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  1. Re: Best Forklift for all around Apiary usage?

    Keith: Thanks for your input on the Swinger, Kubota diesel and gas. Gas sounds pretty impressive.

    What a beast Harry has!!

    I really appreciate your expertise and help. I also really...
  2. Re: Best Forklift for all around Apiary usage?

    I currently have a 1K with the cummins engine. Looking to upgrade as my neighbor needs to buy a loader and it interested in mine. 2 questions.

    Keith J: What is your overall impression of the new...
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    5 frame nucs for sale in Ohio

    I am offering a limited number of 5 frame nucs for sale.

    New Italian Queens - laying with an average of 2 frames of brood
    Wax impregnated cardboard nuc boxes
    Available late April/Early May
  4. Re: Honduras Beekeeping - Looking for info and contacts

    Thanks to each one of you for your help! Very good input, and feel free to give more if it comes to you! I had seen Tomas reply to a post from a few years ago. Good input on top bar hives, had not...
  5. Honduras Beekeeping - Looking for info and contacts

    I have a missionary friend who is looking to start a sustainable beekeeping business in Honduras to help with support for an orphanage.

    I am looking for someone with information on honey...
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    Re: Packaged Bee splits?

    Replying to Durstlight.

    I have a lot of experience with dividing packages and ordering an extra Q. Originally we always installed complete packages, either 2 or 3 pound. Honestly I did not see...
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    Re: What is this guy doing?

    I can't say for sure, but I would not be surprised. I know some of the large packers are aware of this type of treatment and they would get the information from commercial producers. As I...
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    Re: Bees under hive, normal or no?

    You hav had some excellent responses. My first thought though when I read your first post you mentioned temperatures well into the 90's. It is normal behavior for the bees to hang out underneath...
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    Re: What is this guy doing?

    This is a treatment for varroa. We used to use this treatment for several years and was very effective. We used filter paper cut into pieces approx. 3/4" wide by 4" long. stacked in packs of 25...
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    Re: Is This Mite Data Valid?

    Thank you Bees4u, I meant a half cup.
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    Re: Is This Mite Data Valid?

    I agree with Libhart. The percentage is based on an estimation of total mites in your colony. The sugar roll test I believe is conducted with a half pound of bees (roughly 300 bees). If you have...
  12. Re: Harvested honey now what????? Winter questions

    tdnp: 2 double deeps is plenty of stores for winter generally. Question is, what is your bee population. A very heavy populated hive will take more feed and stores. There are many management...
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    Re: 9 frame spacer plans

    I second sqkcrk! Actually I don't personally sell the Stoller spacers anymore, but my left arm and right foot has probably made a few million in years gone by.

    Just some food for thought, 9 frame...
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    Re: Hive inspection

    I believe both inspect at will, or only inspect if the hive seems queenless can be an acceptable management practice. Personally I inspect the bees heavily until we are thru the Spring period of...
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