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    Re: Flea Control in Bee Yard.

    Don't go to the pet store man!!!!!
    Save lots of money and use 1800pet meds.
  2. To take honey or not first year package

    I started 2 hives from a package no foundation etc in april... One hive is doing pretty good but probably wont have any spare honey.
    The other hive is booming . They have filled two deep brood...
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    Sugar shake for varroa mites

    I have two very healthy hives. Vmites have not been a problem. Even so I was thinking of doing a sugar shake just to clear out some V mites because I know they are always with Bee's! Even if the...
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    Re: tick granules? seven ?

    It your talking the granules. You will be ok... they soak into the ground.... I outa know. I loaded 40 pounds in my Bee yard all the way up to my hives. No dead bees and its been a month ago......
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    Hive Top VS Bucket feeders

    Ok Tell me which feeder is best for the long hot summer!

    I currently use hive top feeders but do not like the drowned Bee's!!!

    What are the good sides and bad sides of bucket feeders? I hear...
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    Where is the Queen?

    My hives are about 6 weeks old. I have lots of brood , eggs ,larva and honey..... So I know the queen is in there. I just can not spot her.........
    Are there any tips or tricks to help a newbee spot...
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    Re: sugar water

    I put Honey Bee Healthy in mine and only pour a gallon in my hive top feeders. My Bees usally take that in a week. I have had it sit 2 weeks in the feeder and it didn't spoil or stink. If you put...
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    Re: Feeding question

    From everthing I have eaver heard.... If you started with a package of Bees rather than a NUc. They are building comb so they will need all the SS thay can get... I have hives about the same age and....
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    Re: Cell/ larva question

    HU??????? I never said I saw them move... I simple said they were taking up more than one cell or bursting into other cells.
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    Re: Cell/ larva question

    No its not many. I noticed 3 or 4..

    My queen is brand new and laying very well.....
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    Cell/ larva question

    Ok , I noticed in my hive that some of the larva seem to be larger than the cell they are in! I thought the larva should only fill one cell not burst into other cells. Everthing seems fine with...
  12. Re: Killing slugs without harming bees (Diatomaceous Earth (DE)?)

    Is this stuff safe to put on and around your a Vegaable garden?
  13. Re: Fill me in on how to place a Swarm trap!

    So where can you find LGO in a pinch?????
    Can I go to the local GNC and get it?
    There are NO I repeat NO Bee Supply companys near me.
  14. Re: Frame switch question. Did that motavate the weak?

    Today the Hive is still booming..... What ever changed things im a glad..... '
    I just hope the change is for the best in the long run.
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    Re: Swarm Trap - Some Questions

    Would Honey Bee Healthy do? Since it has LGO in it?
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    Re: Where do the drones go?

    I was wondering the same thing.... I got to watching my hive today. And noticed, Man those drones are huge compared to the workers. Do the drones bring in any pollen on purpose or not?????? I assume...
  17. Re: Frame switch question. Did that motavate the weak?

    Also, How long does it take bee's to hatch from the capped brood? Capping is the last process before bees emerge correct?
  18. Fill me in on how to place a Swarm trap!

    Ok I am a New Bee Keeper. So I though for insurance. I would place a swarm trap out incase something happens to my hives this year....

    So I ordered a Swarm trap with some queen pheromone from...
  19. Re: Killing slugs without harming bees (Diatomaceous Earth (DE)?)

    I just put 20 pounds of bug be gone around my hives before a rain..... So far it seems to have kept the aints, snails and other vermin away.. Plus it didn't harm my bee's....
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    Re: Is theft a large problem?

    My advice is if your able keep them out of sight from the general public.....
    Mine are far enough from any road that few see them.... Besides that the guy next door is retired and watchs ou
    t for...
  21. Frame switch question. Did that motavate the weak?

    I have 2 brand new hives that are about 3 weeks old. One hive is very strong with about 5 or 6 frames fully drawn with capped brood .. larva, eggs etc.. The other hive is active but much weaker. They...
  22. Wild temps cold snap New Package of Bee's with Brood

    Ok the temps here in the South has been from 75 to 80 ever day and lows at night 60's for weeks... Now the temps are predicted to drop into the lows 40's for the next several days..... highs in the...
  23. Re: 12 day old package bees not taking sugar syrup?

    I think I am going to follow Rader Sidetrack and my local beeks advise that things are fine for now... I may give it another week or so and and then rethink thing's.

    I am going to build a robber...
  24. Re: 12 day old package Bee's not taking sugar syurp?

    Thanks.. I don't think being warm is a problem here. The temps have been in the high 70's here and up to 80 some days.... The night time temps have been from 54 to 60.
    I started to try a 2 to 1 SS ,...
  25. Re: 12 day old package Bee's not taking sugar syurp?

    Ok, Thanks for the advise......

    A Beek from the local Bee Club. Told me that if the weak hive wasn't taking sugar syurp to just remove the feeder. Because most likely they have found enough nectar...
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