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    Re: Yellow Jackets again

    I'm having the same problem, will there be enough honey, and stores for later or are the yellow jackets going to consume it all.
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    am i Queenless

    :( ok went outside this after noon and checked my girls. I was just sitting and listening to there humming and buzzing, and i hear them fanning, and it sounds angry, like and angery electrical wire,...
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    Re: Coastal washington

    Welcome from renton wa, new beek also, 2 hives and there doing wonderfully:lookout:
  4. Re: Hey Newbees, who started this year, got a hive you want to brag on?

    hey everyone I haven't posted in awhile,but my girls are doing great here in Washington,I'm a newbie beek this year,i have loved every moment of it,my girls have been busy,i have two, i already have...
  5. Re: Does anyone know if varoa die when the bee dies

    Hell oagain, i inspect all my dead bees for mites since im a new beek, i m worried about my girls, the other day in class my intructer found a drone with 2 mites on him, and i recieved my bees from...
  6. Does anyone know if varoa die when the bee dies

    Hello everyone, i have a qeuestion, when a bee dies w and we pick up dead bees will we see varoa on them, or does the varoa move off, the dead bee somewhere else. first year beek, enjoying every...
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    dries the airs

    Has anyone thought of using dries the airs for wintering hives,and putting cedar shavings around that,for condensation.������
  8. Re: bees chew out entrance reducer?

    Bees don't have Teeth
  9. I want to leep thos thread going on Warre Hives

    Hey everyone,is anyone out there that has. A few Warre Hives please I want to know if modified warre are worth working,and if anyone likes it better,I'm all wishy washy on what hives I want to go...
  10. Any Great Beekeepers in Renton

    Hi,I'm new to this forum,amd to beekeeping,I would like if anyone out there,let me tour there beeyards,amd kind of help with things so I can get hands on experience,with bees,so I'm ready for my...
  11. Honeybee Healthy& grease patties

    Hey everyone,does anyone out there use Honeybee Healthy during the winter in there sugar syrups,to help the bees with mites,and grease patties.what time of the year should I do Any of this,please let...
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    Varroa Mites

    Hi, everyone I have a question,when u Hive your colony,amd u inspect everyone, and u don't see varroa,where do they come from,& hive beetle,do they just naturally smell Honeybees????��
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    Re: Using a Hive Heater

    Thanks everyone for the advice,I'll just let themselves warm the hive, looking forward to reading and posting with all advanced Beeks��
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    Using a Hive Heater

    Hello,everyone I was wondering if anyone out there,has used or uses hive heaters in the winter,1rst time beek, any tips help ��
  15. Re: I caused one of my best queens to get killed!

    I'm new to this,try a queen cage
  16. Re: Tons of Drones on Hive Floor - Alive

    Maybe,your Lady's didn't have the heart to throw out the worthless freeloaders ��
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    Newbbii in Renton,wa

    Hello,I'm new to this forum,ladies and gents,I'm very excited to start beekeeping I'm looking forward to spring when I receive my Lady's.Iwill like everyone here will have lots of questions,from...
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    Re: Theme Hives

    Hi,wanted to go with theme Hives too,I'm going with my favorite places in my syfy books ��
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