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  1. Out yard problems u can face

    I am building a honey operation with out yards and I met a man who told me my down fall was the bees being on some one else's property. Said if home owner passes away kids will try to claim hives or...
  2. Re: New beekeeper meeting agenda lol

    Now it's probably really ganna put a spicot on ur wallet to afford to put one on ur hive to extract with a honey
  3. Re: Beekeeping Equipment and Ideas That Are No Longer With Us

    You would bee suprised how many people who quit keeping bees cause the count find no more starlines or midnight queens around here they must have been the it for the honey producer.
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    Re: Happy Birthday Michael Palmer

    Happy birthday👏
  5. New beekeeper meeting agenda lol

    We need to have a new start to beekeepers meeting. Something like hi, my name is David , I'm a addic, I've been spending my life on bees four winters now. Keep buying newest fashion accessories....
  6. Re: Cell Builders and Brood Factories

    To Michael Palmer Do u find that u can put more of the nucleus hives in the same spot and not compete as much hives. I know ur four frame nuc setup would make for 2 nucs would be...
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    Re: -40 f windchill in central NY

    I just got away from o degrees and hope I don't see nothing below 20 for a couple years
  8. Re: Who misses their bees while on vacation?

    If u have a number of them u don't do summer vacations any way. More like Florida in December sounds good to me.
  9. Re: Pollen Feeding for Brood Stimulation

    If u feed dry and it's cold outside don't believe there will be any issue because when it's cold shb can't pupate. But they do kill brood and slow build up.
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    Re: Miller Bee Supply Review

    There quite cheap on supplies. Haven't bought bees from them but they get there bees from a package producer like just about everybody. With packages it varys I got 6 hives out of ten packages four...
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    Who's got drones

    Where are you located and if u got drones. to help know when it's time to raise queens
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    Re: Drone rearing

    Any body see drones around nc getting raised or flying
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    Re: Raising queens in florida

    U figure there would be a lot of queen producers because of the demand of queens that time of year
  14. Re: Has anyone used to order bees?

    O m g with those prices I could retire in a couple years. 9o for a queen. I've heard a queen is worth her weight in gold. But I beloved he tipped the scale a little and that nuc price u can buy a...
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    Raising queens in florida

    Can u not raise queens in Florida earlier than in georgia. Or is Africanized genes to prevailing to get un africazed mating with drone saturation
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    Re: Maximizing homey harvest

    Not always. U have to have the right aged larvae in the split or eggs. If there that mean u should think about taking ur best hive and raise queen cells from it. A low tech method is find queen in...
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    Movie playing in tryon nc

    Free Movie Screening in Tryon! More Than Honey
    Posted by Alexander Rike

    Last night, I attended the Spartanburg Beekeepers Association meeting in Spartanburg, SC. There was a terrific turn out...
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    Re: Making Overnight Splits

    To my knowledge as long as u use separate entrances and bees can't touch it will work best to make completely separate for three days so u know they'll draw cells. But this is not the best cells u...
  19. Re: If gas prices stay low ($2/gal. aver.) what impact will it have for you as a BKP

    Try some out yards a little futher up in the moutains
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    Re: Winter pictures?

    I dont got pics but I went into 10 hives got any where from 3 frames of bees to 9 frames. three my biggest hives are light, late feeding apeared to turn into bees. And I'm kinda sick about that...
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    Re: My two weeks with Michael Palmer

    I am not a genius by no standard but I ordered packaged two years in a row. The first year ten seven died. This year I grafted and requeening and walla lost none. They have no incentive In raising a...
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    Re: Moving to the NC Coast

    Most people in nc are hobbiest /sidelines lot of people keep bees to keep any number of hives be prepared to feed or move next to moutains in rutherford
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    Cost of shipping queens

    I'm planning on selling queens this spring and was wanting to know about how to package queens to ship and how do u find out about it. What's the cost-effective way. And how do you find out about...
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    Re: New beeks effects on beekeeping

    Bee pro said it
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    Re: Money Crop

    If I could quit thinking about bees I could quit spending money on them but until I can get off of it I'm going for a semi load worth and five drawn deeps for each for honey. It all depends on your...
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