    From Wikipedia:-
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    Re: Making queens when to in full flow

    Just a follow up on the photos above. My cell bar had 8 capped cells on Wednesday. The following Monday I moved them to mating nucs, 3 frames of bee in a bee-brief with an empty frame. Since this...
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    Re: Uncapping Punch

    We never used the scratcher on any of the frames, and saw no signficant comb damage after they came out of the extractor. It was a wide variety of frames, from honey frames that have been fully...
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    Uncapping Punch

    With numerous threads about heat gun uncapping starting to pop up, it's that time of year, folks seem to be extracting honey and looking for easier ways to uncap.

    We tried something yesterday for...
  13. Re: Using a blow dryer to uncap frames - pros and cons

    When we tried it, the melted cappings solidified again before we could get the frames into the extractor.

    We never tried it again, looked great in the video, didn't work so well when we were...
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    Re: Plastic Frame Indentations

    During the winter, we moan and complain about cold, and long for the days of warm weather. Then summer comes along, and we moan and complain about the heat and mosquitoes, longing for those nice...
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    Re: Making queens when to in full flow

    The cells are not capped, because that photo was taken only about 18 hours after the bar went in. You can see a decent bit of royal jelly in the ones where they have started a little wax. It was a...
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    Re: Making queens when to in full flow

    I avoided trying to graft for a couple of years, and was going to get started this spring. I couldn't start when I wanted to, late cool spring, and the colonies had made no drones yet. When they...
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    Re: Wintering Nucs in a medium.

    Ok, now I'm curious. Do you folks in TN even have a winter?
  18. Re: Second Queen in Two Months Has Disappeared

    Detail isn't very good, but in picture number two, top left corner, looks like there is a queen, with her butt down in a cell, like she's laying an egg. Just to the left, and down, appears to be...
  19. Re: How many days do you give a queenless hive to see larvae again?

    8 isn't actually a lot of queens, but, it gives me a few spares. If they turn out good, then I have some colonies that dont seem to be superceding this year, I'll give them fresh new queens in...
  20. Re: How many days do you give a queenless hive to see larvae again?

    I can do the math, the part I have trouble with, is finding a new, potentially virgin queen in a double deep busting with bees. Since there is open larvae now in all the others done on the same day,...
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    Re: Dr. Jeffery Pettis Steps Down

    Or maybe after gathering more data, the data started to point in different directions ?

    I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Pettis at an event a couple weeks back. He certainly came across as a...
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    Re: What is happening to these drones?

    Our first year with bees, we did sticky board drop tests for mites, 2 colonies counted exactly zero, one colony counted exactly one after 24 hours. We debated, but eventually I put a treatment in...
  23. Re: How many days do you give a queenless hive to see larvae again?

    If it was raining, then there is a reasonable chance they didn't get out on mating flights. We had decent weather during the earliest mating flight windows for these queens, and it appears most of...
  24. Re: How many days do you give a queenless hive to see larvae again?

    I did cut-down splits on June 8. All of them except one had larvae yesterday. A couple of them have 2 full frames of larvae. The one that didn't have larvae had no eggs anywhere I could find,...
  25. Re: Starting up in British Columbia, business number? taxes? claiming expenses?

    It's not as big a deal as many seem to think, unless you are large consumer of electricity. Regular tiered rates are 7.52 at tier 1, 11.27 at tier 2. If you qualify for the farm rate, it's a flat...
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