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    Re: Bee-pocolypse. Reality or Fiction?

    The word theory means two different things. To a scientist theory means some idea that has stood every test thrown at it and fits all available data better than any other hypothesis anyone has...
  2. Re: "...honey vs. sucrose or high fructose corn syrup"

    [QUOTE=squarepeg;1141026]so i corresponded with one of the authors, who very courteously replied, and referred me to citation #22:

    in this study...
  3. Re: "...honey vs. sucrose or high fructose corn syrup"

    "I know of something else that also turns Immune systems off. HIV/AIDS."

    If you are claiming that HIV/AIDS turns off transcription to RNA you are simply dead wrong. HIV/AIDS enhances...
  4. Re: "...honey vs. sucrose or high fructose corn syrup"

    Is it just possible that having all those immune system genes turned on full blast indicates and UNHEALTHY hive? The assumption in this Nature paper is more is better in terms of the number of genes...
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    Re: Best grafting tool?

    For me the best one by far is home made from a plastic drinking straw. Just take the straw and cut at a 20 or 25 degree angle with respect to the straw axis. Cut with a really sharp knife. One...
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    Re: Drone genetics

    [QUOTE=Phoebee;1125916]More like she's flipping 16 coins.

    She is certainly NOT flipping 16 coins. You are not accounting for crossovers. She is flipping more like 10s or 100s of thousands of...
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    Re: Drone genetics

    There probably are well over 1,000 publications in the peer reviewed literature that show genes with epigenetic marks that id the parent the gene came from and govern the expression of that gene in...
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    Re: Drone genetics

    All critters have two kinds of DNA, nuclear and mitochondrial. Mitochondrial DNA is passed intact from mom to offspring with Dad seldom making any contribution at all. This DNA is not in the...
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    Re: Emerald Ash Borer

    Based on the insignificant amounts of neonics that get into corn, soybean or canola pollens from seed treatments it is likely that the higher doses that are needed for treating an ash tree may not be...
  10. Re: Testing Soybean Cultivars, Cited in the Literature, for Honeybee Forage.

    I think this adequately summarizes the merit in this project:
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    Re: Organic sugar okay to feed?

    "I buy organic sugar for my own use. It is not turbdinado or any other version of semi-refined sugar, just from organic cane and not bleached pure white."

    White sucrose is not bleached. Bleaching...
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    Re: End bar router blowout

    "some pieces will router out good but most of the time I get blowout. "

    Your problem is 100% in using the wrong router bit. It has nothing to do with router speed nor feed speed. And do NOT ever...
  13. Re: My (alternative) theory of the Bush Miracle

    Top entrance hives may be more humid as humid air is heavier. This is just one of a hundred factors that may effect mites. MB says for him SC was just the tipping point. Where is your tipping...
  14. Re: FDA rules on honey - April 8, 2014

    This is a very hard rule to enforce unless the contamination is gross. The reason is there is only one chemical analysis, that I know of, that is applicable to detect contamination with non honey...
  15. Re: My (alternative) theory of the Bush Miracle

    I see no reason at all to think Mr Bush is anything other than an honorable, truthful person. I am perfectly willing to accept that he maintains his bees treatment free and sees roughly a 10% colony...
  16. Re: "...Neonicotinoid Insecticides in Wetlands of Canada." Paper in PLOSOne.

    It is obvious that Victor knows nothing about analytical chemistry. I will say one thing in his favor. He is consistent in knowing nothing about many topics he tries to claim to understand. I...
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    Re: Soybean Growers

    Wayne and Corsay are 40+ year old genetics and likely no farmers grow them any more except perhaps for a novelty. After 40 more years of plant breeding the nectar yield of soybeans should be nil. ...
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    Re: Question for those who feed sugar

    The residue level of neonics in refined sugar would be set at something like 1/50,000 or less of the no effect level in the most sensitive mammal species tested. If they were not set this low the...
  19. Re: Four Common Pesticides, Their Mixtures and a Formulation Solvent in the Hive

    everything I have read says that coumaphos shouldn't be detectable after 5 years, so when I buy foundation have usually left it sit around for a few years, especially cut comb foundation. But here...
  20. Re: What are some chemicals I need for my first year of beekeeping?

    Most important chemical for bee keeping:
    For a new hive, either foundationless or on undrawn foundation, figure on 50 pounds of table sugar for feed. No reason at all to add a thing to that sugar...
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    Re: Shop accident!

    Ace you obviously know little about fine wood working or you would know that the best saw blade for wood in a radial arm saw has a NEGATIVE 5 deg hook angle. Such a blade will make a glue ready rip...
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    Re: Making formic acid fume board

    If you use it to kill living things covered under FIFRA it is by definition a pesticide. If it is not registered by EPA for that use and does not come in a container with a label describing that use...
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    Re: Making formic acid fume board

    "I don't see the down side to the fume board"

    A fine of up to $25,000 or one year in jail for each use sounds like a down side to me. What you are suggesting is against the law.
  24. Re: NEONICATOIDS ..........And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you

    WLC claims degrees "to numerous to list" yet clearly shows he has no comprehension of how academic research works.
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    Re: Question for the Wood working Guru's

    Ripping a long dado with a radial arm saw is asking for a bad accident all right. There simply is no safe way to do it short of a power feed system. And even with a power feed system you better...
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