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    Re: Varroa Mite Control Methods

    I made a thermo chamber that can handle both, treating capped brood and treating live bees in cassettes. It is important not to overhold the live been at 48C or they do get nicely cooked. 10...
  2. Re: Feeding Rate While Waiting for Colony to Become Queenright

    My experience has been that drawing foundation is best done with a laying queen in warm weather with plenty of syrup. A shook swarm is a great example of that. A 4 lb swarm can probably draw out a...
  3. Re: Feeding Rate While Waiting for Colony to Become Queenright

    Think about it this way. A deep frame takes about 4 days for a queen to cover with eggs. Lots of the sugar that is consumed now will be turned into brood food. So as long as she has a frame or two...
  4. Re: How can I get my queen to increase egg production, before Fall arrives!

    I am sorry, but I disagree with the last post. I have 6 two-month-old queens that I mass fed about 2 gallons of syrup last month and gave them pollen paddy, even with normal pollen widely...
  5. Thread: 8 frame or 10

    by AramF

    Re: 8 frame or 10

    The drawback that comes to my mind of going with an 8 frame medium is if you sell nucs. Most people want 5 frame deep nuc. That seems to be a standart. If you have 10 frame equipment an easy way...
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    Re: 3 out of 4 queens dead

    Well, the hives are basically 92-94F inside, so 90 degrees is a pretty natural temperature. I have shipped queens using both USPS and UPS and they all transport during the night, with the rest of...
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    Re: Hogg half comb refills

    As far as unfinished hogg section, is the freezer the only way to store then until the next flow?
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    Re: Can 2 swarms be combined?

    I woudl not pinch a queen. a good queen plus a bad queen is still better laying rate than just a good queen. Winter is really not that far away and you need to build up. Do the Palmer's two queen...
  9. Thread: Grafting an egg?

    by AramF

    Re: Grafting an egg?

    just reviving this old thread, but it certainly seems interesting that they will raise a supersedure cell with an egg in it, but won't do that for a plastic cup with an egg. What if a cup with an...
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    Supering 3 queen castles

    I have seen enough information where it is fairly safe to keep two-queen castles and super them through a queen excluder. How about 3, or even 4 queen castles. Is that a viable option, assuming all...
  11. Re: OTS queen rearing VS grafting. I've got to decide which way to go

    I am going to drive Mike's point once again. Use fresh combs with fresh wax cells on them. Bees will break down the wax and build you nice cells if the cells are not overused from brood rearing. ...
  12. Re: keeping new queen from mating w/ siblings... overkill?

    What a great overview. Thanks.
  13. Re: Queen/brood isolation for varroa trapping (anyone with experience?)

    Can be much done faster with this same trap frame if you remove all of the young brood to another colony and place two frames a few days apart. Then all of the varroa will be attracted to the new...
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    Re: Changing out old comb

    Good to know, I can then safely apply it to plastic foundation for a quicker drawing out of comb.
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    Re: Changing out old comb

    ok, So HUGE THUMBS UP for the steam melter, especially for old wax. I tried steaming frames in a deep box with 1500W clothes steamer from the top and it works very well. It took about 2.5 hours to...
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    Tool to check hives from the bottom

    My hives are on 18 inch high stands. I would like to inspect them in a manner that Mike Palmer checks his hives, by laying them on their backs. Mine are not on the ground, so I do not have the...
  17. Re: keeping new queen from mating w/ siblings... overkill?

    I suppose I will stir up the discussion. Have you folks seen "more than honey", the scene from carnica production, where the queen must have been mating about 50 yards from the mating nuc with 500...
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    Re: Two cutdowns and a combine

    time of the year plays a difference, specifically the amount of bee traffic makes a difference. In a summer/spring, I'd be surprised if they don't eliminate all of the paper in 36 hours or less.
  19. Thread: nuc boxes

    by AramF

    Re: nuc boxes

    You are forgetting that Mike P uses them as 4 frame nucs, not 5 frame nucs. And for that reason even at 8.25" they are plenty big. I found it kind of combersome to add two stories of split deeps on...
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    Re: When to add protein patties

    I am a little south of you. Last year, March 2nd, is when the bees had their first natural pollen extravaganza, and about 10 days later I had 2 frames of capped brood. I'd say you could do it around...
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    Re: "lier or a fool"

    That actually did cross my mind, but I figured that "plugging" woudl happen a little later, not in the early spring. THat early it woudl be mostly devoid of pollen which was eaten last fall to raise...
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    Re: "lier or a fool"


    THinking more about your system. So basically the key to backfilling is when they reach the honey reserve overhead.
    Assume one does not checkerboard. Assume they reached the reserve and...
  23. Re: Interim report on effectivenes of quilt boxes in very cold weather

    if you go that route, make the pillowcase much larger than you think. Otherwise you'll have a bunch of empty space around the sides.
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    Re: Accelerated Queen Rearing

    I like Bee Wrangler's Ideas, but it seems that from management point of view, a simple queenless queen bank for virgins would solve all of those issues w/o a need to worry about workers turning...
  25. Re: Interim report on effectivenes of quilt boxes in very cold weather

    Ok, so here is one of the sources that talks about R value of wood shavings. It is about 2.5. A little lower than I...
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