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    Re: Cost of shipping queens

    USPS has done us well for queen deliveries (of course there's a bottle of honey and a note left in the mail box for our carrier a few days ahead of time). Local carrier makes sure the branch knows...
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    Re: Selling candles, success stories?

    We sell the heck out of 1 oz blocks for $1 each. And we sell a lot of lip balm at $3 or 2/$5.

    The 12 oz hex jars would probably market very well with a ribbon attaching a little gift card...
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    Re: Texas Cottage Bill

    Two parts in it give me concern:

    "SELLS or DISTRIBUTES the honey that the beekeeper PRODUCES either personally or with the help of the beekeepers immediate family"

    This is a prohibition on...
  4. Re: Question about buying "RAW" Honey and "Real Bee Pollen" ..

    Pollen in honey is minimal, the bees filter out most of it. Pollen is pretty small, the biggest structures run around 250 microns (and that's wind blown = not collected bees). You can screen (or...
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    Re: Hop Guard II

    Please note that it kills the phoretic mites (those on the bees), not mites in capped brood and doesn't prevent mites.

    It is inserted into the brood nest and I have noticed that some bees "don't...
  6. Re: How long do most newbies stay with beekeeping?

    While relative newbees, we picked it up fast and are we're pretty active in the beekeeping community. Her background is medicine and adult education and mine is animal husbandry and process...
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    Re: Is it worth it

    It isn't like you are bringing a dog home... In 3 years, you may be done with it or you may have expanded 400% and sell out for a tidy little profit.
  8. Re: How many beekeepers come out even or better.

    Learn to keep your hives alive then: Sell honey, sell nucs, sell queens, sell wax, sell value added products (lip balm and lotions), make and sell woodenware, buy frames and woodenware in bulk -...
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    Re: When Will You Start Nucs And Splits

    First week of March, queens arrive from Hawaii from a classmate of my wifes. Our temps should be back up into the low 70's. My bigger hives are brooding up and have capped drone cells, some are...
  10. Re: Would it work to sell a full medium as a nuc/starter hive?

    I sold nucs that were 8 frame mediums last year for a bit more than a 5 frame deep. Even if I'm filling there boxes, there's 3 more frames going in.
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    Re: Cutting drawn deep frames

    I cut a bunch of plastic deeps on the table saw, pried the bottom board off and stapled it onto the remaining frame. On a lot of the ones I cut, the end bars came a bit loose and on some the...
  12. Re: Only 2 Manufacturers of Wax Foundation in US?

    The fitment issue is apparent at Mann Lake (in my opinion has great frames) but the foundation runs a bit sloppy - they are a reseller - and note that they recommend using their split bottom boards...
  13. Re: Ordering Dadant Frames and Wax Foundation

    I collaborate with a large queen breeder who still uses wax frames and staples rather than eyelets so will likely just do the same.

    Also my mentee is a retired 71 yr old machinist who built a...
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    Re: Top Bar Hive as a Beginner

    TBH vs Lang is much like Knife & fork vs Chopsticks. Some do better than others with the device.

    A Top bar does require you to be in the hive more (especially initially), get a good straight...
  15. Re: Ordering Dadant Frames and Wax Foundation

    Thanks, that was my thought on foundation - I'd rather have assembled frames sitting and worry about installing foundation on a more or less as needed basis. My other option is Mann Lake - Wedge Top...
  16. Ordering Dadant Frames and Wax Foundation

    At a recent conference, I had an opportunity to talk to one of the Dadant store managers about wanting to use wax this year. Apparently their Groved Top Bar / Grooved Bottom bar fits appropriately...
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    Re: CCD Cutout??

    I'll offer some alternative theories.

    The first, from an early mentor who did removals for a living: "homeowners lie (the bees have always been sprayed)" and from my experience owning rental...
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    Re: CCD Cutout??

    Rather than ask if they've poisoned the hive, I ask an open ended: "what have you done to try and get rid of the bees?" Oddest response (I didn't go on the call) was a guy who used a can of...
  19. Only 2 Manufacturers of Wax Foundation in US?

    I had a conversation with a rep from a major beekeeping supply company who tells me that there are only 2 manufacturers of wax foundation (they resell from one of them) - she did not say who they...
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    Re: CCD Cutout??

    Homeowners often have to be "coached into" admitting they've poisoned a hive, rarely do they volunteer the information.
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    Re: Cedar hive bodies

    The cedar works great. Those narrow boards will make deeps as well... glue 2 together then run them through the table saw at 9 5/8.
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    Re: CCD Cutout??

    I'd say it's more likely they were deliberately poisoned than CCD.
  23. Thread: Moving

    by ChuckReburn

    Re: Moving

    Of course bees are moved across the country... and the people moving them have the necessary health certificates and know the entry requirements for the states they are passing through...
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    Re: Top bar size question.

    Ours overlap 1/4 to 1/2. I loath working hives where the bars are flush with the sides and there's a frame around them.
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    Re: When to Open the Sides of the Broodnest

    How much does variable weather factor in?

    I'm seeing orientation flights on about half the hives, girls are bringing in a pretty good bit of pollen. April 1 is definately swarm season for us...
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