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  1. Re: Wretched rotten SHB and traps that don't work

    Search "making shb traps with Fatbeeman. I'm using them and I can test they are working great. I'm also using screen bottom boards with trays, oil in some and lime in others.
  2. Re: New Beekeper- 1st Sign of Mites, HOW DO I TREAT THEM?

    Search Fat Bee Man on youtube. He suggested fogging the hives with mineral oil.
    I had mite issues before the spring flow. I fogged every three days for 3 weeks. I have screen bottoms with trays...
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    Two Queens In Single Hive

    Howdy Folks....New here
    Been Beekeeping 2 years now. One of my hives has bad corner so the bees were using it coming and going. Didn't think it was bad thing until the other day found brood in the...
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