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  1. Re: Queens Castle placed on top of a Laying worker hive for 6 weeks, now a Queen cell

    Hey Joel.
    Yeah I am willing to try again, as I think the extended period my have started righting the situation, as, again, there was no uncapped brood. The three slots in the Queens Castle...
  2. Re: Queens Castle placed on top of a Laying worker hive for 6 weeks, now a Queen cell

    All spacers out and I might add that a second super is on top of Q-castle. I had hoped that the phermones of the Queenright hive on top would help to correct the laying worker hive. I knew that would...
  3. Queens Castle placed on top of a Laying worker hive for 6 weeks, now a Queen cell???

    For the last six weeks I have placed a September swarm into a Queens Castle, and placed on top of a Laying worker hive. I moved the Queens Castle Hive to another yard on Saturday and inspected the...
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    Re: First ever screwup of this type

    Had a similar screw-up in the field yesterday. Opened a four day old started nuc that caught a swarm. I was both amazed and disappointed at how fast they built out. I bait with only two drawn frames...
  5. Re: Should I try a fourth Week of New Brood for the Laying Worker Hive

    Tenbears was right. I should have waited as the post was a moot point. Upon inspection today the 3rd frame had not one but two Queen cells with larvae in them. Now for some decent weather so that a...
  6. Should I try a fourth Week of New Brood for the Laying Worker Hive

    One of my Buckfast hives had a laying worker take over in absence of a Queen. Apparently the Virgin Queen Cell never materialized and so I have been feeding it a frame per week of the youngest brood...
  7. Moldy Comb into a Solar Wax Melter / Advisable or not?

    Hi All
    So I am making a large Solar Wax melter. I noticed that in one 5-gallon pale the comb is loaded with mold. Is it something that in melting will stay behind with the slum gum or will it...
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    One week old swarm and no brood?

    I caught a decent sized swarm last Sunday June 14th. At inspection yesterday, I saw no brood nor eggs. It was provided good drawn comb and capped honey. Why no pattern after a week in a hive with...
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    Why are these two hives not building?

    Two of my hives are simply not building as to be expected. The one was a cutout last year, so I have no idea how old the Queen was so I dispatched her yesterday as I am rearing a few Queens in a...
  10. Should I drill 1/2" hole in plastic foundation?

    I am curious if there is empirical evidence that drilling 1/2" holes in foundation will expedite in the depositing of nectar and pollen? Or is it more supposition? And in addition, might it help them...
  11. Re: Will they repair a Queen cell that was only slightly damaged with larvea in it?

    Beeware 10 I see you are in Moravia. I did a cut-out on Church Street on April 30th. Small World.
  12. Will they repair a Queen cell that was only slightly damaged with larvea in it?

    I damaged a lone queen cell that has a larvae in it. I want a virgin queen to emerge in the hive, and watched the old queen go into the split. I replaced the frame with damaged cup in it and noticed...
  13. Re: Correlation between plywood and moisture problems ?

    Definitely reduces permeability when using plywood as opposed to straight wood. Plywood is layer of wood that every layers grains runs perpendicular to previous layer then glued together. Depending...
  14. Re: Bee entrance 30ft and 60 ft uo in tree

    Trapping them out would be beyond crazy. The $100 worth of Bees will not be worth your $300 in time or more (not counting costs if you fall and break your neck). You need to learn how to play Poker....
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    Re: Swarm trap equipment overkill?

    Oh....I forgot a couple tablespoons of real honey(Citrus if you can get it) to assure scouts/robbers find you site quickly, making the all important signals go quickly back to the swarming hive.
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    Re: Swarm trap equipment overkill?

    Great idea. More overkill should be entertained. If it were me (and it is with my deep super ) I would go the extra mile. One, I would reduce entrance even smaller to the one inch...
  17. Re: Why not have few very large hives instead of many small ones?

    600,000 in a home was likely 5-10 different Hives/Queens. My suggestion is pick up a book on Beekeeping at your local library, it will save you a lot of questions. And when you do have them, then of...
  18. Packages arrive tomorrow / Do I really need Sugar Water with all the Bloom?

    Hi All
    I have seven packages arriving tomorrow. I spent this morning preparing their hives. All seven have plenty of drawn comb with two or three frames each of ample reserves of capped honey...
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    Re: How long should I offer syrup?

    They usually tell you when that time is. You know when they stop taking it. Also, check it weekly as 1 to 1 quickly mildews and ferments.
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    Re: Our girls out in the rain,,,,

    Sounds like your girls are Buckfast Italians. Watched mine like minded girls a week ago booming out of the hive while the other hives were like..."OOOooohhh its raining you know". Where did you get...
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    Re: My Little Bee Bee tree!

    I guess I am just confused as to what relevance this has to Bee Keeping? Was the previous tree an Old Snag that housed bees?
  22. Re: A cold night tonight--should I install?

    If you do it tonight make sure they have some drawn comb with capped honey. If it were me and I didn't have some honey in there for them I would wait until morning. Either way, pull five frames and...
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    Re: Bees taking out dead pupa...

    The sugar water dripped onto and chilled the brood and they died, so they are bringing out the dead.
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    Re: honeycomb in coffee???

    If the coffee is real hot it will kill all enzymatic properties. Taste, however, should be wonderful. At 110 degrees being then stirred in then its therapeutic.
  25. Timing of Hives Deep Super Rotation / how many frames of brood?

    Hi All
    I searched to avoid redundancy but do not see a post specific to my question. I am wondering what is the best sign to look for before I rotate the deep supers. I seem to recollect in the...
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