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    Re: Crystalized Honey

    Last year we harvested honey that didn't crystalize until this spring, stored in a cool (60 degrees or so) basement. We also stored some of the same honey upstairs where it didn't crystalize at all....
  2. Isn't it a good thing when queens stop laying during a short dearth?

    Need some experts to weigh in here. We're 3rd year beekeepers, have learned a lot and probably still have a lot to learn. One beek friend insists that no, it's not a good thing the queen has taken a...
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    Re: Straining Honey - need advice

    We have the plastic filters that fit into the 5 gallon bucket also. They came in a set of 3, with 200, 400, and 600 micron sizes. What we've found is that if we use the 600 on top and the 400 right...
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    Re: My First Harvest

    Woo-hoo! Nothing like getting that first harvest! :thumbsup:
  5. Re: new guy here, I thought I was tough eneough....guess not

    This is exactly why after our first year we switched from 10 frames to 8 frames.
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    Re: How to Clean Wax off Wife's Pot?

    Just buy her a new and better stockpot, and use the wax coated one yourself in the future. Lesson learned. :)
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    Re: How much honey from 15 medium frams

    Hmmmm, based on others' numbers I wonder if the harvest we got last year is an anomaly. Haven't harvested yet this year to compare, will be anxious to find out. I do remember having a lot of...
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    Re: To late to add a deep?

    How big is the population? If there are plenty of bees on all frames I would put another deep brood box on and feed them all they'll take. Take a fully drawn frame from another hive (with brood in...
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    Re: How much honey from 15 medium frams

    Looked at my notes, last year we harvested 15 frames at a time. We got 57 pounds off 15 medium frames, and if you drain the cappings, an additional 6 pounds of honey. So 63 pounds total.
  10. Re: Amount of capped honey before you decide to harvest?

    Thank you for the replies. Gmcharlie, that's an interesting idea to do a little every weekend and not have to clean up the extractor.
  11. Amount of capped honey before you decide to harvest?

    How many supers full (or frames for very small apiaries) is your minimum before deciding to harvest? Last year we were very anxious to get honey to market, so would harvest as few as 15 frames at a...
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