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    Re: Open feeding goes great

    Open feeding works well, if you dont have other bees in the area. If you do have other bees in the area, it pretty much guarantees that whatever diseases are in those colonies, will end up in your...
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    Re: Spring is here !

    Spring ?? Checking the calendar, Sunday is first day of winter it seems.

    Factoid for you. Days are short, nights are long. That turns on Dec 21 the solstice and the days start getting longer,...
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    Re: Super DFM - Honeybees

    To me, that suggests you are on top of the marketing curve. Every day we see new adverts on TV in this respect. A month ago, it was the binge of A&W adds promoting the concept of 'no steroids or...
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    Re: Super DFM - Honeybees

    It would be, if you are measuring the results in a 'by guess or by golly' methodology, ie, counting frames of brood etc. But my reading here seems to suggest the results are being measured by a lab...
  5. Re: New incubator set up. Modified slightly, looks good, cheap.

    The only part I'm not clear on, what is the reason for putting cells into the incubator rather than just leaving them in a hive till they are ready to go into the mating nucs ? I must be missing...
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    Re: Super DFM - Honeybees

    I've never started cutting the bees apart to look inside. Is the fat layered, ie something that could be measured in high resolution photos ? Is there some other measurement one could take, that...
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    Re: Super DFM - Honeybees

    How does one measure fat reserves ? Counting nosema is easy, almost as easy as counting varroa. I'm really interested in finding practical ways to make more measurements, but not sure where to...
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    Re: Viability of swarms?

    I think that sums up my thoughts pretty good. A few years ago, I was really excited about the idea of 'free bees', and with only 3 colonies fresh out of packages, it sounded like a real cheap way to...
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    Re: beekeeping insurance

    We carry insurance that we get thru the British Columbia Honey Producers Association. For $50 a year, it's a rather comprehensive set of liability coverage including product liability for products...
  10. Re: McCormick, alias Billy Bee introduces its new Natural Farms honey, a blend of Chi

    The last couple of weeks we've been seeing Billy Bee honey by the pallet in superstore. In big letters on the front it says 'Canada No. 1', then in very small letters on the back, it says it's a...
  11. Re: Creating a monitoring station from

    That's looking really nice. I think I'm going to have to jump on that setup.

    If it was truely that easy, it would have been done long ago, but it isn't quite so simple. There is a lot of...
  12. Re: Creating a monitoring station from

    look at the load cells they use, then pull the data sheets on them. You will likely find they drift with temperature, and humidity. I got reasonably good results from mine over the summer just...
  13. Re: What are your thoughts on using medium supers exclusively?

    That depends on what kind of extractor you have. We have a 9/18 unit, so, we can do 9 deeps in a load, or 18 mediums. Twice as many frames per load, gives a slight advantage to mediums for time to...
  14. Re: Bushy Mountain Compact Extractor VS Mann Lake Stainless 6/3 Frame Hand Crank Extr

    The blurb on the BM website says 'This is the best "little basket" style extractor in the industry. Extracts all frames tangentially.'

    If you look at the mann lake catalog online, HH-161 is...
  15. Re: What are your thoughts on using medium supers exclusively?

    We use deeps for brood boxes, and mediums for the honey supers. Yes, it's true, there is a slightly higher cost up front to buy boxes and frames for mediums because you need a few more to reach the...
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    Re: Thermal Image Gun

    Our bees are outside, and I've kept fairly close track of when they start flying, we can see them leaving on the scale data. If I correlate the scale with the outside ambient temperature, our bees...
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    Re: Strip Mine Beekeeping

    That's easy to fix, just move. I'd be more curious to know why somebody complaining about living near such a plant has not moved away from it.
  18. Re: Dadant full plastic deep frames, close up pics anyone, or 5/8 if you have them

    Most of our frames are the Mann Lake PF-500 series, which have the metal inserts. I bought a couple cases of the PF-100 this summer because they are less expensive, and I was intrigued about the...
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    Re: Wintering outdoors on the coast

    The bees are 'mutts'. We originally got packages 5 years ago, NZ packages with Aussie queens was my understanding then. These are all descendants of those 2 original packages, and queens mated with...
  20. Re: Dadant full plastic deep frames, close up pics anyone, or 5/8 if you have them

    I use plastic, but they aren't from Dadant, they come from Mann Lake. A quick peek at your link on the Dadant page, they sure do look the same as a Mann Lake PF-100. I have a relatively close shot...
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    Wintering outdoors on the coast

    The question that comes up time and again, how much stores are necessary for the winter? I know, it depends on where you are, and answers vary dramtically. On one end of the scale we have Ian...
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    Re: plastic vs wax foundation

    We've only used the Mann Lake PF-5xx series plastic frames to date, altho I bought a couple cases of PF-1xx to save a few bucks this last summer. I've read so much about how bees prefer 'anything...
  23. Re: Radial Extractors - Best bang for the buck?

    This was what I realized when we went extractor shopping. On one hand, I wondered if 18 frames per load was to big, and we'd end up with to much odd lot left over at the end of a run, but on the...
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    Re: Honeybee Genetics and Breeding Bees

    No, but she does have the same father as the 5 to 20% of worker sisters that come from the same father. So, if you pull out the queen, and a worker sister that came from the same drone father, they...
  25. Re: People actually make a living with honey production??

    That's what the press would like you to believe, but, I personally know of more than one place to buy a thousand colonies. At the recent AGM of our local honey producers association, there was an...
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